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Conservatives....The FUTURE of Ontario !

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The federal government will give $1.3 billion in funding for the extension of the Montreal métro’s Blue Line, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday.

But two years before construction of the 5.8-kilometre extension is scheduled to begin, the overall cost of the project is still unknown. The former Quebec Liberal government estimated the cost at $3.9 billion, but in May it was revealed the price tag would increase by at least $600 millionbecause of higher-than-expected expropriation costs and tax bills.

Trudeau's announcement Thursday is the latest of several major transportation pledges for Quebec. Ottawa gave more than $1 billion for the REM and paid the whole bill for the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge, which opened on Monday without tolls -- as promised by the Trudeau Liberals.”


And a while back:


“The federal government says it will provide $372.5 million in interest-free loans to Bombardier, a move that elicited criticism even though it is far less than the transportation giant originally sought more than a year ago.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains said the money will preserve thousands of high-paying technology jobs in Ontario, where the Global will be assembled, and Quebec, where it will be completed and where the CSeries is built.”

Or this one:


A Liberal government fond of promising help for those working hard to join the middle class unveiled billions in housing help Wednesday that could make a difference to hundreds of thousands of households -- but only in a few years when federal money finally flows to new units and tenant benefits.


One thing this pm doesn’t have a problem with is throwing around our money.., whether it’s for Quebec projects, women’s rights issue, or foreign aid. ....until it comes down to a political foe...then he’ll turn the taps off  to screw his opponent....look at his vindictiveness  to screw Mark Norman and Judy Wilson Raybould.

Remember Trudeau’s mantra.....Working for the middle class and those working hard to join it.Because when the middle class is strong, growing, and successful, so is Canada. I think we owe it to families. Because I love my kids. Because you love your kids and grandkids.


Make no mistake, if the jobs vanish, Trudeau will wear this as an Ontario vs. Quebec issue.


And maybe blaming Ford is just a smokescreen by the Trudeau liberals to deflect from their inability to bargain with Trump:


We need the federal government to continue to negotiate with the U.S. government,” Ford said.

“This is killing our trade with the United States.  We have to change the Buy America policy.”

Legault said that Bombardier being blocked from getting future rail contracts in the United States is at the heart of the layoffs. 

“So that’s why we all decided together that we need more leadership from the Prime Minister of Canada to negotiate an exemption,” Legault said.

One official in Ford’s office put it more bluntly.

“Justin Trudeau has failed to stand up to Buy America,” they said.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who is hosting the meeting, backed up his counterparts in calling for greater federal leadership in getting Canadian industries an exemption from the provisions but also said the premiers will take action themselves.


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You will note that most if not all of the $$$$ that Justin has promised do not kick in until after the next election so if you want the $$$$  then you need to vote liberal , at least that appears to be the message.

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they needed a poll?


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The hits just keep coming!  Ontario has woken up, hopefully the rest of Canada will too when they see Scheer is the same.

Poll suggests two thirds of Ontarians do not believe Doug Ford cares about people like them

Premier Doug Ford bills himself and his government as “for the people,” but a new poll suggests a clear majority of Ontarians do not believe he cares about people like them.

The Corbett Communications survey for the Star indicates the cronyism scandal engulfing Ford’s office appears to be damaging the premier’s carefully constructed image as a champion for the little guy.

Asked whether “Doug Ford cares about people like me,” 67 per cent of respondents disagreed with that statement.

Only 19 per cent agreed he does care about them while 14 per cent were not sure.

“There’s a whole theme in there that people aren’t buying the Ford story anymore,” pollster John Corbett said Tuesday of his monthly tracking poll.

Corbett said the nepotism debacle that forced the premier to part ways with his chief of staff Dean French is not a complicated thing for voters to grasp.

“It’s even easier to understand than gas plants,” he said, referring to the previous Liberal government’s controversial decision to cancel two gas-fired power plants in Oakville and Mississauga before the 2011 election.

“This one’s very easy to relate to because people can say: ‘I know all about that, my boss hired his nephew. You’re doing all the things that an insider does.’”

The Corbett Communications survey of 936 voters was conducted July 9 and 10 — about two weeks after French’s departure and the same day Ford revoked the appointment of his ex-chief’s wife’s niece and his son’s lacrosse buddy to six-figure Ontario government posts.


