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  Why the Media lies about guns....

Tracey Wilson is the VP of Public Relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. 

The public’s trust in media has deteriorated in recent years, and with good reason. Speaking with my own mother this morning, we were discussing how people of my age or older knew a time when “the news” was where people got their information. We would gather around the television or radio and listen to a voice of authority provide us the details of the world’s goings on. You could trust this person, to deliver the facts, with no bias or narrative–just straight, simple facts on which you could form your own opinion on the issues facing you and your family. 

Those days are long gone and I fear they may never return. We live in the most technologically advanced era in history, with immediate access to a variety of instantly available mainstream media news sources. They saturate us with information and stories, but they are no longer delivered the same. Each story is crafted around a (usually) left-leaning perspective guided by social justice and selective outrage. This has never been more apparent than with the story of the church shooting in Texas, abruptly stopped by an armed parishioner–the exact kind of story that the left hates. The old adage “a good guy with a gun” became literally that. Although this story is not altogether unique as armed civilians save more lives on average than bad guys with guns take according to the CDC. The problem is it doesn’t make the same kind of sexy headlines a mass shooting makes. Nor does it feed into the anti-gun agenda the left is ramming down our throats. 

71 year old Jack Wilson did something amazing this week in that little church in Texas and the media just couldn’t help themselves but to slander it in the most obvious way. Both Global News and the National Post ran stories with literal lies for headlines, confusing (intentionally?) the violent gunman and the Texan hero. Public outrage ensued over the false headlines, and eventually corrections were posted. Global chose to leave the lies up while publishing an entirely new tweet and Facebook post with the correction within. Why? Why not immediately remove the story you know is wrong?


It is becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore this kind of blatant bias. The manufactured hysteria over legal gun ownership fuels the hatred for gun owners and this is incredibly wrong. Another great example of this left-leaning hatred for legal gun owners was back in August of 2019 when Global Montreal published on their official Facebook account a terribly crude and inappropriate caption to an article trying to draw a link between legal gun ownership and increased crime. The public was shocked and outraged at the use of foul language which resulted in a simple apology from the news outlet claiming an ex employee somehow still had access to post at Global. To believe a syndicated news outlet like Global has no social media security is to be a fool. A simple password change would have prevented this. An even bigger question is how long did this employee work there, churning out his/her bias and hate for Canada’s most vetted citizens? 

So why do mainstream media continue to do this, in spite of being caught and called out every single time? Money–the root of all evil as they say. Our media outlets are in a predicament. The Liberal government has unwisely chosen to fund mainstream media with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Our media is on corporate welfare, dependant on the Liberals to survive. This makes it impossible to be unbiased and this is apparent in every pre-election article about CPC Leader Andrew Scheer, every gun-related article, every rabidly left editorial published and the list goes on. Our own PM was riddled with scandals the entire course of his reign so far and every single abomination is excused, dissected and may as well be captioned “nothing to see here”.  

The only “filter” Canadians have to try and disseminate the false news out of our once reliable mainstream media is each other, and the smaller, under-funded independent outlets like the one you’re reading right now. For a country ruled by leftists who claim to be so woke, we are galloping down the Orwellian rabbit hole at lightning speed. Support your independent media and continue to demand honest, reliable accounting of facts from the mainstream. The truth is out there. And the truth is a gun toting senior from Texas prevented what could have easily been another tragic mass shooting and it is incumbent on us to acknowledge that. 



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I’m not defending Trump or his policies, but at least the Potus has open access by the press...he may answer, he may ignore them, he may tell the to F off, but at least he has the guts to be in front

Now we all have to quit quoting him so we never have to see a post from him.

This always saddens me and I think he got it desperately wrong here; the election results reflect it too IMO. I can only speak for myself I guess, but this is the sort of attitude and headline where D

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CBC Revenue plummets amid requests for more taxpayer money  

The CBC’s TV ad dollars have plummeted by 37 percent as fewer than 1 percent of Canadians tune in to watch local newscasts, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

In the latest annual report, the CBC asked whether it could remain sustainable without the help of more Canadian tax dollars. In 2016, the Federal budget allocated $675 million to the state broadcaster, however, it seems this is not enough to keep the CBC above water.

In their annual report, the CBC blamed the atrophy of the media industry for their ills. They further stated that the crown corporation would likely have to reduce their services.

The CBC’s English-language programs ad revenues fell 37 percent and the French-langauge programs’ revenues fell by three percent, spelling unaccounted, million dollar losses.

Despite these losses, the CBC has no intention to reform into a profit-earning organization. CEO, Catherine Tait, said that the CBC existed “not to compete, we exist to serve.” This serving, however, is costing the taxpayer millions of tax dollars.

The CBC’s largest source of funding derives from a $1.2 billion government grant. Nevertheless, they will continue to seek more from the government. The sheer cost of the broadcaster alongside allegations of political bias towards the Liberal Party in the 2019 election will make this appeal for further funding controversial.



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40 minutes ago, Jaydee said:

CEO, Catherine Tait, said that the CBC existed “not to compete, we exist to serve.”

Did Canadians ever find out how much Rosie Barton, Adrienne Arsenault, et al are paid??

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Everyone has firsthand experience with something.

