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Moon The Loon

Some very dangerous scams and ransomeware going around

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I just got burned with ransomeware on my home desktop 4 days ago. Fortunately, no files of importance are kept there. But what a nuisance. It came in on a Microsoft Silverlight installation which I didn't knowingly initiate and encrypted all text & photo files with a demand to use the TOR browser to send USD500 in Bitcoin to unlock my files. I discovered the vehicle it came in on with an uninstaller program which showed a new program installation within minutes of the encryption. Prior to uninstallation, I couldn't save files to my desktop. After getting rid of the extinct Silverlight program (deep uninstall), everything is back to normal except for the few files I wanted to keep but don't really need.

Today, I got a pop-up stating my Trusteer Rapport needed an update. It looked extremely legitimate until looking at the URL links without the https:// just http://  Once I got rid of that and checked the legitimate site, the phishing scam was confirmed.

Be careful out there - the internet is turning into a battlefield.

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