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Hi all,

The Air Travel Community Research Panel, convened by SITA, is a global collection of selected industry professionals who are on the cutting edge of tactical and technological advancements in air travel. Panel members are influencers and decision makers who work in airports, airlines, governments and other air travel industry organizations. The purpose of this panel is to collect and provide information that will help foster the creation of products and services that will benefit the air travel industry today and in the future.

By joining this panel, you will have the opportunity to participate in timely, interesting, industry related surveys that will help shape the future of the air travel industry. Generally, you will receive invitations to participate in 1-2 air travel industry related market research surveys per month. Specific topics of these surveys will vary based on current industry hot topics and product/service advancements.

As an incentive for participating in these surveys, you will have access to data, whitepapers and reports generated from the survey results. In addition, you will have the opportunity to suggest topics for future surveys.

To begin, we would like to ask you a few classification questions that will help us tailor your panel experience to maximize its value to you.

Link for more information:

T. Lin
Atlanta GA

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