Voting Intentions In Federal Election ?

Voting Intentions in Canada’s Federal Election ?  

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  1. 1. Which party will you vote for ?

    • Liberals
    • Conservatives
    • NDP
    • Green
    • PPC
    • Undecided
    • Libertarian
    • PQ
    • No intentions of Voting

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No way Canada survives 4 years of a minority government. 12 months at best I see another election called.


”  Since Confederation, in 1867, we have not had an election where neither of the big parties won the support of at least a third of Canadian voters, which is what the polls say will happen today.

The Liberals are going to lose support compared to 2015. The NDP will have a similar result. The beneficiary is not the Conservatives, but the Bloc Quebecois, the Greens and the Peoples Party, all of whom are projected to win more votes than last time, however many MPs they get. In this, Canada is following an international trend. Nationalist and Green parties are increasing their vote totals in elections in other democracies, the result of rising anxiety about both immigration and climate change, and a fragmentation of the media landscape that is undermining consensus positions.

It was not inevitable, though, that both of our big parties would lose ground. Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer were both fighting headwinds, but both had opportunities to take different tacks that likely would have produced a better result.

For Trudeau, the disappointing outcome appears mostly to be the result of his own failures of judgement, personal and political.”


Ontario & Quebec will sell out the rest of the country. 


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