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POLITICALLY INCORRECT ALERT!!!   The truth may get in the way....

And before the rhetoric gets too heated and the turd throws more money at the MMIW commission and the government has to respond to the newly designated “genocide”....

From an RCMP report:


Relationships between the offender and victim for 2013 and 2014 showed a trend similar to that found in the 2014 Overview (1980-2012). Offenders were known to their victims in 100% of solved homicide cases of Aboriginal women, and in 93% of solved homicide cases of non-Aboriginal women in RCMP jurisdictions in 2013 and 2014. Current and former spouses and family members made up the majority of relationships between victims and offenders, representing 73% of homicides of Aboriginal women and 77% of non-Aboriginal women in RCMP jurisdictions in 2013 and 2014.

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After making many promises to the indigenous peoples, Trudeau will find himself coming up short going into the election:


The disagreement speaks to a complicated question the federal government will likely have to tackle after the report’s release on Monday, more than two and a half years after the inquiry’s launch in September 2016, regarding how best to protect vulnerable Indigenous women and girls. Buller argues the criminal justice system needs to forcibly correct for systemic bias, which often sees lighter sentences applied to people who hurt Indigenous women. To that end, she wants victims who are Indigenous women to be considered an aggravating factor in sentencing, and automatic first-degree murder charges for homicides of Indigenous women. “We really need to … protect Indigenous women and girls from being targeted, because they’re seen to be dispensable or not as valuable or not as important as other complainants,” she said.


Bennett, however, seemed doubtful that a more punitive approach is the way forward, saying that “deterrents are quite often deemed to be ineffective” when it comes to preventing violence. Indigenous men, often the offenders in domestic violence cases involving Indigenous women, are already over-represented in Canadian prisons. “It is about evidence-based practice and what actually works,” she said. “I think that’s the way we always need to take decisions — is this something that actually will work?”


According to CBC, the report concludes that the thousands of murders and disappearances of Indigenous women and girls constitute a “Canadian genocide.” It also includes the recommendation that homicides in cases of domestic violence be treated as first-degree murder.


Buller, who spoke to the Post before the report had leaked, said that Indigenous families and survivors will expect concrete action from the government. “They’re going to have many, many vocal people who will hold their feet to the fire.”

From the National Post

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Hashtag winning?

Canadian Conservatives Are Having a Bad Time at the Online Hate Hearings

Canadians politicians just held their second hearing exploring online hate and once again conservative politicians and pundits have fumbled the ball something fierce.

The woes surrounding the House of Commons Justice Committee’s hearings on the spread of online hate began last week with a Conservative MP reading the manifesto of the far-right terrorist who killed 50 Muslims in New Zealand.

Last week, Tory MP Michael Cooper responded to Faisal Khan Suri, president of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council, who said Quebec mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette “repeatedly sought content about anti-immigrant, alt-right and conservative commentators...” by reading a portion of the manifesto of the Christchurch shooter.


Cooper, who also told the witness he should be “should be ashamed of himself”, read a trolling portion of the manifesto in which the shooter states he’s aligned with the communist government of China in an attempt to prove that far-right violence isn’t connected to mainstream conservatism.

This, of course, received immense blowback, and Conservative Party Leader Andrew Sheer removed Cooper from the committee on Saturday. On Tuesday the committee voted to expunge Cooper’s statements from the record and Scheer is currently facing calls to remove Cooper from caucus. Cooper issued an apology on Facebook on June 1 saying he “absolutely should have not quoted these words nor named the perpetrator” and “unequivocally condemn all forms of racism.”

On Tuesday, the committee held their second hearing, but this time it included more right-leaning witnesses. And while a Conservative MP didn’t read the manifesto of a mass murderer, it still went poorly for the Tories. The party invited three right-wing witnesses, free speech martyr turned right-wing provocateur/Jordan Peterson disciple Lindsay Shepherd; right-wing pundit, Mark Steyn; and former Rebel Media contributor and National Post columnist, John Robson.

Things didn't go well for these folks.

For an hour the three gave statements and took questions from the MPs. Conservatives, perhaps a bit muted following Cooper’s actions and criticism of their guest selection, were reserved and allowed the Liberals to intensely questions the witnesses. The bad times began at the very start with Shepherd using her opening statement to talk about getting a seven-day Twitter suspension for intentionally misgendering a trans person.

Robson, in an attempt to show how we should confront free speech, not ban it, said he wanted to bring Mein Kampf to the hearing “as a prop” and put things on the record that “are so wrong you might want to ban them.”