Done using Maru/Blue’s Maru Voice Canada online panel, it is an opt-in sample. For comparison purposes a randomly selected sample of this size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.


Corbett said the cronyism imbroglio, which continues to transfix Queen’s Park, “may have put a bigger bite in his image, in his framing, than anything else that’s happened to him.”

“This nepotism scandal is not going away. People don’t think it’s ended. Every other day there’s a new one,” he said, noting 59 per cent of respondents do not believe the affair is over while 10 per cent do and 31 per cent weren’t sure.

So far, seven people have lost their posts, including French, a long-time Ford friend and adviser.

Indeed, 63 per cent of those polled agreed that “the Ford government has given jobs to too many of the premier’s cronies” while 14 per cent disagreed and 23 per cent don’t know.

The poll also highlights some other policy-related challenges for the government.

About three-quarters of respondents — 74 per cent — agreed with the statement that “catastrophic climate change is happening and it’s caused by human activity” while 13 per cent disagreed and 13 per cent didn’t know.

At the same time, 68 per cent believe “the Ford government is wasting $30 million by advertising against the federal carbon tax” while 15 per cent disagreed and 16 per cent were not certain.

But 43 per cent support the federal Liberal government’s carbon-pricing measures compared to 38 per cent who oppose them and 19 per cent aren’t sure.

“Even the plurality agreed with the national carbon tax so they think something’s got to be done (about curbing greenhouse gas emissions) and they don’t appear to be buying Doug Ford’s claim that the carbon tax is a tax grab,” said Corbett.

As the Progressive Conservatives wrestle with austerity measures to tackle a $10.3 billion budget deficit, there does not seem to be much appetite for belt-tightening.

Some 69 per cent of respondents agree “Ontario is a wealthy province and shouldn’t have to cut services to its most vulnerable residents” while 18 per cent disagreed and 13 per cent didn’t know.

Corbett says that suggests Ontarians feel “the economy is healthy and the sky hasn’t fallen” despite Ford’s frequent claims that he inherited a “bankrupt province” from the Liberals last year and has to make cuts.

“That goes totally against the whole Ford shtick,” the pollster said.

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Keep in mind these same Ontarians voted Liberal for well over a decade and like any baby, if you take their soother away they cry yep...let’s totally ignore the fact that he inherited a freaking DISASTER from the Liberals and keep digging the hole deeper .....#delusional.

We actually did Ontario a disfavour by voting in Sanity. We should have let the Province go officially bankrupt and let the chips fall where they Wynnes feet.


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Thanks Liberals ! Great financial management! Any bets Ford will have to take the blame for this Liberal MESS ?

Ontario government writes off $445M loan to Chrysler

'The Government of Ontario has written off this unrecoverable debt'


The Ontario government has written off a $445-million loan to automotive manufacturer Chrysler, saying it has "no legal recourse" to collect it.

The $445-million figure was part of a loan issued by the governments of Canada and Ontario in 2009 to bail out the then-struggling corporation, which had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. in the wake of the world economic crisis.

The company was eventually bought out by Italian automotive manufacturer Fiat, leading to the creation of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) holding company in 2014. FCA says it has repaid all its original loans.


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1 hour ago, Jaydee said:


We actually did Ontario a disfavour by voting in Sanity. We should have let the Province go officially bankrupt and let the chips fall where they Wynnes feet.


Maybe that would have been the right move, however, Ford now owns it because instead of holding the line and working to lower the deficit, he pulled a Trump and the first thing he did was give a tax cut to the rich.

He's now working from a weakened position to achieve something that is now out of reach.  If he had held the line on taxes, while fighting spending, then maybe he would have had a chance.

Like all conservative policies though, it is conserve money for the rich and make everyone else pay.

It is a self serving prophecy that makes the conservative parties so destructive.

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Here is a concise summation of how 'successful' our current Ontario premier is.  And before the attacks on the author come forth, here is his background:

With apologies to the Roman poet, Virgil, his cautionary proverb - as befits the times - requires updating: Beware populists bearing gifts.

In the Canadian political context, the "populist" who offered up a Trojan Horse filled with seemingly appetising, but simple-minded promises to hoodwink the gullible, is Ontario provincial premier, Doug Ford. 

More than a year ago, the decal salesman and former city councillor, rode a tsunami of voter disaffection with a spent, cavalier and corruption-prone Liberal administration to an impressive victory on June 7, 2018.

