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New Years 2020 Resolutions


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Here is a resolution for those who preach that we should all turn away from using petroleum products ?

A check list for those who want to get rid of oil products and help to reverse “Global Warming”

1.  Need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

2.  Remove all petroleum dependent household heating and instead use wood burning sources of heat. (must remember to plant replacement trees in the boreal forest and of course only use non powered hand saws etc. for harvesting the wood) and also that “Wood Burning vs. Natural Gas: No Contest. ... Any way you slice it, it's clear that gas burns much more cleanly than wood, leading to less particulate pollution.

3.  Get rid of all devices that will only work if supplied with products from oil, e.g. Propane BBQ, Gas driven lawn mowers, snow blowers, vehicles, backup generators etc.

4.  Discard all synthetic clothing, sheets etc. that were made using petroleum products

5.  No more plastic of any kind, eg. Cling wrap, plastic bags, plastic fishing lures etc.

6.  If you own a shot gun, then replace all plastic shot shells with paper ones.

7.  Replace all electric wiring in your home with good old fashioned paper or cloth insulated wire or Natural rubber compounds (remember to plant and nurture more Amazonian rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).In 2013, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia together accounted for 72% of the natural rubber produced in the world. Although the Hevea tree is native to South America, cultivation there is limited due to the high prevalence of leaf blight diseases and other natural predators )

8.  Discard all tvs, radio, razor and other household utensils that contain plastic.

9.  Discard all medicines derived from petroleum products

10.             Replace your eye glass/sun plastic lenses with glass and at the same time swap out any plastic frames with metal.

11. Metal, natural cloth suitcases of course to replace your current ones and of course that also applies to the wheels on the cases

And the list goes on and on and on.

This is just a short list but it should help get you on the path of the righteous, if you can not do the above then shut up and quit preaching something that you do not / can not personally support.

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