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More money promised if you re-elect the Liberals.

Federal and N.W.T. gov'ts pledge millions for roads, cultural sites, research

In two separate funding announcements Tuesday, the federal and territorial governments announced millions of dollars in funding for several infrastructure projects across the territory.

Over $31M invested by federal gov't in roads, cultural infrastructure, waste upgrades

CBC News · Posted: Aug 13, 2019 4:13 PM CT | Last Updated: August 13
N.W.T. MP Michael McLeod makes a funding announcement earlier this month at the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife. On Tuesday, McLeod announced over $31 million in federal funding for 19 infrastructure projects across the territory. (Katie Toth/CBC)

In two separate funding announcements Tuesday, the federal and territorial governments announced millions of dollars in funding for roads, cultural projects, and research across the N.W.T.

The most substantive announcement, from the federal government, announced more than $45 million in funding for 19 infrastructure projects.


Over $31 million in funding will come from the government of Canada, with $14.2 million coming from local Indigenous governments and the government of the Northwest Territories.

The projects announced include new cultural camps in Whatì and Gamètì, a new multi-purpose building used for cultural programming in Inuvik, and upgrades to an existing camp in Wekweètì. Upgrades will also be made to the Ehdaa Historical Site in Fort Simpson and Behchoko's Ko Gocho Centre.

Fort Simpson will receive upgrades to its trail system, and several communities, including Yellowknife, Hay River, Inuvik, Aklavik, Paulatuk, Colville Lake, Fort Good Hope, Norman Wells, and Tulita, are slated for upgrades to their wastewater and solid waste infrastructure.

Several million dollars were also announced for road projects in Norman Wells, Tuktoyaktuk, Fort Simpson, Hay River, and Yellowknife.

In the news release announcing the funding, N.W.T. MP Michael Mcleod said the investments are an "excellent example of what can be done when all levels of government work together to build stronger, more self-sustaining communities."

The timelines for each project were not included in an attached background document, nor was there any information on if the funding would remain if the current Liberal government is defeated in the upcoming federal election, which is slated for October. 

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On 8/13/2019 at 6:24 AM, Wolfhunter said:

The real tragedy here is the lack of enforcement. I'm now at 6 full transits through Ontario (two more to go this year) and have yet to see a single traffic stop... not one. Average speed seems to be 20+ KPH over the posted limit with people camping in the left lane resulting in Snowbird line astern tailgating. I no longer signal lane changes... when the indicator comes on people speed up to block you. If there is no credible likelihood of being caught, laws don't matter.... a bit like street checks in that regard I think. Are these the same people demanding action on climate change?  This should be the easy part...

IMO, the worst place to drive a motorcycle in Canada/USA.

I just did 1600 Km from Mississauga up through Bracebridge and Algonquin park then into the highlands and back over 2 days on the bike.  I saw 1 cop.


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Lots of (former) great motorcycle destinations have become no go zones and the list is growing. What the "good idea fairies" can't seem to grasp is the notion that there is a price tag associated with virtually every worthwhile endeavour, be it money, effort, opportunity cost, or all three at once. 

The cost of not paying is almost always higher and nothing short of total failure is instructive. Did all of the woke people sleep through history class?

Gathering police intelligence, or intelligence of any type is often thirsty work., but here's a good place to start.

As the enemy becomes more brazen the effort required diminishes until it's as obvious as counting cars:. When intelligence gathering becomes easy you are no longer viewed as a threat to be taken seriously:


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A guy is looking for a place to sit in a crowded library. He asked a girl in a university library: 

Do you mind if I sit beside you?

The girl replied in a loud voice: 


All the students in the library started staring at the guy; he was truly embarrassed and moved to another table.

After a couple of minutes, the girl walked quietly to the guy's table and said with a laugh: 

"I study psychology, and I know what a man is thinking. I guess you felt embarrassed, right?”

The guy then responded in a loud voice: "$500 FOR ONE NIGHT? ... . . THAT'S ROBBERY!"

All the people in the library looked at the girl in shock. 

The guy then whispered in her ear: "I study law: I know how to screw people."

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16 hours ago, Jaydee said:



If taken knowingly (because you thought it would be neat, then I don't care (just hope you have left enough money to bury you  if not then so sad good bye)),  , but in both instances the pusher should be awarded a death sentence.

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When you lack the experience to even realize the risks you are taking. Experienced climbers don't do this:

Or is it a matter of being secure in the belief that nothing bad can happen to you because it never has before:

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YIKES and good luck.......A heads up for those travelling or who have kids travelling to Mexico or Cuba...once you leave the resort, you are on your own and Canada is not going to rescue you (at least in the short term).


A Canadian man sentenced to 10 years in a Cuban prison says he is innocent, and his lawyer says his client was likely set up following a night of partying in a seaside town outside the popular resort destination of Varadero.

Benjamin Tomlin, 46, an employee of the Canadian Development Investment Corp., was arrested in August 2018 and charged with having sex with a 15-year-old. The age of consent in Cuba is 16.

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After going woke and losing $8 billion, Gillette embraces masculinity again 


“ The most obvious rubric of basic marketing—and you would think this is something they would already have known before the debacle, so the fact they didn’t tells us a lot about the brain freeze at the corporate level—is that if you have a defined target market for your product, the best strategy for upping sales isn’t to crap all over that market by telling them they are responsible for all social ills of society, but that here, use our product, and while you’re using it, think about how much better you can be as a human being, you piece of sh*t.

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I won’t tag any one person here but #iftheshoefitswearit. You know who you are.

