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A Thought for a Thursday Evening

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From a story by "Charles de Lint"


It only it could be so simple.  But it is, In the end it always comes down to small simple things, because that's the way the world really works. We're the ones who make it so complicated. I mean, think about it. If everybody really and truly treated each other the way they'd want to be treated, all the problems of the world would be solved. Nobody'd starve, because nobody'd want to go hungry themselves. Nobody steal, or kill, or hurt each other, because they wouldn't want hat to happen to themselves." So what stops them from doing it? Trust or rather the lack it. Too many people don't trust the other person to treat them right, so...……………….

"from the Buffalo Man"

I suspect a lot of us would find such a world to be very boring but ////  ?????

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