“Hitler should have finished the job, blacks are inferior, that kind of stuff,” said Robson. “There is no possibility that we’re going to wake up and realize one day that this is true.

“Weimar Germany had laws against anti-Semitism and they didn’t stop Hitler,” he said, adding people should have listened closer to Hitler’s statements so they could defeat his ideas. “I meant to bring a copy of Mein Kampf as a prop this morning but forgot it.”

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and NDP MP Randall Garrison were two of the harshest critics going after the trio of right-wing pundits. Erskine-Smith challenged the three of them to name “one time the Criminal Code has been improperly applied to hate speech over the last 50 years” and none could. Shepherd, who has recently made a habit of parroting far-right talking points and appearing on shows with white nationalist slants and connections, received the harshest comment of the day.

“The last thing I will say is that it’s not just the end of Ramadan today, but the 75th anniversary of D-Day,” said Erskine-Smith. “Ms. Shepherd, when you go on YouTube and you embrace the views of population replacement with a white nationalist, remember who the Nazis are.”

When asked if she wanted to respond, Shepherd simply said “no.”

Garrison spent a good portion of his time speaking about how he found the “panel extremely challenging” because he “happens to live in the real world and happens to live in this century.” Garrison, an openly gay politician, said that he believed the panel was minimizing the impacts of hate speech.


“I reject almost everything you’ve said today because it’s academic, it’s historical, it has no relation at all to what happens in the real world,” said Garrison.

The event ended with Mark Steyn refusing to apologize for his past statements on Islam and biovating about freedom of speech. Shepherd responded on Twitter saying that her experience was “eye-opening” and called the MPs at the hearings “intellectually empty snakes.”

She vowed to make a YouTube video regarding the hearings.

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Yes, I know it’s Rebel media but the perspective of this al quds day supporter bears listening to:


Interesting to note that none of the other participants are denouncing this man’s message, rather, they are advising him to be quiet about the religion.

Crickets from other media on the protest.

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“It increases my feminism”: Justin Trudeau says about ejecting Wilson-Raybould and Philpott from the Liberal cabinet

During the Women Deliver 2019 conference Justin Trudeau claimed that dealing with “tough women” in his cabinet increased his feminism.

The remarks were delivered in response to a question posed by BBC journalist Lyse Doucet during a panel with fellow world leaders.

“It’s been a tough year in some ways for you, you put tough women in your cabinet,” said Doucet. “How did this change your feminism?”

In 2019 Justin Trudeau announced that the former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and the former President of the Treasury Board were to be ejected from the Liberal caucus after standing their ground on allegations of political interference in the SNC-Lavalin affar.

“It increases my feminism. It continues to challenge and make us think differently about it,” said Justin Trudeau.




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136 days and counting.......


NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT: Thousands of Canadian veterans are homeless

Diane Claveau is one of Canada’s homeless military veterans—a segment of the population that, embarrassingly enough, reaches not the hundreds, but the thousands. 

“I never thought I would end up living in my van,” said Diane, now 56-years-old, in an interview with CTV Ottawa, discussing how she spends her days in shopping mart parking lots.

“To me, living is getting up in the morning and go to work, have friends, have a life, a place to stay. Now, I’m not living,” she said. “It’s the opposite. Sometimes, I feel I’m dying.”

Claveau is presently on a waiting list for subsidized housing, and despite her health issues which she acquired during her tour of service, is trying to land a job.

In Ottawa alone, there are at least 60 to 80 veterans in Ottawa who lack proper housing.

In Canada, there are an estimated 3000 to 5000 homeless veterans across Canada, a figure which many critics call a national embarrassment.

“I would say this is one of big shames of Canada,” says Suzanne Le, the Executive Director of Multifaith Housing Initiative, told CTV Ottawa. “We have failed these people.”

Claveau, of course, agreed, stating that she relies on Ontario Works for her monthly spending allowance, as well as help from a woman’s support unit that provides food and hygiene products.

Claveau says the only reason she ended her military career was because of exposure to tear gas, an injury which still pains her to this day. 

“It’s the pain, all down my leg,” she says, “It’s controlled with medications now that I take.”

Claveau says she receives compensation from Veterans Affairs Canada, but that she’s suspicious of the efficiency, and she’s critical of the department’s handling of her case.

An email from a spokesperson for Veterans Affairs Canada stated that they could not comment on specific cases such as Claveau’s.

