Conservatives..the FUTURE of Alberta !

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So the price drop of approx. 8% has nothing to do with the fact that oil has dropped 20% over the last 3 months?

They tried the opposite with us in Ontario.  They tried to make us believe that the 4 cent a litre carbon tax was worse than the oil companies raising the price 30 cents a litre.

Only thing was, with oil dropping 20%, in Ontario the price at the pump only dropped about 7%, where's our conservative government caterwauling about that?

Some of us are smarter than that 😉

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On 5/31/2019 at 1:22 PM, Jaydee said:

expect a further three-cent decrease

I saw a station with 102.9 today in Edmonton

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What was the price the last time WTI was at $53/barrel?  Probably well south of $102.9

Edited to add:



A quick extrapolation shows Edmonton should be around $0.86/litre at this price for oil.

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Canada as a united country is only in peril when the word TRUDEAU is involved  🤬🤬

Jason Kenney will challenge passage of Bills C-69 and C-48 in the courts


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the province will challenge the passage of two controversial federal bills in the courts.

Bill C-69, which changes Canada's environmental assessment process, and Bill C-48, which bans tanker traffic from a stretch of B.C.'s north coast, were both passed Thursday night in the Senate.

"The passage of these two bills not only undermines Canada's economy but also the Canadian federation," said Kenney in news release.

"Their passage brings us closer to moving forward with a referendum on a constitutional amendment to eliminate equalization from the Canadian constitution. If Albertans cannot develop our resources within the federation, then we should not be expected to pay the bills in the federation."

During the provincial election, Kenney had used the federal equalization formula, established when he was a federal cabinet minister, as a political cudgel against the Trudeau Liberals. 

The province can't unilaterally pull out of the equalization program. 

'Prejudicial attack'

Kenney said C-48 is a "prejudicial attack" on Alberta that only targets one product: bitumen. Oil moving through the recently approved Trans Mountain pipeline will not move through that section of the coastline. 

On C-69, Kenney said it's a "flagrant violation of the exclusive constitutional jurisdiction of provinces to control the development of their natural resources."



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