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How much more ridiculous can this process get?

As it sits now one could go anywhere and declare to be someone on their registration  list and vote in place of them without an ID. All that’s needed is a verbal declaration. Add to that a face covering which is now legal as well and you are off to the races all day long ...which reminds me...have to dig out my old ski mask for next Election.

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It’s time we focus less on race, sex, and hollow slogans in Canada

Canada has never seen a more divisive Canadian Prime Minister in our history


With less than a year until Canada’s next Federal Election, campaigning has already begun.

The question on the ballot, like Ontario’s Provincial Election, is do you want a progressive government that continually focuses on race, sex-based policies, and hollow chants (i.e. “Diversity is our Strength”), or a moderate government aiming for middle ground that focuses on uniting Canadians, keeping taxes low, and focusing largely on the economy.

As much as feel-good chants and hollow rhetoric tend to work on those less politically inclined, they do not ease Canadians fears and anxieties of what lies ahead.

Liberals moving further left while abandoning the centre

Like the United States’ Democrats, Canada’s Federal Liberals, and Wynne’s former Ontario Liberals, continue to veer further left of the political spectrum, while giving up precious middle ground at their own peril.

As a moderate who leans conservative, I cannot in good faith support a party that does not put the interests of Canadians first.


From job-killing policies, to making it harder to do business in this country, to claiming business owners and Doctor’s are tax cheats, while simultaneously killing pipelines that would have created tens of thousands of jobs in Canada, this Federal Liberal government is making life more difficult for the average middle class Canadian to survive.

Canadians, for the most part, are modest individuals, who want security, stability, and a good paying job, while wanting what is best for their family and themselves.

Unfortunately, the current Federal Liberal government fails to recognize this while promoting racial differences not unity, equity not opportunity and ideological gender-based policy.

They’re doing all of this while figuring out endless ways to continually tax Canadians to pay for their financial mismanagement in an attempt to balance the budget while putting this country further into the red.

As a result of these misguided policies, Canada and its provinces are pushed to the brink in terms of health care costs, employment gaps, increased social service costs, and an ever-growing housing crisis that will continue to get worse.


Misguided immigration approach

Consequently, Canada will need continued legal immigration to fill these ever-increasing cost gaps. However, the question remains what a suitable number of legal immigrants per year is acceptable, while not further burdening Canada’s already strained social and health care systems.

Recently, the Federal Government announced that by 2021 the target for new arrivals in Canada will rise to 350,000 which is nearly one percent of Canada’s population.

With no plan in sight, this justification seems to be presented on the fact that Canada needs more “skilled” labourers and essentially a replacement, in all honesty, of an ageing population. However, this begs the question of whether or not Canada even has one hundred thousand so-called “skilled” employment positions that Canadians living here cannot fill.

There is simply no plan or vision here by Trudeau’s Liberals, just as is the case along the Quebec border where illegal economic migrants continue to flood through daily.

The Liberals refuse to impose any strict border control, all while using their go-to accusation that anyone questioning immigration policy or border control is fear mongering and inherently racist.


In Toronto, approximately 40% of shelter occupants are refugees according to the City of Toronto, however Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration Minister, refuses to acknowledge this all while verbally sparring with his Ontario Provincial counterparts, and calling his opposite members “UnCanadian” for questioning policy decisions.

Questioning policy decision and direction is not “un-Canadian” nor racist or bigoted, it’s wanting what is best for Canada and Canadians that pay the bills for such a disastrous government.

If Hussen has an issue with opposite members questioning the decision making of the current government, Hussen should look in the mirror to see who is “un-Canadian.” This country allows for transparency, honesty, and common sense border and immigration laws, that do not result in one being labelled a racist, xenophobe, or bigot, and this is something Hussen needs to understand.

The Liberals focus on identity politics instead of the basics

With Canada’s health care system, housing crisis, and social care systems bursting at the seams, this Federal Liberal Government does not seem to care about the rudimentary basics that holds a nation together, but rather furthers the division between Canadians while attempting to secure votes.

In 2015, Trudeau chose a gender parity cabinet simply because it was 2015. However, as reports indicate, this was simply a scripted question and answer, much like this government’s choreography since then.

Trudeau’s finest acting performance may have been in Waterloo, Ontario, when he rehearsed how quantum computing works in a scripted response, while barely being able to form a string of sentences together any other day of the week.

Moreover, since 2015, we’ve seen nothing but identity politics in this country at steroid levels, particularly in the area of gender. Now let me be abundantly clear, I have zero issue with women competing for jobs and opportunities, so long as the best and most qualified person is chosen based on their abilities, skills, and knowledge, and not on their genitalia.