Ford's mantra at the time - "For the People" - fit neatly, of course, on a bumper sticker. Its proletarian meaning was intended, I suppose, to reflect Ford's antipathy towards the "elite vested interests" and his sympathy for the forgotten, hardworking everyman and everywoman. 

That Ford was a multimillionaire didn't quite fit the "I'm with the little guy and gal" narrative. So, with a thin, perpetual smile fixed on his face, Ford promised to deliver a buck-a-beer and the usual, recycled bromides idea-free libertarians consider the equivalent of "governing". 

The afterglow of Ford's ascendancy as perhaps the second-most powerful politician in Canada lasted just over a nanosecond. Then, Ford's Trojan Horse opened to reveal a vessel populated by a band of duplicitous "populists" who, like their slogan-spouting leader, feigned affinity for the aforementioned little guy and gal before they promptly punished all those little guys and gals.

Today, the premier who, not too long ago, claimed to be philosophically among, and for the people, hides from them to avoid being booed because of the damage he and his equally "populist" cabinet ministers have inflicted upon them.

Beyond the debilitating cuts to education, healthcare, libraries, child protection agencies and a panoply of other critical social and environmental policies and services, Ford's signature act of malevolence was axing a programme of publicly funded care for autistic children, ordering families to, in effect, wait in line to get a paltry lump sum cheque to defray the staggering costs associated with their complex care.

The populist response to the "populist's" destructive agenda was plain and visceral. Here is a video of Ford being introduced at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square where hundreds of thousands of those little guys and gals gathered to celebrate the city's NBA champions, the Raptors. 

The long, guttural cacophony of boos was not only a humiliating repudiation of Ford, but, more particularly, of the cynical, even sinister, manner he and his Conservative acolytes have methodically gone about destroying, eliminating, gutting and erasing the help and support the province has historically furnished to all those little guys and gals to make life a little fuller, healthier and more promising.

In a rare, astonishing rebuke, hundreds of kids and, no doubt, their "elitist, out-of-touch" parents, booed Ford at the opening ceremonies of the Ontario Special Olympics. 

As political barometers go, getting booed by Special Olympians is generally accepted among the commentariat - elitist or not - to be a CN Tower-sized sign that you are doing lots of bad stuff to lots of good people. 

Even the Ford-fawning, right-wing press has had to acknowledge those miffed Special Olympians were openly expressing the privately-held boos of most Ontarians. A poll provided "exclusively" to the Toronto Sun showed that as of mid-June, Mr Stop-the-Gravy-Train's approval rating sat at a likely career-ending 29 percent.

So, what's a populist to do when all those little guys and gals turn on you so loudly and publicly in polls or at big, we-are-family-like celebrations?

Well, Ford cancelled the traditional July 1 Canada Day festivities at Queen's Park, home to the provincial legislature where he and his "populist" caucus meet, it turns out, to stick it to those hardworking little guys and gals without providing the "forgotten" folk yet another opportunity to get together to boo them - this time, on their front lawn.

To add insult to the booing, Ford's ex-chief-of-staff, Dean French, was discovered by a pack of inquisitive, elitist reporters to have appointed - apparently, without his populist boss's knowledge or consent - close friends to handsomely-paid jobs in non-elitist cities like New York and London. 

French allegedly gifted a 26-year-old, one-time lacrosse player, Tyler Albrecht, the job of Ontario's trade representative in New York. Albrecht's principal qualification for the resurrected position paying $165,000: he played lacrosse with French's son. French also allegedly anointed Taylor Shields, his wife's cousin, the province's trade agent in London, England, with a salary of $185,000.

Once the details of these "secret" appointments made it to the press, Ford, like any rank "populist", tried to staunch the PR bleeding by amputating French. It didn't work. 

A new survey found that 57 percent of Ontarians believe that Ford's "populist" government is "corrupt".

Ford not only hasn't stopped the "gravy train", he has accelerated it. His I'm-going-to-put-a- bottle-of-beer-in-every-corner-store sop could cost the little guys and gals he so wants to protect from the voracious taxman $1bn in penalties to break a byzantine 10-year deal struck by the Liberal government with major breweries to sell beer at designated outlets.  

To resuscitate his already on-life-support political prospects, Ford pointed an accusatory finger at, unsurprisingly, his crude, amateurish cabinet, dumping most of his high-profile ministers into junior portfolios. It was akin to shooting the in-house messengers en masse.

