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Ice not nice, More Press for WestJet

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January 18, 2019 7:56 pm

Updated: January 18, 2019 8:06 pm

WestJet plane slides off taxiway at Edmonton airport amid icy conditions

croppedphilresized.jpg?quality=60&strip= By Phil Heidenreich Online journalist  Global News

A WestJet plane that was to depart for Victoria ended up sliding off a taxiway at Edmonton International Airport on Friday night.

A spokesperson for the airline said nobody was injured but the flight was cancelled as a result.

“While taxiing to the runway, Flight 173 slid off the taxiway in the icy conditions,” Lauren Stewart said.

After several people took to social media posting photos of a plane that they said had gone off a runway at Edmonton International Airport, Global News spoke to a passenger who said the plane went into a snow bank while taxiing.

“Everyone is OK,” Becky Johnson said.

“The pilot mistook a snowy field when we were taxiing to the runway.”

Johnson said the plane turned and it suddenly became a bit bumpy but there was not much more that happened.

“You wouldn’t have even noticed but I’m a nervous flyer,” she said.

A spokesperson with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said the incident occurred as the aircraft was headed to the de-ice pad and that the agency will not be investigating.

Stewart said there were 75 passengers and six crew on board. Fifty-three passengers will head to Victoria on Friday night via Calgary.

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While taxiing to depart @flyEIA for @Fly_YYJ WestJet flight 173 departed the taxiway in icy conditions. None of our guests or crew are injured. All guests and crew will be deplaned via bridge stairs and taken to the terminal via bus.

What the hell are Bridge Stairs

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