This notion to advance women based on only their sex will lead to regression in society.  The women I know want career advancement based on merit, not some token level gender quota based appointment hire which is exactly what identity politics does.

This only sullies women’s integrity and character and reduces them to nothing but body parts which is exactly what Trudeau wants. By promoting gender equity and parity, Trudeau, the self-described feminist, can proclaim he is trying to advance women’s rights in Canada while watching the women’s movement regress.

Likewise, Kathleen Wynne played the dubious game of identity politics, of politicizing sex ed in the classroom, and paid a hefty price while totally obliterating her party to non-official party status at Queens Park.

As an example, one only has to look to the gender wage gap myth to score cheap political talking points. Patty Hadju, Minister of Employment, claims that women working full-time on average make 88 cents for every dollar that a full-time man makes in Canada. This is very misleading.

If you average all the income that men make in Canada divided by all the income that women make, there will be an obvious gap. Firstly, more men tend to take on more dangerous jobs that most women are unwilling to take on and are compensated as such.

Secondly, some men are also the leading breadwinners in the family, while their spouse looks after the children along with other duties, and may take on a part-time job.

If one were to take an average of this example alone, there would be a massive gap between a full-time breadwinner vs a part-time employee. Likewise, even if you want to take the average of a man and woman doing the same full-time job and the exact same position, you would find no gap exists. Further, it is disingenuous for Minister Hadju to even suggest such a notion, when men and women are paid the same in the House of Commons dependent on position or Ministerial position.

Employment laws make it illegal to pay men more than women, and vice versa. If companies wanted to save on their bottom line, they would hire only women for these vacancies given this inane rhetoric.  Despite the number of times Trudeau claims this to be true, it is nothing more than a cheap political talking point that has been proven false time and time again.

With that said, Canadians should be concerned with how divisive this Canadian Prime Minster has become with his half-baked policies. When one continually points out the differences between sex and race as an example, this further divides people by the same thing that should be bringing people together.

Trudeau isn’t uniting Canadians

Lastly, rather than unifying Canadians, Trudeau uses hollow and meaningless slogans like “Diversity is our Strength” to further the flames of division in this country. As much as Canadians should be celebrating our differences, Canadians should be celebrating the values that bring us together as a country.

No country has ever remained as a nation if it continues to be broken down into smaller and smaller tribes of diversity, ethnic background, and sex. This only reinforces our differences, not Canada’s strength which is unity. Likewise, this separates individuals on political lines, and forces those into groupthink, totally disregarding individual thought, autonomy, independence, and any sense of rational thought for people to think for themselves.

The political left in this country sells their victimhood policy brilliantly to those ever ready to purchase these empty shells while not looking past cute slogans or trying to improve or think for themselves. These Liberalized parties know that if they continue to pander and spend, while taxing a shrinking middle class that shoulders the burden for these hollow policy decisions, they should get re-elected again.

Another slogan that Trudeau likes to champion is: “grow the middle class”, that Trudeau, a millionaire, who was raised in a life of privilege knows completely nothing about. It is no wonder the deficit continues to grow under Trudeau, whose drunken sailor spending policy and announcements are hurting Canadians, not helping them.

Since Trudeau was elected nearly 100 billion dollars of direct foreign investment has fled Canada, while part-time jobs are on the rise, including a gig economy, where people are forced to work secondary jobs. The middle class continues to face this burden daily as they are the ones propping up this governments spending.

As a result of these economic policy decisions, the spread between rich and poor will further, and this leads to a divided society that is forced to accept government handouts this Liberal Government wants so they can remain in power. Canada has never seen a more divisive Canadian Prime Minister in our history.

Our job as voters is to recognize these facts as blurred as they may seem, and vote for a government that has the best interests of all Canadians and not a divisive leader who is solely interested in dividing Canadians at every level.

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I would love to blame Trudeau for all of our pipeline woes but more than 1/2 of the blame has to be laid squarely at the feet of Montreal / Quebec and of course the unholy alliance presently governing BC. Neither can we absolve the present NDP government in Alberta who certainly planted the tree to fight dirty oil that   they now have vowed to cut down so that the oil can flow.  $$$$$ talk after all. 

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For the first time since October 2015, someone other than Trudeau is seen as best PM

December 19, 2018 – At the end of what has been a challenging and at times chaotic year across the federal political landscape, Canadian approval of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to decline.

With less than a year before an expected election, the number of people who favour Trudeau has fallen to 35 per cent, down from 46 per cent this time a year ago.