Ford's Spitfire-like descent in popularity also has national implications. Federal Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer - Ford's ideological soul mate - was poised to defeat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his floundering, scandal-plagued regime in the upcoming general election.

Surely, Scheer knows his odds of winning are fading as fast as Ford's once Cheshire-confident grin. The electoral calculus is simple: Lose vote-rich Ontario and you lose general elections.

The solution: Encourage Ford to go on a five-month "summer" break, so all those hardworking guys and gals would hopefully forget him and the harm he has wrought until after the national vote, scheduled for October 21.

That pitiful gambit is destined to fail. Ford and his transparently faux populism are, in medical parlance, circling the drain and Scheer may precede him down the pipe.

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Once again, proof that populism and ignorance will cost you more.  Dug is finding out that keeping promises is harder than campaigning, and it once again it will cost the taxpayers of Ontario more.  Then again, the rich got their tax cut, didn't they?

Watch out Canada, it's coming your way, don't let it happen to you!

During his provincial election campaign, Doug Ford made extravagant promises to remedy the ills afflicting publicly funded health care in Ontario. Short of making any progress in addressing problems, the premier’s policies appear to represent backward steps.

In announcing his cabinet shuffle this month, Ford made an extraordinary appointment that provides insight into the puzzling disconnect between promises and policy.

The first of Ford’s health care campaign promises was an end to “hallway medicine” and hospital overcrowding. The campaign provided no insights as to the innovations necessary to resolve this now chronic hospital dilemma. Whatever the still-to-be-revealed innovations are, they would require more, not less, resources.

In the government’s recent budget, delivered by the now demoted finance minister, hospital funding was set at less than the rate of inflation. This means real dollar cuts to hospitals and further pressure on already-stressed facilities.

In keeping with the budget decision, hospital service cuts include the closure of surge beds designed to help with transient large increases in required care, such as a flu epidemic. Targeted cuts in staff and hospital services have occurred in Sudbury, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor and other communities.

The funding reductions do not come to an Ontario health care system with excessive resources: indeed, Ontario already has fewer per capita hospital beds than any other province — a fact that, no surprise, is never acknowledged in government statements regarding Ontario’s hospital care. So much for ending hospital overcrowding.


During the campaign, the former Toronto city councillor’s second major health care promise, improved mental health care provided — as was typical of the campaign — no specifics as to how the goal was to be achieved.

The only apparent action the premier has taken on the mental health front is cutting, by more than $330 million per year, the previous government’s planned increase to mental health funding.

Ford’s third major health care campaign item promised improved access to long-term care with the expansion of long-term care beds. The Ford government has included in its numbers of new long-term care beds more than 1,000 beds announced and tendered by the former Liberal government. Staff shortages raise the possibility of inadequate capacity to open the beds. Thus far, no new long-term care beds have been built or opened.

Could the premier’s health care campaign promises have been nothing more than a sop to reassure a worried public? Could it be that Ford actually has an antipathy toward universal publicly funded health care?


A truly remarkable appointment in the premier’s cabinet shuffle suggests this might be the case. The new Minister of Long-Term Care, Merrilee Fullerton, a former family doctor, has made repeated statements suggesting advocacy for two-tiered privatized health care system.

For several years, Fullerton hosted a blog site related to the health care sector and related politics. Her handle was “realist.” She often advanced the idea of introducing a second private tier of care in Canada, referring to her ideal “hybrid system” of care.

Our new minister has publicly campaigned to revise the Canada Health Act to allow for private health care delivery. In 2013, Fullerton gave an interview in the U.S. warning the talk-show audience that “I would caution anyone in the U.S. not to adopt the system we have here. We’re trying to change the system we have here.”

And, later: “It’s almost at a point now where people are being given the idea that people have a duty to die for the system.”

Our premier’s priority seems to be reducing the size of the government and government expenditure. Some previous governments with similar agendas have spared health care.

As reflected in Dr. Fullerton’s appointment, the current Ontario government’s lack of commitment to high quality universal health care may explain why hospitals and mental health are on the chopping block. So much the worse for citizens of Ontario.

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Yes, you are right about that, but it took 13 years to accumulate that, Doug has tried to do it all in year 1.


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If you live in Ontario, BOHICA, your taxes are going up!

