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Something from BC that most Westerners could endorse

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B.C. to introduce legislation Thursday for eventual move to permanent daylight time

The long-awaited time-change legislation is finally here — but we'll still be falling back this weekend.

Government to introduce enabling legislaton Thursday but it won't take effect right away

Tanya Fletcher · CBC News · Posted: Oct 30, 2019 2:22 PM PT | Last Updated: an hour ago
The B.C. government will introduce enabling legislation on Thursday, setting the stage for an eventual move to permanent daylight time. (Elisa Amendola/Associated Press)

The clock has long been ticking on provincial time-change legislation. Now, we know it will be happening Thursday. 

The B.C. government has confirmed it will introduce the Interpretation Amendment Act which will pave the way for year-round daylight time.

But don't expect to get out of "falling back" this weekend. The clocks will still change Sunday at 2 a.m. 


The new act is enabling legislation only that unlocks the door for an eventual move to permanent daylight time. 

Premier John Horgan previously suggested B.C. will wait to move uniformly with other West Coast jurisdictions in the U.S.

Washington state, Oregon, and California are still awaiting congressional approval and U.S. legislators have indicated that could take time, given everything else that's going on in U.S. federal politics right now.

Thursday's legislation will create a new name for the permanent time zone, Pacific time, and removes an existing law that permits the twice yearly time change. 

B.C. currently observes Pacific standard time during the winter months and Pacific daylight time during the summer months. 

The province says this new legislation will not require areas of northern B.C. and the Kootenays, which currently observe mountain time, to make any changes. 

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