For the first time since October 2015, he is no longer seen as the national party leader who would be the best prime minister. That mantle now narrowly rests with Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Andrew Scheer (33% prefer Scheer; 27% Trudeau), although many say they don’t know just who would be ideal in the top job (26%).

Underlying the downward shift in the PM’s approval is a tumultuous twelve months that saw his government face criticism for its handling of a number of key files, including pipelinestrade negotiations, and irregular border crossings.

More Key Findings:fedmetho1.jpg?resize=425%2C333

  • Asked to name the top issue facing the country today, Canadians are most likely to say it is “the deficit/government spending” (28% do, compared to 21% each for the economy, environment/pollution, and health care)
  • Younger Canadians, who were outliers in their majority approval of Trudeau until now, appear to have lost some Liberal love. The Prime Minister’s approval drops to 42 per cent among 18-34-year-olds, from 56 per cent last year at this time
  • NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer remain a question mark to significant segments of potential voters. But while Singh holds the approval of just one-in-five (21%), Scheer’s approval is tied with Trudeau’s (36%)


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"Scheer’s approval is tied with Trudeau’s (36%)"

Will Scheer do something sudden prior to the election to demonstrate the kind of leadership this Country needs to survive and earn the vote of the skeptics, or will he go on in continuing lackluster fashion, which will encourage many voters to stay home and lead us to a minority government?







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Anyone else think the constant never ending tax increases might have something to do with this?


Amount Canadians give to charity down more than 30% since 2006

VANCOUVER—The amount of money Canadians donate to registered charities—as a share of their income—has plummeted 32.2 per cent since 2006, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

And Canadians remain far less generous than Americans.

“Canadians continue to donate less and less every year, which means charities face greater challenges to help those in need this holiday season and throughout the year,” said Jason Clemens, Fraser Institute executive vice-president.

The study, Generosity in Canada and the United States: The 2018 Generosity Index, finds that only about one-in-five Canadian tax-filers (20.4 per cent) claimed charitable donations on their tax return in 2016, the latest year of available data. That’s a decline of 16.9 per cent since 2006.

South of the border, however, almost one-in-four (24.8 per cent) of Americans claimed donations on their tax returns in 2016.

Likewise, the total average amount of income donated by Canadians dropped from 0.78 per cent in 2006 to 0.53 per cent in 2016. Americans, by comparison, gave 1.46 per cent of their income in 2016—nearly three times the percentage Canadians claimed.

Notably, of the 15 least-generous jurisdictions in North America, 12 are Canadian.

Manitoba, which ranks 42nd overall on this year’s index of all 64 Canadian provinces, territories and U.S. states, is again the most generous Canadian jurisdiction. Utah remains the most generous jurisdiction overall.

Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario are tied for 50th followed by British Columbia (54), Nova Scotia (55), New Brunswick (57), Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec (tied at 59), Yukon (61), Northwest Territories (63) and Nunavut, which ranks last at 64th.

“Americans continue to be far more generous than Canadians with charitable giving, and that has been true for many years,” Clemens said.

Decline in charitable donations

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Last Saturday afternoon, in Ottawa, Ontario an aide to PM Justin Trudeau visited the Cardinal of the Catholic cathedral.
He told the Cardinal that PM Justin Trudeau would be attending the next mass, and he asked if the Cardinal would kindly point out Trudeau to the congregation and say a few words that would include calling Trudeau a saint.
The Cardinal replied, "No. I don't really like the Man, and there are issues of conflict with the Catholic Church over certain of Trudeau's views.
Trudeau's aide then said, "Look, I'll write a cheque here and now for a donation of $10,000 to your church if you'll just tell the congregation you see Trudeau as a saint."
The Cardinal thought about it and said, "Well, the church can use the money, so I'll work your request into tomorrow's sermon."
As Trudeau's aide promised, Trudeau appeared for the Sunday worship and seated himself prominently at the forward left side of the centre aisle.
As promised, at the start of his sermon, the Cardinal pointed out that Trudeau was present. The Cardinal went on to explain to the congregation, "While PM Trudeau's presence is probably an honour to some, the man is not numbered among my personal favourite personages. Some of his views are contrary to tenets of the Church, and he tends to flip-flop on many other issues. Justin Trudeau is a petty, self-absorbed hypocrite, a thumb sucker and a nit-wit. Justin Trudeau is also a serial liar, a cheat, and a thief. I must say, Justin Trudeau is the worst example of a Catholic I have ever personally witnessed. He married for money and is using his wealth to lie to the Canadian people. He also has a reputation for shirking his PM obligations, in Ottawa. The man is simply not to be trusted.
The Cardinal concluded, "But, compared to Kathleen Wynne, Trudeau is a Saint."