It would have been a good idea to balance the books if he didn't cut revenue first with a tax cut for the rich, however, yet again, we see the same thing that Trump, and Harris did which will also be copied by Scheer.

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Talk about having your head up your......

More and more evidence is mounting this week to suggest that Ontario Premier Doug Ford's office has banned government agencies from talking about climate change online.

Yesterday, we published an email in which a social media coordinator for Ontario Parks told staff that they were "not allowed to mention climate change in social media content," as per the Premier's Office.

Several employees of the agency, which works to protect natural resources in parks and protected areas across the province, have since reached out to confirm the existence of this email.

At least two of these staffers, both of whom will remain anonymous to protect their employment, sent along another, even more damning missive from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.doug ford climate changedoug ford climate change"Hi everyone, I'm writing to provide some recent direction my team has received from Cabinet Office, regarding social media content," reads the message, sent August 17, by MNRF Director of Communications Services Lisa Sarracini.

"As some of you will now have heard, Premier's Office is reviewing and approving all social media content, from all ministry channels," the email continues.

"PO has indicated they will not be approving any posts mentioning climate change at this time."

That email was sent to at least 15 provincial government employees, as evidenced by the "To:" line. At least one of these staffers forwarded it to Ontario Parks Social Media Coordinator Anne MacLachlan, who in turn attached it to the email we published yesterday.

doug ford climate changeSarracini has yet to respond to a request for comment about the email. Ontario Parks Social Media Coordinator Anne MacLachlan, whose email was sent to us yesterday, has remained similarly silent.

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Jeff Yurek, has not been available for comment either, but we did receive the following message yesterday from Laryssa Waler-Hetmanczuk, Executive Director of Communications for the Premier's Office:

"I'm responsible for communications, including social media, for the Premier’s Office. I have never given direction not to mention climate change in social media posts. I'm not sure who said this or why, but it's categorically untrue."

Waler-Hetmanczuk and the PO's office have yet to reply to our query about the MNRF email published above.

If you're concerned about its veracity, perhaps you can contact Premier Ford, whose PC government famously cancelled a program aimed at reducing carbon emissions earlier this year, and ask what's up.

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If you are so concerned that Ford has to pay all that money, they why aren't you concerned and crying out that he's spending $5 Billion more in this budget that what Wynne did as well as digging a further hole by cutting taxes? From the looks of this article, Dougy is adding way more to the provincial debt, he just isn't spending it on the 'average folks'.

That isn't good fiscal management to me and I don't run my house that way.

Mr. Weltman’s report also says the government’s budget projections include billions of dollars of as-yet unannounced tax breaks and spending measures. These tax cuts and spending moves would, if implemented, start in 2021 and cost the government $5.5-billion by 2023-24. They appear to include the PC election campaign promise to cut “middle-income” taxes by 20 per cent, starting in the government’s third year in office.

But Mr. Weltman warns this move could further slow the reduction of the province’s deficit and add $13-billion to Ontario’s large and still-growing debt load, which is projected to rise steadily and hit $398-billion by 2023-24 – up from $343-billion today.

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Regardless of what the sceptics claim :whistling:


News Release

Government's "Open for Jobs" Plan Working

Province Supports Job Creators and Workers

TORONTO -The Ontario government continues to create the conditions where businesses can thrive, grow and create good jobs for people.

Statistics Canada announced this morning that employment in Ontario increased by 57,800 in August. Since June 2018, employment in Ontario has risen by 231,300 jobs.

"We promised that we would put Ontario back on track and that is exactly what we are doing," said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. "Creating new full-time jobs is the highest priority for us, and we are pleased to see that our plan is yielding results. Our government is creating a climate that is open for business and open for jobs by taking actions that are saving businesses $5 billion this year alone. We're also working towards eliminating unnecessary regulations and red tape that hold job creators back."

Businesses are investing in the province, expanding job opportunities and growing the economy.

The positive momentum was reflected in the recently released Ontario Employment Report. It showed the province gained 202,900 net new jobs between the second quarters (April to June) of 2018 and 2019 — 126,000 of those new positions were full-time jobs.As well, the average hourly wage increased by 3 per cent, to $28.25 per hour in the second quarter of 2019, compared to the same period the previous year.

"Ontario is heading in the right direction," said Fedeli. "We are laying the foundation for a better economy that is benefitting workers and job creators alike."


Edited by Jaydee

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Nothing but a bag of lies, and it's gonna hurt Scheer real bad....