Latest government data suggest 2,250 veterans still use homeless shelters every year.

Edited by Jaydee

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you know who needs to protest this?  The Current men and women in uniform.  They're next


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This is such an insult...the turd making a show at D-Day commemorations....then turning his back on the military.....they are the only ones he has said “NO” to!!!

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"On behalf of countless outraged Canadians, Senator Linda Frum asked why Justin Trudeau said Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS.

Trudeau’s double standard is a sickening disgrace."

“ISIS ‘No,’ Canada ‘Yes?’”: Trudeau says Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS

On behalf of countless outraged Canadians, Senator Linda Frum asked why Justin Trudeau said Canada is committing genocide while he refused to say the same about ISIS.

Trudeau’s double standard is a sickening disgrace.

As many people pointed out following Justin Trudeau’s decision to use the term ‘genocide’ while discussing the MMIWG report, the Canadian PM has revealed an absolutely appalling double-standard in how he and the Liberal government approach the definition of genocide.

That’s because in 2016, Justin Trudeau and most Liberal MPs voted AGAINST a Conservative motion that condemned ISIS’s actions as genocide.

NDP members, Bloc members, Conservative members, and some Liberals voted for it, but Trudeau and the Liberal majority knocked it down.

Here part of what Trudeau said about it at the time:

“We don’t feel that politicians should be weighing in on this first and foremost. Determinations of genocide need to be made in an objective, responsible way,” said Trudeau.

“We will not trivialize the importance of the word genocide by not respecting formal engagements around that word,” added the PM.


Because what Trudeau has now done is exactly what he once condemned.

He weighed in as a politician.

He trivialized it.

And he revealed his own sickening level of bias against the country he is supposed to be representing and defending.

Speaking on behalf of many millions of outraged Canadians, Conservative Senator Linda Frum asked why the government says ‘yes’ to the idea that Canada committed genocide, yet says ‘no’ to the idea that ISIS did.

Senator Frum is doing important work, and it’s essential that as many Canadians see this as possible.

As Canadians, we are facing the incredibly disturbing situation of having a sitting Prime Minister who is willing to accuse his own nation of absolutely horrific crimes, while refusing to accuse ISIS – which is among the most evil group of human beings ever to walk the face of the Earth – of that same crime.

Trudeau is basically sending the message that he sees Canada as worse than ISIS.

What will that do for Canadian pride?

What will that do to Patriotism?

What will that do to our confidence as a nation?

Consider the fact that Canada – whatever flaws we may have – tries to look at our past, acknowledge mistakes, correct them, and constantly improve. People from around the world come to Canada to seek a better life, and are proud of our nation and the fact that we defend individual rights and freedoms.

By contrast, ISIS commits genocide, drowns people in cages, crucifies people, beheads people, sells women and girls into sex slavery, rapes women on a massive scale, and plans and encourages terrorist attacks that kill thousands of innocent people across the world.

Yet, our own Prime Minister, who is supposed to represent all of us, thinks our nation is guilty of genocide, and ISIS isn’t. 

What an absolute disgrace.



Edited by Jaydee

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Just what the country needs, full time jobs...

Economy added 27,700 jobs in May, unemployment rate hit record low at 5.4%: StatCan

Craig Wong, The Canadian Press, at 08:06 on June 7, 2019

OTTAWA - The economy added 27,700 jobs in May, while the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since comparable data become available in 1976, Statistics Canada said Friday.

The unemployment rate fell to 5.4 per cent compared with 5.7 per cent in April as the number of people looking for work fell sharply, it reported.

The better-than-expected increase in the number of jobs follows a record 106,500 jobs that were added in April.

Economists on average had expected the addition of 8,000 jobs for the month and an unemployment rate of 5.7 per cent, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Year-over-year average hourly wage growth for all employees, a key indicator monitored by the Bank of Canada ahead of its interest-rate decisions, was 2.8 per cent in May, up from 2.5 per cent in April.

The increase in jobs was made up entirely of full-time employment as there was no change in the number of part-time jobs.

The overall gains were driven by an increase of 61,500 in the number of self-employed workers, while the number employees fell by 33,800 including a drop in 13,100 public sector employees and 20,700 private sector employees.

The goods-producing sector of the economy added 4,900 jobs, while the services sector added 22,800.

The health care and social assistance industry added 20,400 jobs in the month, while professional, scientific and technical services increased by 17,200.

Business, building and support services lost 19,400 jobs and employment in accommodation and food services fell 12,000.