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So, from the above story, if "Gender refers to the gender that a person internally feels … and/or the gender a person publicly expresses" why does the same not apply to age. If  the maximum age for service in the RCAF is 60 but I feel like I'm 40 and I'm in better physical condition than the average 40 year old why can't I adjust my age accordingly? 

If a hairy bearded man can be counted as a women, surely it is reasonable that a 60 year old man who can do more pull ups and pushups than most 20 somethings need not stay home and trim the rose bushes simply because he turned 60. 


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3 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

So, from the above story, if "Gender refers to the gender that a person internally feels … and/or the gender a person publicly expresses" why does the same not apply to age. If  the maximum age for service in the RCAF is 60 but I feel like I'm 40 and I'm in better physical condition than the average 40 year old why can't I adjust my age accordingly? 

If a hairy bearded man can be counted as a women, surely it is reasonable that a 60 year old man who can do more pull ups and pushups than most 20 somethings need not stay home and trim the rose bushes simply because he turned 60. 


Much like Sophie and her disgusting video, the only issues the Trudeaus  are interested in are those “below the belt” ...Concern for the struggles of normal people are not important enough

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Merry Christmas Canada — It will be 22 years before Ottawa balances the budget, finance department reveals.


OTTAWA — The federal Finance Department doesn’t expect to have a balanced budget until 2040,  five years earlier than the government predicted last year.

Long-term budgetary projections released Friday morning estimate that by the end of fiscal year 2040-2041, federal books will be in surplus by $1.7 billion.

The Trudeau Liberals promised during the 2015 election to balance the books by the end of their mandate — 2019 — after running small deficits.

The government’s February budget predicted a deficit of $18.1 billion for the current 2018-19 fiscal year, which ends in March.


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Hmm, wonder if he said before or after he cancelled the Avro Arrow with the loss 25K Canadian jobs and subsequent purchase of 60+ used US fighters.

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1 minute ago, Airband said:

Hmm, wonder if he said before or after he cancelled the Avro Arrow with the loss 25K Canadian jobs and subsequent purchase of 60+ used US fighters.

He was conservative, wasn't he?  :whistling:

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Some black-market pot dealers hawk wares outside legal stores


  • Calgary Herald
  • 22 Dec 2018
  • BILL KAUFMANN on Twitter: @BillKaufmannjrn

Some black market marijuana dealers have been engaged in a literal turf war with their legal competitors.

In recent days, at least one brazen illegal seller has been offering samples of his wares and a dial-adope service outside stores that sell under government licence.

The dealer, dubbing himself Medi Man, has been handing out samples of cannabis bud in a tiny baggie stapled to a business card offering various grades of pot and its derivatives, including edibles, to store customers.

Prices listed for bud are as low as $100 an ounce — a third or a quarter the price of its legal counterpart.

“Money back guaranteed — minimum order $100 … delivery 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.,” reads the card.

A man taking orders on one of three phone numbers listed on the card said sales have been brisk.

“Business is great, especially at this time of year,” said the man. “Everybody’s off work and everybody wants something to relax with.”

The higher price of legal pot, he said, has been an advantage for their operation.

A Medi Man dealer was seen recently outside the Four20 Premium Market at Sage Hill canvassing the store’s customers. Store owner Jeff Mooij said he’s aware of illegal competitors’ presence, adding they’ve been persistent.

“There’s a bunch of dealers and they’re not stupid — they get (to customers) coming in and going out,” he said, adding he’s called police several times.

“By the time police get there, they’re long gone.”

The Calgary Police Service wasn’t able to comment on the issue on Friday.

Mooij said such black marketers might be doing good business now but as legal retailers find more solid ground with a more stable supply next year, that will change.

“They’re going to be busy for a while but a robust legal market will kill the black market and we’re nowhere close to having a robust market yet,” he said.

The attraction of a lower price, he said, is limited and will fade in favour of quality, safety and predictability.

“Price is only one part of the whole equation,” said Mooij.

But unlike licensed retailers, illegal online and street dealers also offer cannabis derivatives like edibles, shatter and even highly refined hashish known as honey oil.

On Thursday, Health Canada released proposals on how and what kind of legalized edibles will be sold as of Oct. 17, 2019.

The draft regulations, subject to public feedback until Feb. 20, suggests edibles be sold in plain packaging, not include sugar or sweeteners and allow for cannabisinfused beverages without alcohol.

Some in the legal retail industry say banning sugar gives black market edibles a sweet advantage while others, like Mooij, contend the derivatives could have been legally marketed by now.

