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Pre-Owned 787

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A friend has emailed me regarding a 787 which was used as a test aircraft and still in flyable condition for static display. Other than that I don’t have any other details at the moment. Perhaps it could be used for a tech school such as Centennial or BCIT for example. 

Standby for further.

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Yes I think these schools really benefit from having more recent aircraft to work with and learn on during training. However, a 787 would require a large spot indoors or outside. Not sure if that’s available. BCIT has a 737-200 from Westjet at their YVR campus. I recall that AC donated a DC-9 years ago to another Western tech school. Perhaps learning to work outside in the snow and sub-zero weather is the best environment for future Canadian engineers as that is where the broken plane is usually found. 

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22 minutes ago, Super 80 said:

The conditions attached to these unwanted 787s are (or were) pretty onerous.

You’re quite right. Although Boeing has more serious issues currently there was a planned meeting on Monday in Seattle to determine the fate of this orphaned test plane. Apparently the list of possible future owners is long and I think it will remain somewhere on the west coast. The chances of it arriving in Canada were slim. 

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