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20 hours ago, Marshall said:

No balls to do this before the next election.  So yet another empty promise from the Libs.  They had 4 years to do this but …… instead went after the"Tanker" bogyman


The good news is we can BAN HIM in October!

Hot off the press today.



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“”Drinking Water Bottles Out Of Water”: Watch As Trudeau’s Brain Malfunctions When He’s Asked How His Family Is Cutting Back On Plastics

Thanks to what’s called the mirror neuron, we are able to vicariously feel the pain or embarrassment of somebody else just by watching them fall apart.

And even though I’m no fan of Trudeau, even I felt a tad embarrassed for him when he was asked what he and his family are doing to cut down on plastics.

The context of the question is an upcoming ban by the Trudeau government on the use of single-use plastics.

During a media event, a reporter asked Trudeau “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics?”

The obvious answer from Trudeau would have been “nothing,” or “not enough,” but he can’t bring himself to pass up a chance at virtue-signalling. He had to show that he was doing something, anything.

But in the attempt to give a good answer, his brain malfunctioned.

Here’s the result as shared by @Canadabuster on Twitter:

“Watch Trudeau’s stumbling response to reporter who asked him “What do you and your family do to cut back on plastics”

Good hair doesn’t buy you smarts!”



The thing is, if Trudeau is struggling this badly with what should have been a simple question, it’s clear why he’s struggling with everything else (the economy, China, etc).

His poor brain just can’t handle the demands of perpetual wokeness.


Listen here >>>>.

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During a lull between the speeches at a recent Parliament Hill
Correspondent's dinner, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau leans over to chat with Harjit Sajjan,Minister of Defence.

"Ya know, I bought Justin a parrot for his birthday. The bird is so smart, Justin has already taught him to pronounce over two hundred words!"
"Wow, that's pretty impressive," says Harjit, "but, you do realize that he just speaks the words -- he doesn't really understand what they mean."
"Oh, I know," Sophie replies, "Neither does the parrot."

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you do realize that when you buy a Bottle of water for $1.50 that the Water is free and you are just paying $1.50 for a cheap plastic bottle right?


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Wanted: Drink Box Water Bottle sorta thing

Posted a day ago
Edmonton, AB T5T 2K7(View Map)


Im searching for some uh um you know uh, those uh paper, drink box, water bottle sorta things. I hear they're all the rage!

Please contact me at 1-888-turd-eau Offering autographed selfies and potatoes for discount or trade. Will send nanny for delivery. (GST/Carbon tax must be included)

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HYPOCRITE: As he accuses others of threatening national unity, Trudeau hopes you don’t remember that he openly ‘considered’ helping Quebec separate

One of Justin Trudeau’s favourite tactics is to accuse others of the exact same thing he’s doing.

So, with six Canadian premiers issuing an open letter warning of the national unity risks being caused by C-48 & C-69, Justin Trudeau is going back to his old standby.

His response has been to accuse ‘conservative premiers’ of threatening national unity, blaming others for the situation that he himself is causing.

After I wrote about this, Mr. Quiet Canadian responded on Twitter with a timely reminder of Trudeau’s immense hypocrisy in this topic:

You see, it turns out that Justin Trudeau once openly considered participating in the dismantling of Canada.

Here’s what Trudeau said back in 2012, as reported by the Sun Newspaper chain:

“The son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau told radio host Franco Nuovo on Radio-Canada this past weekend that if Canada began to reflect too much of Stephen Harper’s vision for the country, he might consider helping make Quebec an independent country.

The Liberal MP explained: “I always say, if there came a point where I thought Canada really was Stephen Harper’s Canada, that we were against abortion, against gay marriage, that we went backwards in 10,000 different ways, maybe I’d consider making Quebec a country. Oh yes. Absolutely. I know my values very well, even if I no longer recognized Canada.”

So, if Trudeau didn’t like how politics was going in Canada, he wanted to irrevocably break up the nation.

Meanwhile, when a group of pro-Canadian premiers give Trudeau a warning in an effort to stop a growing national unity crisis, he accuses them of threatening national unity.

