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Canada’s New Navy

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By way of armament, the Harry DeWolf patrol boats will be equipped with a single 25-mm machine gun which is designed to provide protection against small speed boats. So, it should not come as a surprise that the navy has designated these ships as filling a “constabulary role.”

I guess today’s sailors will have to rely on our governments ability to tweet our sovereignty  and noble statements at the UN to defend our country.....these ships will have large megaphones that will broadcast :

”STOP .... you’re in Canadian waters....go away ... we mean it.... I’m telling Justin”

Other nations seem to be a little more serious with their coastal defenses.


Elsewhere tiny, social democratic Norway’s answer to its coastal defence challenges is represented, in part, by its fleet of six  ultra-fast  Skjold Stealth Missile Corvettes each one wielding a 76-mm cannon, eight Kongsberg surface to surface missiles, plus additional Mistral Surface to Air Missile system.  The ship also has the Kongsberg M151 Protector Remote Weapon Station, and two 12.7mm machine guns.  Certainly not the Canadian way of coastal defence, eh!


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