“For the amount of effort (Health Canada) used to come up with those guidelines, it could have been done last year,” he said.

Among the main reasons given for Ottawa’s legalizing cannabis was to undermine the black market and keep it out of the hands of youth. While recreational use and some sale of cannabis is now legal, many penalties governing the drug have been toughened by Ottawa.

Selling cannabis without a licence can bring a maximum 14 years in prison or a $5,000 fine.

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How Justin Trudeau divides Canadians

Politicians employ a wide variety of strategies to increase their popularity with voters. One of these strategies is to make their main challenger seem like the bad guy.

Case in point: Justin Trudeau often accuses Conservatives of the “politics of division.” Earlier this year, he said that Conservatives are “strategically dividing one group against another—new Canadians against people who have been here for generations.”

Trudeau’s strategies of division

Accusing Conservatives of the “politics of division” makes them seem like the Devil. (A signature trait of the Devil is he sows discord.) Trudeau uses immigration as a wedge issue to demonize Conservatives.

Trudeau’s accusation would be fine if it were true, but the accusation is false. The Conservatives are not trying to divide Canadians.

I will outline three ways that politicians create division. The first is highly destructive; the second is unavoidable; and the third is how Justin Trudeau does politics.


When someone is divisive, they “cause disagreement or hostility between people.” Being divisive is wrong when a politician tries to get people to hate each other.

This is often done though dehumanization. Politicians throughout history have sown discord by dehumanizing their political opponents, or specific groups of people.

For instance, in the 2016 U.S. election, Hillary Clinton dehumanized Trump supporters by labelling half of them as a “basket of deplorables.” By making a hasty generalization, she sowed discord in America.

Clinton gave Americans a reason to hate Trump supporters. (It is much easier to hate people once they have been dehumanized as deplorable human beings.)

A second way politicians create division is by declaring their point of view. A political leader unites or divides people, depending on whether people agree or disagree with what they say.

Even if what a politician says is true, many people are offended by the truth, especially if it is politically incorrect. The truth is a sword that creates division.

Justin Trudeau believes he is above the politics of division: a self-proclaimed man of “sunny ways” who engages in positive politics. Trudeau is deluding himself. He creates just as much division as any other politician every time he opens his mouth.

Trudeau uses immigration as a wedge issue

When Trudeau accuses Conservatives of the politics of division, he is trying to delegitimize their policy positions on immigration without actually debating them.

To justify his immigration policies, Trudeau uses two main techniques:

First, he uses the “nothing to see here, move along” strategy. He has publicly denied that there is a border crisis in Canada, arguing that the current number of asylum seekers, “whether it’s regularly or irregularly doesn’t make a crisis.”

From January 2017 to October 2018, 37,713 people illegally crossed the U.S. border into Canada and requested asylum. According to the Parliamentary budget office, the cost to Canadian taxpayers is $14,000 per person.

Trudeau’s denial that there is a border crisis contradicts Ahmed Hussen, the federal Immigration Minister, who said in a leaked letter, “This situation is not sustainable…”

A second tactic Trudeau uses to justify his immigration policies is to engage in name-calling to silence any opposition.

At a Quebec rally, a woman asked him: “I want to know when you are going to refund the $146 million we paid for your illegal immigrants.” In response, he yelled “this intolerance towards immigrants has no place in Canada” and “racism has no place here.”

Trudeau’s response was irrational.

Just because someone is concerned about the cost of illegal immigration doesn’t mean they are an intolerant racist. Instead of answering the woman’s question, he shut down any debate or discussion.

The Prime Minister’s intolerance towards those that disagree

Ironically, Trudeau is the one who is engaging in the politics of division. He is intolerant toward people who disagree with him.

As the Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau has the right to implement the policies he wants on immigration. However, it is the role of the Conservative opposition to question his policies.

Conservatives and Liberals don’t share the same viewpoints on many issues. Expressing those different points of view is divisive, but it is necessary in a democracy. The best policy positions can only be determined when all sides of an issue are heard, both left and right.

Maybe one day, after thousands of years of civilization, humans will reach a consensus on all major issues, and there will be no more division. But until there is a utopia on Earth, division will be the norm in a democracy.






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On 12/21/2018 at 1:02 PM, Jaydee said:




yeah?  Lets go best 2 out of three on the plains of Abriham.


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 This is actually a good thing... Canadians will now be reminded of his divisive “Identity Politics”every time they put ones hands in their pocket.


“ New loonie to commemorate end of laws against homosexuality “



“ The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a new $1 coin design next year, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

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