Sounds legit…

Only someone who is either brutally out-of-touch, hopelessly arrogant, or actually wants to cause a unity crisis would respond in that way. And in Trudeau’s case, it looks like it’s all three of those things put together.

Trudeau only cares what the elites think, and could care less about Western Canada. He thinks he can do no wrong, so won’t back down on C-48/C-69 despite the impending danger. And when it comes to wanting a national unity crisis, the Liberals seem to view their path to re-election as holding on to most of their Ontario support while getting more votes in Quebec, and have apparently written off the West. 

Therefore, a ‘unity fight’ that pits Central/Eastern Canada against Western Canada may be exactly what Trudeau and his cronies want – regardless of the devastating long-term consequences such a fight would have.

To recap: Trudeau is willing to break up Canada when doesn’t get exactly what he wants, while condemning those who try to prevent the country from being split apart and placing the blame for the consequences of his policies on others.

Amazing leadership…

He’s also counting on the establishment press not to expose his hypocrisy.


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Absolutely. I know my values very well, even if I no longer recognized Canada.”


How many Canadians are saying the same thing after 3 years of Trudeaus government??

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The evidence is clear: Trudeau’s Liberals are provoking a national unity crisis

It would be very easy for Trudeau to reduce the immense alienation in the West. His refusal to do so makes it clear to me that he is intentionally stoking rage and resentment.

The Federal Liberals have rejected nearly all the amendments proposed by the Senate for Bill C-69.

The rejection of amendments comes after six Canadian Premiers issued an open letter warning that C-69 and C-48 are dangerously undermining Canada’s national unity.

In response, Trudeau listened respectfully, acknowledged their concerns, and pledged to revisit the legislation.

LOL, jk.

Of course he didn’t do that.

Instead he attacked them as “Conservative premiers” and said they were “threatening” national unity.

It was a classic case of projection, using the old tactic of accusing others of the thing you’re doing.

The next day, as mentioned above, the amendments to C-69 were rejected.

At nearly the same time, it was revealed that the Seaspan Shipyard in Vancouver is being stripped of the honour of constructing the new Diefenbaker Icebreaker. It is widely speculated that it will instead be built at Davie Shipyard in Quebec.

And this all happens within the context of poll numbers showing the Liberals in serious trouble – particularly in Western Canada. They face a near wipe-out in the Prairies, will be crushed in Alberta, and face a surging Green Party in BC. The combo of the Green surge and significant Conservative base in BC means the Liberals could suffer devastating losses.

They are also hemorrhaging support in Atlantic Canada, leaving Ontario and Quebec as the last battlegrounds in which they seek to gain seats.

And even in Ontario, the Liberals are trailing their 2015 numbers.

So what remains for a desperate Liberal Party looking for somewhere, anywhere, to pick up seats?


With that in mind, and with all the evidence before us, it becomes clear that the Liberals are deliberately provoking a national unity crisis in a despicable attempt to eke out some more votes.

Take note of how quiet the Liberals have been about things like the ban on religious clothing for Quebec civil servants, notice how the Liberals quickly acceded to Quebec’s plan to slash immigration, and notice how the Liberals gave big payouts to people in Quebec impacted by the illegal border crossings.

Trudeau’s supposed “values” which he so loudly proclaims when attacking Conservatives, seem to take a quick backseat when the Quebec government contradicts what he claims to believe.

Now, he’s imposing legislation that discriminates against Western Canadian oil, while keeping the doors wide open for the East to import foreign oil from places like Saudi Arabia.

He’s moving a prestigious shipbuilding contract from British Columbia to Quebec, just as an election approaches.

He ignores the deeply-held concerns of Western Canadians over C-48 and C-69, refuses to listen to ideas for amendments, and then belittles, insults, and demonizes democratically-elected Premiers who share the concerns of the people they represent.

At every step of the way, Trudeau refuses the path of compromise, refuses to empathize with Western Canadians, and leaves division, disunity, and conflict as the only remaining possibility.

Trudeau and the Liberals clearly believe that they can win more votes by splitting Canada apart, without any regard to the potentially devastating consequences of their cynical and divisive games.

It’s disloyal, it’s unpatriotic, and it’s dangerous all at once, and it shows that Canada has hit a new low under this Liberal government. Now. everything is at stake.