Newly Released Documents Show Doug Ford Lied About Legal Aid


Back in April, after almost "hitting three telephone poles," Doug Ford called into a Toronto radio station to defend the government’s cuts to the legal aid system. The boiling public backlash seems to have gotten under his thin skin and at the end of that impromptu call Ford said that, "if anyone needs support on legal aid, feel free to call my office. I will guarantee you that you will have legal aid."    

New information, released under a Freedom of Information request, shows that Ford never had any intention of following through on his legal aid guarantee.

But first some recent history. In the days before Ford’s frantic radio call-in, the Ontario government had just slashed funding to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) by 30 per cent. To make matters worse, the $133 million cut took effect immediately – there was no advanced notice – despite the fact that LAO's 2019 budget had already been finalized. And on top of it all, the province directed LAO that no provincial money at all could be used to cover immigration and refugee law, meaning that vulnerable immigrants and refugees would face deportation hearings without any legal counsel.

Ultimately, the scope of Ford’s cruel cuts stretched well beyond immigration hearings. Community legal clinics, which provide assistance to some of Ontario’s most marginalized people, were forced to roll-back services and close offices. Funding for indigenous specific sentencing submissions was slashed by more than 50-percent. And rollbacks to criminal court services sparked a crisis in the justice system.  

More and more people who can’t afford a lawyer are being denied legal aid. This is the context in which Doug Ford guaranteed that those people who need legal aid “will have legal aid.”

And this week, in response to continued questions by the Huffington Post’s Emma Paling, Ford doubled down on his guarantee saying the he would “continue to help anyone who calls.”

But internal government emails reveal that, despite his promises, Ford has not actually helped anyone.

On April 23, the day after Ford first made his legal aid promise, I wrote to the premier to inquire how my clients, who are in desperate circumstances but have been denied legal aid, could take advantage of his personal guarantee. I received no response.

So, over the following 100-days I wrote more than 40 letters to the premier and Attorneys General Caroline Mulroney and Doug Downey.

It was a one-way pen pal relationship. I never heard back from Doug Ford.

Ford may not have responded to any of my letters but the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG), then lead by Caroline Mulroney, immediately took notice.

Klassen email.png

On April 23, the day I wrote the first letter, senior team lead at MAG, Philip Klassen wrote to Caroline Mulroney’s director of communications, Jesse Robichaud, her press secretary, Alexandra Adamo, her issues management advisor, Jean-Philippe Chartré, her legal counsel, Genvieve Chiu, and a team of media relations personal alerting them that a “prominent Ottawa lawyer” had written to the premier about his “promise that anyone who needed legal aid will receive it.”

Abdurahman email.png

Seven days later, issues and media relations officer Maher Abdurahamsn sent a follow up email alerting the team that it “seemed like Mr. Spratt is still going strong.”

 You can bet your ass I was.


 It appears that Ford was not expecting anyone to actually take him up on his legal aid promise. Over a week after his call to the radio station, the premier’s correspondence unit was still “waiting for input” on how to reply to my letters.

But my request was not, as the Attorney Generals’ team noted, a “one-off.” It turns out Ford received at least half-a-dozen letters about his promise. 

Ford Passing The Buck on his guarantee

Letter 1.png

On April 29, the premier received a letter from a constituent seeking help because they were denied legal aid and could not afford a lawyer. Despite his personal guarantee, Ford responded that the issue was not in his “area of responsibility” and shuffled the inquiry to Mulroney.

Letter 2.png

The next day Ford received another email from someone “in desperate need of legal aid.” Ford again responded that this request fell outside his area of responsibility and forwarded the request to the Attorney General.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 10.25.09 PM.png

Another emailer implored Ford for help saying, “You said no person would ever be without help and I am hoping that you will be able to help me.” Ford did not provide any help and again passed the request to Mulroney.

NO government interference With Legal Aid

AG Response.png

And what was the Attorney General’s response to these pleas for help? Mulroney wrote that she could not provide any assistance, including “speaking with LAO staff on your behalf to secure a certificate” because LAO operates “independently and without government interference.”

The heavily redacted government emails also show that in one case an immigrant or refugee wrote to Ford because they were denied legal aid. This time Ford, after expressing sympathy about the situation, suggested that any immigration related issues should be addressed to the Federal Minister of Immigration and Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen. 