Take that "something", the stuff you know to be true, and compare it with the twisted offerings from CBC and CNN. It's easy to divine the problem here..... unless you are a network executive: 




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Unfund the CBC, Canada's Pravda and national enforcer of truth

The idea the CBC is an essential disseminator of some higher truth is the starting point for a national campaign for more government funding of journalism

In the unctuous style of the four-anchor team at the CBC’s flagship evening news report, The National, two of the anchors — Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang — for some time have been promoting their program on CBC radio with a short promotional commercial. One expects a commercial to be self-promoting, but this one gets a little too enthusiastic when Chang tells listeners that The National’s role is “to assure that you always know the truth.” Catherine Tait, the public broadcaster’s CEO, said last year that the CBC “will be a beacon for truth and trust in the face of an information disorder cacophony that puts our democracy and the respect for different perspectives at risk.”

The truth? Respect for different perspectives? Not to get too deep into philosophy, but the concept of truth is not something that most philosophers would associate with daily television news or any other form of journalism. As Aristotle put it (384-322 BC): “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true.” Or, to rewrite Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), “daily journalism is said to be true when it conforms to the external reality.” But since scores of journalists present half a dozen versions of external reality in different media on a daily basis, there is, ipso facto, no truth to be observed.

There was no truth in the official Soviet Union newspaper Pravda, which means truth in Russian, before it stopped publishing in 1996. This is not to suggest that the CBC is totally beholden, Soviet style, to the government of Canada or the Liberal party or any other power centre, although its leftist leanings and statist biases are well documented.

What else but CBC Radio would dedicate 35 minutes to an uninterrupted interview — as The Sunday Edition did last weekend — with Linda McQuaig, the Toronto leftist author of a new book titled The Sport and Prey of Capitalists. The book’s title says it all, and the host of the show, Michael Enright, lapped it all up — as is his predilection. As William Watson wrote on this page not too long ago, the CBC’s Sunday Edition is Canada’s “official portal into utopian-socialist ideas from around the world” and Enright is the host “for whom all social change since the Paris Commune of 1870 has been downhill.”

But the CBC’s role as national enforcer of truth — diversity, inclusion, statism, anti-capitalism, climatism, etc. — is not the problem. The idea that the CBC is an essential Canadian disseminator of some higher truth is the starting point for what has become a national campaign for more government funding of journalism in all its forms.

As the CBC’s licence comes up for renewal later this year, the corporation’s $1 billion in annual government funding, its spending on digital media and its self-appointed role as guardian of journalistic truth will be seized as a rationale for expanded government involvement in all journalism, not just CBC journalism.

The arguments have already been used to support the government’s $600-million bailout of newspapers and other media caught in the digital industrial revolution. The reasoning is this: Technology is upsetting the media industry, and since CBC is getting government money to fight the tech giants, then other media players should get the same kind of support.

Far too many media corporations, citing the CBC as both a model and a threat, have joined the campaign to support state involvement in the media business. One reason is that the CBC is almost certainly using parts of its government broadcasting grants to enter the digital industry in competition with private sector. A CRTC release last June reported that the CBC will not disclose its spending of government money on digital activities in competition with private companies. In all, 19 private media companies reported total spending of $233 million in 2018. The CBC did not report a number, although it alone may be spending $100 million or more annually to compete with the 19.


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Had the WH refused him, I can only imagine the howls of "freedom of the press."

I'm starting to think that the best way to thwart stupidity is to give it free reign and allow it to propagate until people beg to see it ended. Voters don't even know which bathroom to use and seem incapable of determining it by checking between their legs.... it might be time to start over.

If left to its own devices, how far would emotional support animals on aircraft be allowed to go. In a way, I'm saddened that they stopped at pigs..... I was hoping to see the limits tested with draft horses.

As it stands now, no one seems willing to turn back until they see the lead elements of the convoy sucked into the swirling vortex of stupid and lost forever. The sooner those lead elements are swallowed up the sooner we can get back to regularly scheduled programming. Get er done.


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What I find truly amazing about your statement is that you are supporting the 'Fake News' and giving it a legitimate voice next to established and vetted news agencies.

That summarizes succinctly what is wrong in the world today.

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53 minutes ago, deicer said:

That summarizes succinctly what is wrong in the world today.

I support far less of this mess than you assume and suspect you (we and us) will come to enjoy further amazements as all this unfolds.

Avoid the lead elements, beware the vortex and enjoy the show. 

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The left (and the media that supports it), should stop telling people what they have just experienced and pretending like they were actually there to experience it themselves.


There is nothing more entertaining than squatting in a foreign desert and reading an opinion piece about what you have been doing and why you were doing it wrong. Same for reading an article about a minor (aviation related) event that occurred on your last pairing. It takes a moment to reinit and say to yourself, "wait a minute, I was there.... and I don't remember seeing YOU."

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I found this blog that explores the behind the scenes "creation" of Greta T.  Extremely thorough and detailed.  TBH, I couldn't read the whole thing as it quickly becomes apparent that there are massive forces at work - suffice to say that Greta is not as she appears.  I think we all know that but I had no idea the depths of the scam being run on us.


The first page (to which I have linked) gives a summary of each chapter (which are referred to as "Acts" by the author) while the red highlighted links go to each of them.


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Interesting contrast in Headlines on the same story.

From Global

February 1, 2019 9:37 am
Small majority of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau’s handling of China
From the National Post
Majority of Canadians think Trudeau is doing bad job handling tense relations with China: poll
From the Epoch Times
Survey Shows Canadians Unsatisfied With Trudeau’s Handling of China Tensions
Lastly from the Toronto Sun
LILLEY: Trudeau under fire for messing up relations with China

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