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Trudeau “is turning Canada into a clown country” — and his plastics ban proves it

Did you see Justin Trudeau the other day answering a very simple question with the most spectacular answer?

He said his family was doing their part to reduce their use of plastics by drinking water from "paper-like drink-box-water-bottle sort-of thing.”

What on earth is he talking about? Is he using marijuana again?

Spend a few minutes on Google and you can find dozens, probably hundreds of pictures of Trudeau drinking bottled water.

In fact, our own Sheila Gunn Reid received an Access to Information request that shows — surprise — that he’s a huge purchaser of bottled water — $300 a month — on our dime.

Let me read the tweet by which Trudeau launched this whole comedy:

Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. 15 billion plastic bags a year. 57 million straws a day. They end up in our oceans, beaches, parks and streets. And this has to stop. We owe it to our planet, and to our kids.

Hang on a second. Fifty-seven million straws A DAY? There are only about 36 million Canadians.

Have you used two straws today? And yesterday? That’s absurd.

Well, he’s citing an amateur report put together by the kooks at Vancouver’s hard-left-wing city council.

And if you look at where they cite the 57 million straws per day part, they link to this page.

It’s a website run by a kid. He set up the website when he was nine years old. His name is Milo Cress. He’s a teenager now. But he’s not a scientist. And when he was nine, he guessed that Americans use 500 million straws per day.

And Trudeau repeated that. Uncorroborated by anything.

By the way:

The CBC won’t show you Trudeau's "boxes of water" gaffe, neither with the CBC’s government comedians at This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

If it were Trump, it would be in the New York Times and Saturday Night Live.

What a clown country Trudeau is turning us into...


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Diane Francis: Liberal MPs are jumping ship in droves as Trudeau continues to hobble the economy

Come October, the Liberals will pay the price for Trudeau's economically suicidal policies

If polls are any indication, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading for the exit this fall but many of his Liberal MPs have already announced they are leaving or won’t run for re-election.

The departures began even before the SNC-Lavalin scandal erupted this year. In September, Ontario Liberal (and former Air Force officer) Leona Alleslev crossed the floor to join the Conservatives because of disagreements with the government’s handling of the economy and foreign affairs.

“Here at home, we see large amounts of capital investment leaving Canada while tax structures, federal infrastructure problems and politics prevent us from getting goods to market, and deter companies from expanding and undermine our competitiveness. For the first time in many years, Canadians don’t believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that their children’s future will be than theirs,” she said in a statement after crossing the floor.

“Beyond our borders, our position remains vastly diminished. Our foreign policy is disconnected from our trade relationships and our ability to deliver on our defence commitments is undermined by politics,” she added. “We must recognize that foreign policy, trade, defence, and our economy all depend on each other and can’t be viewed separately.”

Her concerns hit the nail squarely on the head as Trudeau has continued to hobble the economy and mishandle foreign affairs. Deficits have soared, taxes have increased, promises to meet the 2 per cent NATO guideline have been ignored, pipeline projects have idled, a ruinous green agenda has been imposed, and he and his government have worsened relations by undiplomatically hectoring China, Latin American states, and the United States about their failings.

In September, Bill Casey, Cumberland-Colchester MP, announced he wouldn’t run in 2019, as did West Nova MP Colin Fraser who claimed he wanted to serve the community in other ways. Translation: Disappointment.

Before 2018 ended, longstanding Ontario MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, then, in January, Scott Brison of Nova Scotia and Nicola Di Iorio announced they were out. That month, the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal hit the headlines, then dogged the PM for weeks, obliterating what was left of Trudeau’s “sunny-ways” brand.

She quit the cabinet after being pressured for months by Trudeau and his PMO henchmen — Gerald Butts and Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick — to derail the SNC-Lavalin prosecution. She refused and quit the cabinet, as did Ontario MP Dr. Jane Philpott. Weeks later, they were unceremoniously expelled from the Liberal party.


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I see he is now going to apologize to Italian Canadians who suffered during WWII (, I wonder who is left for him to apologize to? Perhaps to the US for burning the White House (but I guess he is limited to events that happened after we became a country and of course to those events that an apology might garner votes for the Libs 😀? He must have staff who are tasked with finding people that he should apologize to.

