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I have no faith, despite their moral outrage of the liberal coverup and philibustering, Jagmeet will take the bait on the election threat and  will make a deal with trudeau to muzzle the committees.

Nothing to see here folks....move along and don’t ask questions.....oh yeah, clear and transparent government:

Ten men go out for beer. The bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this: The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.

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UK signs trade deal with Canada to prepare for Brexit

Link to story that includes some video.  UK signs trade deal with Canada to prepare for Brexit (

The Canadian Press logoUK signs trade deal with Canada to prepare for Brexit

LONDON — The U.K. signed an interim trade deal with Canada on Saturday, giving it more time to negotiate future trading rules as the British government prepares the country for business life outside the European Union. The stopgap agreement allows trade between the two countries to continue under the same terms as Canada's existing treaty with the EU while negotiators begin work on a new bilateral deal between the U.K. and Canada, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement. Canada is the U.K.'s eighth-biggest non-EU trading partner. While Britain formally withdrew from the EU in January, it continues to trade with other countries under the bloc’s umbrella during a transition period scheduled to end Dec. 31. Without a series of new bilateral agreements, trade with countries around the world may be hampered by barriers such as tariffs and increased paperwork.

"Our negotiators have been working flat-out to secure trade deals for the U.K., and from as early next year we have agreed to start work on a new, bespoke trade deal with Canada that will go even further in meeting the needs of our economy,” Johnson said.

Johnson's government says the ability to strike free trade agreements with countries around the world is one of the main benefits of leaving the EU. It is banking on increased trade with countries such as the United States and India to offset any negative impact from severing ties with the EU, which accounted for 47% of Britain's overall trade last year.

Britain ships goods ranging from electric cars to sparkling wine to Canada, and imports products such as salmon and maple syrup from the Commonwealth country that also recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

The deal with Canada locks in existing trading rules that cover 20 billion pounds ($27 billion) of trade between the two countries, or about 1.5% of the U.K.'s total trade in goods and services last year.

The U.K. has now secured post-Brexit trade deals with 53 countries accounting for 164 billion pounds ($218 billion) of bilateral trade, the government said. That's less than 12% of the 1.4 trillion pounds (about $1.9 trillion) of trade Britain recorded last year.

Britain has yet to strike a deal with the European Union on post-Brexit trading rules. Both sides have warned there could be a no-deal end to the transition period next month unless the two sides can soon bridge their remaining differences on fishing, state aid for industry and the resolution of future disputes.

Without an agreement on future relations between Britain and the EU, trade between the two entities would be carried out under World Trade Organization terms.

Johnson's government says this type of relationship wouldn't hamper trade, but opponents warn that tariffs would increase prices for British consumers and border checks would lead to shortages of some goods.

Danica Kirka, The Associated Press


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The Great Reset and Justin Trudeau


  • Calgary Sun
  • 22 Nov 2020

As Sun columnist Brian

Lilley has correctly pointed out, “The Great Reset” advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF), is not part of a global conspiracy.

It's out in the open. Its goal is a global transformation of national economies and societies because, it argues, the major crises humanity faces today, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and human-induced climate change, do not respect international borders.

Also, that the world's predominant economic system, capitalism, is failing to address these crises equitably, and needs to be reformed.

No doubt many Canadians agree with that.

Speaking at a recent United Nations meeting — whose Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development advocates similar ideas to The Great Reset — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said:

“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.

“This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

That's what The Great Reset, advocated by the WEF, an annual meeting of global political and business elites in Davos, Switzerland, a luxurious ski resort, argues.

Its website says:

“The COVID-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making … As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.”

The Great Reset — and the similar goals of the UN'S Agenda 2030 — are not, as Lilley correctly points, out based on, “conspiracy theories, these are plans laid out in the open for anyone with eyes to see” and their intent is “to bring about a more socialist economic change in society.”

Trudeau's not part of a global conspiracy to impose a new world order on humanity. He's telling us what he believes.

But similarly, challenging the ideas advocated in The Great Reset and Agenda

2030 is perfectly legitimate.

For example, by critically examining socialism as an alleged solution to the failings of capitalism, and the potential dangers and economic harm of nations forfeiting their sovereignty to global institutions.

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8 minutes ago, Jaydee said:

4 years ago when Trump turned down his $400,000 salary, look who be came the highest paid politician in the world !  Yep, the same guy running the highest deficit in the G20




You do realize that every PM before him made the same amount right? (in recent history anyway.  The PM salary is a set amount it wouldn't matter who held the position.


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1 hour ago, boestar said:

You do realize that every PM before him made the same amount right? (in recent history anyway.  The PM salary is a set amount it wouldn't matter who held the position.


If he was worth it, I would gladly applaud his salary, even increase it, but, in his case It's called ROI..Canadians get ZERO in return.

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Yet another disgusting display of hypocrisy by Trudeau:


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office sent out a highly critical missive recounting a phone call he held with Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole – but it turns out the call had yet to happen.

The premature statement about Mr. Trudeau and Mr. O’Toole’s conversation, sent late Friday afternoon, said the Prime Minister “raised concerns” about Conservative MPs for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation.” But staff in Mr. O’Toole’s office were quick to point out that the press release was referring to a call that was scheduled to take place the next hour.

In the past month, the Conservatives have intensified attacks on the minority Liberal government, accusing it of leaving Canada at the “back of the line” for a potential coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, the Prime Minister has levelled attacks on the Tories, saying they are peddling conspiracy theories, and has consistently charged that they are “playing politics” during the pandemic.

Alex Wellstead, a spokesman for the PMO, said the e-mailed statement was “a mistake by staff.”

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I referred to this in another thread but remain saddened by it none the less. 

While breathtaking in terms of hypocrisy and narrative, it goes totally missed/ignored by the masses and defended by the deicers of the world and other liberal acolytes.

Liberals and Democrats still haven't learned that doing the work and earning the win is the lazy mans path to victory.

For me, lazy doesn't mean putting your feet up, watching Netflix and eating nachos; it means the path is clear and the route is prescribed. You need only put the nachos down, get off your hypocritical butt, put in the mat time, do the road work and win because you worked hard and deserve to win. Gassing out in the first round speaks volumes about heart... and it's heart that seems to be in short supply here.

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