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Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...


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8 hours ago, Homerun said:

Was the trashing of 25 years of maintenance, pilot and ground handling knowledge of the Airbus costed in the equation? Likely not IMO.


Trashing of? Hardly...

How many Airbuses are still there?

Recent Airbus purchases... 321s, 330s. plus 319s kept.

How many Boeings are there?

Aside from that, I have no doubt the new sims, training, maintenance, was all part of the package. 

That's ALL these guys do. Cost sh!t out. They don't care it's this or that or FAs hate it... Why would they? I don't care either... it is what it is... and the passengers like it... big TV screens and big bins...


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15 hours ago, deicer said:

All depended on what kind of turn.

Rapidairs in 45 min.  Overseas, 90 min.

In the days of C3, early Transat, Odessey, etc, used to turn the 757's with 350-400 bags off, same on, 4 man crew in a hour.

They can't do that today with the Nintendo generation...

I was a Station Attendant at CP 25 years ago.  Loved it.  45 minute breaks between most turn arounds.  Load factor around 70% most days on 100 seat 737's and 50 seat F-28's and the bags all seemed to be a nice and easy 20-25 lbs (except for the YVR-MNL connections which were huge and heavy.  Bag room could usually go (unofficially of course) one or two bodies short, so we’d flip coins to see who could have extended break times playing cards in the lunch room.  Loaded many C3 757's.  Lots of bags but easy work.  Simple onload/offloads, bags were pretty average sized.  Lots of cargo space so no need to stack very efficiently.  To top it off, the crews at AC used to pop over to our end of the terminal to drop off interline cnx (they'd wait until the connection flight had departed first before bringing the bags over) and laugh at how much harder we were working compared to them ?

A few years back, I spent some time behind the scenes with the WestJet TAC (ramp) team.  These people are as dedicated and hard working as I've ever seen.  5-10 minutes between flights.  Load factors consistently in the 90% range on 130-160 seat 737's, bags that are mostly 40-45 lb hard shelled monstrosities.  Pit space always at a premium so always packing pits with tremendous effort.  Bag room is always going at 100% and crews head there on their 5-10 "breaks" in between flights to help out.  it was nothing like the good ol' days I experienced.

I'd honestly put these people head to head with anyone I worked with back in the day and they'd laugh at how easy we had it.

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8 hours ago, blues deville said:

Probably the same equation was used to park their 727’s. AC had many years of above and below the wing experience trashed when other US majors flew them for many more years. 

Didn't FedEx make Air Canada an offer they couldn't refuse after failing to come to an agreement with Boeing on a top-up order?

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Nordic Aviation Capital already has the nineteen ex-AC Embraers first sold to Boeing and subsequently sold to Delta before finally being sold to NAC.

I know somebody at Delta was bewildered by the rumors about the Embraers being canceled when the C Series was ordered because nobody told him - and they weren't cancelled, they just never operated them. 

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