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Jason Kenny throws down the Gauntlet

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UCP Leader Jason Kenney turned up his Alberta-first rhetoric Saturday, vowing retribution against Alberta’s perceived opponents, from banks to foreign-funded opponents.

Party loyalists at the party’s founding meeting shouted and applauded for minutes on end. 

Ex-Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, surely Canada greatest political orator, had the crowd primed and ready. It took some nerve for Kenney to follow that guy.

Kenney joked that he’d never make that mistake again. But he had no trouble holding the vast audience, which the UCP claims reached 3,000 in the main hall, mezzanine and an overflow room. Most political speeches are forgotten in an hour. This one was unforgettable. It’s already provoking both intense hostility and ecstatic praise. Kenney got solid applause when he condemned death threats against Premier Rachel Notley, saying that threats aimed women are “pernicious” and fuelled by “misogyny.”

The crowd applauded when he said such people who make such threats have no place in the UCP.

Beyond that, it was a deeply partisan speech that went far beyond his previous rhetoric.

This was about fighting back. It was even about revenge. 



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While the resident in Ottawa plans on INCREASING his carbon tax SCAM……This is what REAL leadership is about…demonstrating REAL concern to their constituents pain.


Alberta temporarily drops 13-cent-a-litre gas tax April 1 to provide some relief at the pumps 

Kenney also announced that almost all families will also receive a $150 rebate applied directly to their electricity bill


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The effect of Pandemic politics taking its toll.

“ Jason Kenney steps down after 51.4 per cent approval in leadership review “




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