Regionally, Ontario added 20,900 jobs in May, while B.C. saw the number of jobs rise by 16,800. Newfoundland and Labrador lost 2,700 jobs for the month.

Compared with May 2018, the Canadian economy added 453,100 jobs including 299,000 full-time positions and 154,100 part-time jobs.

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“ What's wrong with this sentence??

"Cuba will have ‘part to play’ in restoring Venezuelan democracy."

So, Chrystia Freeland thinks one dictatorship - Cuba can help another dictatorship - Venezuela - restore "democracy." Let that sink in.

Chalk up another foreign affairs failure for Trudeau's Liberals.”


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1 hour ago, deicer said:

Ford Weight.jpg

Gee, I wonder where all those bubble are coming from underneath them? :Scratch-Head::closedeyes:

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No balls to do this before the next election.  So yet another empty promise from the Libs.  They had 4 years to do this but …… instead went after the"Tanker" bogyman

Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source
The Trudeau government will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021, CBC News has learned. Plastic straws, cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, cutlery and balloon sticks are just some of the single-use plastics that will be banned in Canada.

Plastic straws, cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, cutlery, some plastic bags all on the list

Hannah Thibedeau · CBC News · Posted: Jun 09, 2019 2:15 PM ET | Last Updated: 4 hours ago
g7-plastics-charter-canada-20180611.jpg The Trudeau government is committing to ban single-use plastics by 2021. (Canadian Press)

The Trudeau government will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021, CBC News has learned from a government source.

Plastic straws, cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, cutlery and balloon sticks are just some of the single-use plastics that will be banned in Canada, according to the source.

This is part of a larger strategy to tackle the plastic pollution problem that the government is expected to announce Monday.

Full list to mirror the EU

According to the source, the full list of plastics to be banned by the federal government will follow the model chosen by the European Union, which voted in March to also ban products made of oxo-degradable plastics, such as bags. Oxo-degradable plastics include additives that don't completely biodegrade but fragment into small pieces and remain in the environment.

Fast-food containers and cups made of expanded polystyrene, which is similar to white styrofoam, will also be banned.

At the G7 in Charlevoix, Que., last June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Canada-led Ocean Plastics Charter.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and the European Union immediately signed on, agreeing to find ways to deal with marine plastics litter.

All of those countries have moved to curb plastic pollution, some of them with laws to reduce the consumption of plastics.

A report done earlier this year by consulting firms Deloitte and ChemInfo Services commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada found in 2016 only nine per cent of plastic waste was recycled in Canada, with 87 per cent ending up in landfills.

Plastic bags end up everywhere

Environment and Climate Change Canada says that Canadians throw away more than 34 million plastic bags every day.

It's a global issue because most plastic bags wind up in landfills and it can take as long as 1,000 years for them to decay.

Many also end up in the oceans harming marine ecosystems and wildlife. Recently whales have been found dead, washed ashore with pounds of plastic in their stomachs.

There is also a problem with microplastics that end up in water and the food supply.

The Deloitte and ChemInfo Services report also found that between 2012 and 2017, plastics manufacturing became one of the fastest-growing sectors, worth about $35 billion in sales, employing 93,000 people mostly in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.    

The study also found the Canadian recycling industry generates about $350 million and is in the hands of fewer than a dozen recycling companies with about 500 employees.

  Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna is set to announce the change in plastics rules on Monday. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

According to the Environment and Climate Change Canada, the new plastics strategy will generate jobs and reduce greenhouse gases. It is expected to release details on how this will work on Monday.

More recently, Canada was criticized for dozens of containers of rotting garbage found in the Philippines. 

Ottawa is spending $1.14 million to bring those cargo containers of recyclables contaminated with garbage back to Canada for disposal.

Some municipalities have already moved to reduce plastic waste, but environmental experts point to a need for a consistent national strategy.

Tofino and Deep Cove, B.C., have banned plastic straws; Fogo Island replaced plastic bags with alternatives; Montreal is banning the use of plastic bags and bottles; St. John's promised in 2017 it would ban plastic bags.

The prime minister and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna will announce the new plastic strategy in two separate locations on Monday.

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12 hours ago, Jaydee said:

Gee, I wonder where all those bubble are coming from underneath them? :Scratch-Head::closedeyes:

The ship they sunk?

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1 hour ago, deicer said:

The ship they sunk?

You mean the WynneNotley?

Edited by Jaydee
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