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While I tend to agree with his platform, this is the absolute worst timing possible. Why didn’t he wait until AFTER the election?

This is not what the country needs rright now....a movement that splits the right and hands the Kodak Kid another 4 years to finish destroying what’s left of the country.

Idiotic move by Bernier proving its all about him.

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It's now a done deal, splitting the conservative vote can only have one outcome. The next election is already lost and I'm starting to think Canadians (and the western world in general) deserve the fate they have insisted on carving out for themselves. I'm now temped to vote Liberal out of pure spite and keep doing it until the staunchest liberal I know sees the folly for what it is and apologizes for their role in creating it. This has implications beyond the next election, It now seems quite possible (to me) that JT will be a 3 term PM. 

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2 hours ago, boestar said:

If you don't think this is being manipulated you are blind.  We dont have a choice.

Well now I'm curious - manipulated by whom and to what purpose (IYO)?

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i could come up with a million conspiracy theories but just looking at the world today and everything going on, My first goto would be corporate interest.  We all know that the corporations are in charge and not the government.  Whatever they can do to keep someone working in their favour, they will do.   divide the conservative party to ensure a liberal victory.  Obviously that is good for someone.  It is even more blatantly obvious in the US.


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