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Quite a long document so here is the goto for those who are interested along with the opening statement.


This study has been carried out for the European Aviation Safety Agency by an

external organization and expresses the opinion of the organization undertaking

the study. It is provided for information purposes only and the views expressed in

the study have not been adopted, endorsed or in any way approved by the

European Aviation Safety Agency. Consequently it should not be relied upon as a

statement, as any form of warranty, representation, undertaking, contractual, or

other commitment binding in law upon the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Ownership of all copyright and other intellectual property rights in this material

including any documentation, data and technical information, remains vested to

the European Aviation Safety Agency. All logo, copyrights, trademarks, and

registered trademarks that may be contained within are the property of their

respective owners.

Reproduction of this study, in whole or in part, is permitted under the condition

that the full body of this Disclaimer remains clearly and visibly affixed at all times

with such reproduced part.

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Interesting read.

Summary - recommend NO INCREASE to current maximum age 65 limit in multi-pilot commercial operations.

I wonder what ICAO will do with this report? They are seriously looking at increase to age 67.....

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