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Stunt-rapper dies after falling from airplane while wing walking near Westwold

By Jon Azpiri and Jules Knox Global News
Jon James was reportedly wing walking near Westwold, B.C., around 4:30 p.m. when the plane lost control and he fell off the wing.

Jon James was reportedly wing walking near Westwold, B.C., around 4:30 p.m. when the plane lost control and he fell off the wing


A man has died after falling from an airplane while filming a video in B.C.’s Interior on Saturday.

The man has been identified as 34-year-old Jon James McMurray, a well-known musician.

“He was a stunt rapper, so his music and his background in extreme sports, he married the two,” McMurray’s manager Ryan Desrochers said.

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McMurray was reportedly wing-walking near Westwold, B.C., around 4:30 p.m. when the plane lost control and he fell off the wing, RCMP said.

The plane was too close to the ground, and he did not have time to deploy his parachute. He plunged into a farmer’s field.

“Honestly he’s smiling at us from the other side right now because this is what he loved doing, and he passed doing something he absolutely loved with all his heart.”

“We’re just trying to stay strong for Jon right now and push through these next few weeks.”

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The plane landed safely.

The Transportation Safety Board and B.C. Coroners Service have been notified.

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18 hours ago, Kip Powick said:

I would assume that only the Left seat was occupied as it looks like a positioning tow. Not sure if the rules require someone in the Right seat when towing a jumbo.

Just a brakeman. There should, however, have bee a wing walker.

That being said the loader was also parked inside the restraining line area so the expectations or assumptions of the tow crew would have been that they are clear.  Probably done it a thousand times without an issue.  Complacency bites hard.

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With the highspeed tractor being used, you don't need a brakeman...

Regarding the loader that was hit: The gates all have safety line marking the area that are supposed to be free of equipment until the aircraft parks at the gate. If you look around at the various airports, you will notice that it is quite rare that all the equipment is clear of the parking area. It's one of those rules you seldom see enforced by airport officials.

I have seen the odd crew refuse to taxi to the gate until equipment is cleared away but it is the exception...

Also, towing is done and permitted at many airlines without the use of wingwalkers at gate area when bringing the airplane in. A standard tow crew will have two people in the tractor and if its not towbarless, a brakeman in the cockpit.




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