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On 6/15/2019 at 8:48 AM, Marshall said:

I see he is now going to apologize to Italian Canadians who suffered during WWII (, I wonder who is left for him to apologize to? Perhaps to the US for burning the White House (but I guess he is limited to events that happened after we became a country and of course to those events that an apology might garner votes for the Libs 😀? He must have staff who are tasked with finding people that he should apologize to.

Maybe apologize to all Canadians for being such an idiot.


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41 minutes ago, Jaydee said:



The Pension is NOT a reward.  IT'S YOUR MONEY and YOUR EMPLOYERS MONEY.  The government puts no money into the pension fund they only manage it.  We are being ROBBED.


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Canada on verge of breaking up, thanks to Trudeau

Mark A. Scholz calls Liberals’ record on pipelines a failure

  • Calgary Herald
  • 18 Jun 2019
  • Mark A. Scholz is president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors.

Over the past few months, the Liberal government has elevated the topic of climate change to a national emergency and the crisis of our time. The environment minister loudly affirmed that without immediate action, the world as we know it will cease to exist in say … 12 years. This according to an interpretation of scientific research provided by the likes of Minister Catherine McKenna and U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But who is counting?

According to McKenna, the best medicine for saving the planet is a carbon tax and punishing regulation on the Canadian oil and gas industry. The carbon tax, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains it, would supernaturally eliminate forest fires in Alberta and bring about environmental salvation to the country. That’s rich, given that Alberta has had a carbon tax in place since 2007 and Canada contributes less than two per cent of global GHG emissions; but who wants to let facts get in the way of a good story?

What the prime minister and environment minister apparently fail to see is a much more urgent matter staring them directly in the face — the breakup of the country. A few days ago, six provincial premiers representing nearly 60 per cent of the Canadian population and GDP alerted the prime minister of a looming national unity crisis should his government enact C-69, the “no more pipelines bill,” and C-48, the tanker ban. Their ask? Accept the 188 amendments introduced by the Senate to C-69 and walk away from C-48 or risk a constitutional challenge.

While Ottawa continues to slough off genuine concerns as bluffing tactics, a recent survey in Alberta indicated nearly 60 per cent of Albertans agreed they would be better off without Canada, and felt they did not get treated fairly by the federal government. The numbers are identical in Saskatchewan. Ignoring the message,

There are simple reasons Western Canada is losing ground to the Americans.

however, the prime minister went so far as to characterize the six premiers as merely “conservatives” who are creating a phoney war and stoking the flames of disunity. What he failed to mention is that Rachel Notley, a former NDP premier, and Christy Clarke, a former Liberal premier, held the same position as these conservative sabre-rattlers.

There are simple reasons Western Canada is losing ground to the Americans: market access and a leadership vacuum created by the federal government. Even if shovels are back in the ground this month on the Trans Mountain expansion, the Liberals’ record on pipelines has been a complete failure.

Shortly after coming into power, the federal government vetoed Northern Gateway, a multibillion-dollar project with First Nations partnerships; didn’t stand up to U.S. President Barack Obama when he vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline; introduced preposterous conditions on Energy East, over which the project was ultimately cancelled; and finally, was forced into purchasing the Trans Mountain pipeline because a private investor became too exhausted with the political and regulatory circus, and unwillingness of the federal government to enforce its constitutional authority.

In 2013, the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary released a report on opportunities for marketing Canadian crude in the Pacific Basin. The study concluded they were significant provided we showed “first, and quickly, that we are committed to building pipelines that will bring sufficient volumes of oil to the Pacific coast.”

Six years, and several cancellations and delays later, the politicization of pipelines may have cost us these opportunities for good, a fact not lost on oil and gas families across the country who are still losing their jobs and their businesses today.

So here we are with the stage set. The prime minister has a national unity mess on his hands because of pending punitive legislation and an overreach of federal jurisdiction, yet even he still insists that big Ottawa knows best.

I hope he will reconsider and listen to what Canadians are trying to tell him; the very future of our country depends on it.


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