@ In 2019, men are broke and broken by wokeness 

knew a woman who was married to a professional man. He worked hard, long hours, was always inventive, creative. He was a dedicated father; she demanded it, for sure, but even beyond that, he was all in and was an extremely active dad. She didn’t like to cook, didn’t think it was her job, so he learned how. She didn’t like to tidy up, and he was no Mr. Clean, but he gave it a go. She wanted him to be compliant, yet resilient, and he tried to be all of the things she wanted. He even pretty well achieved it. He’d come so far that he sent us all a poem about how to appease the women in his house, who wanted him to leave the toilet seat down, he learned to pee sitting down. What a mensch! Only, in the end, she tired of his acquiescence and left him for a belligerent roofer 10 years her junior.

The New York Post took aim yesterday at a study called “Mismatches in the Marriage Market” in the Journal of Marriage and Family, that explains that women often don’t marry because there is a dearth of marriageable men. Apparently, the definition of marriageable is “makes 58% more money than any of the dudes available right now.” The “patriarchy” used to keep men and women in their places, and now that women are achieving at higher rates than men, it’s still the “patriarchy” that is keeping everyone from being happy.

In the old system, women went to college to find husbands or got jobs as receptionists at law offices to marry an esquire before quitting the job market to take on the dual roles of housewife and mother. This imbalance in earnings and status was deemed to be just no good for the female half of the species, who ended up poorly educated, often jilted in middle-age, and back in the workforce without even a pretty face to get by. 

Plus, men were not great. They lacked emotion, they were too focused on careers, ambition, status, fulfilling the role of provider. The patriarchy had done these dudes a bad turn, had made them so concerned with achieving the masculine ideal that they didn’t measure up to what their women wanted or needed. And women were stuck with the status quo.

A big push was made for women to go get more from life, husbands, love, family, all that stuff paled in comparison to what was achievable if women buckled down, hit the books, and entered the capitalist machine as worker bees eager for their own honey. Great, why not? Go get it, girl.

And they did get it. Under equity feminism, more women have college degrees than ever before, more women are successful in their fields, yet more women are unable to find suitable matches because men, it turns out, just can’t measure up to women’s expectations. Again.

If you’re one of the single ladies out there, this will not be a surprise. I cannot count how many intelligent, independent, attractive, **bleep**able women I know who can’t find a guy they want to spend more than one night with, and even that is a stretch. 

For a while, women were complaining that guys were afraid of commitment, that women couldn’t find a man who wanted a real relationship, babies, the works. But somewhere along the line, when the college degrees were awarded in greater quantity to the fairer sex, ladies began to have a different complaint. I started to hear friends carp about guys who wanted more than a hook-up, guys who wanted their time and attention when not rolling in hay as well. Why, just last night, a good friend, independent, hot, confident, all of that, told me she had to cut a guy loose because he was texting her asking how her day went instead of simply reaching out to find a suitable time for sex.

Is it any wonder that women out there who want to get hitched can’t find anyone suitable to hitch their wagon to? Guys have been overtaken by female accomplishments (kudos, ladies), and still have no idea what women want. A hookup? A commitment? A high earner? A hard worker? A partner? A housewife?

Women didn’t like how men were, so they demanded they change. Men changed, and now that they have, women don’t like what they’ve changed into. Women want soft, emotional, high achieving, career focused tough guys who don’t get angry, remember anniversaries, bring flowers, and can splurge on expensive meals and trips, without working all weekend, and still make it to little Johnny’s ballet recitals.

Contemporary woke feminism doesn’t care about equality. It demands that men strip themselves of their toxic masculinity, their desire to compete and achieve, to become more stereotypically femme, so that women don’t have to do all the emotional heavy lifting. Okay. But on the other hand, women want men to be high-achieving, breadwinning earners, who are professionally successful, and, if Tinder is any indication, taller than them as well. 

The only problem is that these toxic characteristics are essential for success in the marketplace. When men let them go, all those things that these traits facilitated fall by the wayside as well. Men are emasculated for not achieving just as they are demeaned for those attributes that enable achievement. Wtf, yo?

Why not just let men be men with all of their bumbling, masculine, competitive energy? The truth is that most women want the opposite of a woke Gillette ad. They want high-achieving, strong men to be partners with. Even if they don’t know that they want that, or don’t want to admit to it, reality reveals they sure as hell do. Otherwise, no intelligent woman who got her man to do everything she claimed she wanted, including coming up with an ingenious way to make sure the toilet seat was permanently in her preferred position, would leave him for someone who promised nothing but stereotypical masculinity.


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Seems that everyone, no matter what gets a chance, even if they are "high risk" .... they have rights, but what about their probable future victims? 

September 9, 2019 8:04 pm

Vancouver police looking for high-risk offender who fled from halfway house

headshot2.jpg?quality=60&strip=all&w=40& By Simon Little Online Journalist  Global News

Taylin Francis Brent Checkosis is wanted Canada-wide, after walking away from his halfway house on Sunday.

Vancouver police

Vancouver police are on the lookout for a high-risk federal offender who failed to return to his halfway house on Sunday.

Taylin Francis Brent Checkosis, 26, is wanted Canada-wide.


Police say Checkosis was serving a six-and-a-half-year sentence for being an accessory after the fact for murder, assault and aggravated assault with a weapon.

He was last seen around 2:45 p.m., when he left the halfway house and allegedly said he didn’t plan to come back.

Checkosis is described as Indigenous, five-foot-10 and 160 pounds, with black-brown hair and brown eyes.READ MORE: Vancouver police seek women who may have had contact with high-risk offender

He was last seen wearing a black jacket, grey athletic pants, a black baseball cap and black shoes and was carrying a black backpack.

Anyone who sees him or has information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911.

and another case:

READ MORE: Vancouver police arrest high-risk sex offender who walked away from halfway house

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