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Bird Strike at Abbotsford


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‎Today, ‎September ‎10, ‎2019, ‏‎53 minutes ago

Swoop plane makes emergency landing at Abbotsford International after bird strike

‎Today, ‎September ‎10, ‎2019, ‏‎54 minutes ago | Canadian Aviation News

News provided by City News 1130 – link to full story and updates


 Source: Google Maps


  • A plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Abbotsford International Airport after a bird strike Tuesday morning
  • The City of Abbotsford says all passengers are safely back at the YXX terminal after an emergency landing on Tuesday
  • Witnesses reported hearing loud ‘booms’ and seeing flames from at least one engine after a plane hit some birds near YXX

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS 1130) – There’s been a scare on a flight leaving Abbotsford International Airport.

“There was a bird strike at YXX,” Alex Mitchell with the City of Abbotsford confirmed on Tuesday. “The aircraft has, however, landed safely and passengers have been offloaded into the terminal safely.”

There was a birdstrike at YXX – the Aircraft has landed safely passengers have been offloaded into the terminal safely. Updates will be available in the coming hours.

— Abbotsford Airport (@yxxairport) September 10, 2019

The SWOOP flight was in the air for less than 30 minutes when it was forced to turn around.

Witnesses reported hearing several “booms”, and video from inside the plane shows flames shooting out of at least one of the engines.

A person who was on the plane posted online saying they heard four “thuds,” and then started to smell smoke. That’s apparently when passengers were told the plane hit some geese.

It’s safely landed. pic.twitter.com/5q11pXzYaE

— Lovella Schellenberg (@LovellaSchelle8) September 10, 2019

More to come.

-With files from Mike Lloyd

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