Imigration response.png

Promises Made, Promises Broken

Ford promised that anyone who needed legal aid would get it but government documents show that no one who contacted Ford received legal aid or assistance of any kind. Those same documents show that no one in the Ford government even had the power to intervene with LAO’s decisions.

Pick your poison, either Ford was so utterly incompetent that he made a promise he was incapable of keeping and then made it again or he is purposefully misleading the public to distract from his deeply unpopular legal aid cuts.

Ford promised that anyone one who needed legal aid would get it. All they had to do was call him. And then, when people contacted him, he said it was not his problem and passed the buck.

And when the Attorney General received that buck she said that LAO was independent so they could not provide any help either.

And despite all of this, Ford doubled down on his disingenuous promise.

A promise he was powerless to fulfil.

 A promise that he never had any intention of keeping.

 A promise that has now proven to be pure political hucksterism.

 A promise that proves Ford to be liar.

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deicer: not sure why what Ford has done will have any negative effect on the Federal Conservatives .   Re legal aid there are many who think the system is broke and indeed taken advantage by a lot of those who benefit from the system.  

The negative effect may be in Ontario but perhaps not based on the number of voters who voted for Ford.  I guess we will find out in October. As for me I will not be posting any more re the 2019 Federal election until the count is final.  No one on this forum is likely to change their POV based on anything in this thread. Cheers and best of luck to all (even those who may vote for Justin) 😀

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It is the lies and misdirection that are swaying Ontario voters, and the rest of Canada should take note.

Here's more of the lies that were used to sway the faithful who don't think for themselves. So the increases in the debt and deficit are more of Ford's policy now than blaming the past.

Ontario’s deficit last year was $7.4B — half what Ford claimed


Ontario’s budget deficit was half of the $15 billion the Progressive Conservative government initially claimed after defeating the Liberals last year.

Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy and Finance Minister Rod Phillips on Friday announced that the final deficit figure for 2018-19 was $7.4 billion.

The Tory ministers said the change — down from an interim $11.7 billion figure disclosed by former treasurer Vic Fedeli who was demoted 10 weeks after his April budget — is due to higher tax revenues and lower than anticipated spending.


“Our government’s strong fiscal management and smart policies mean we are overcoming the previous government’s record of waste and mismanagement,” said Bethlenfalvy.

But the actual deficit could be anywhere from $1.3 billion to $2.6 billion lower because the Tories are still in discussions with Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk over how to include billions of assets in government co-sponsored pension plans.

Lysyk used to account for the holdings in the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union Pension Plan and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan until a dispute with the previous Liberal government in 2015.

A panel of independent experts hired by the former administration and led by the chair of the Canadian Actuarial Standards Oversight Council concluded in 2017 that she was wrong.

The Conservatives’ independent “financial commission of inquiry,” headed by former B.C. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell, said last year the government should only adopt Lysyk’s accounting method on a “provisional basis.”

“It would seem reasonable that the government should be able to recognize a portion of an asset it jointly controls with another party,” Campbell’s report concluded.

“Given the risks and uncertainties involved, they may not feel it appropriate for the government to recognize its full 50 per cent share of the surplus. By the same token, however, it seems unlikely they would conclude the value to be zero.”

Bethlenfalvy said negotiations are continuing with Lysyk to determine how the pensions could be accounted for in the future.


That suggests if those assets are considered to be worth $2.6 billion to the annual bottom line then the government could claim a $1.3 billion benefit.

Phillips emphasized that they are “non-cash” accounting items on the books so they do not affect borrowing or program spending.


The finance minister, who took over from Fedeli after Premier Doug Ford’s massive June 20 cabinet shuffle, said the Tories still plan to balance the books within five years.

While the shortfall last year was $7.4 billion, the deficit remains on track to be $10.3 billion for 2019-20, though Phillips is expected to revise that figure in November’s fall economic statement.

After toppling Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals in June 2018, the Ford government determined the deficit had ballooned to $15 billion.

That inflated tally included $5.7 billion in new Liberal election spending announced in the March 2018 budget even though the new Tory administration was not bound by those promises and cancelled most of them.

NDP MPP Sara Singh said any savings being touted by Bethlenfalvy and Phillips are coming on the backs of Ontarians.

“After the Kathleen Wynne government was finishing letting people down, Doug Ford barged in to make devastating cuts to services that everyday families really count on,” said Singh (Brampton Centre).

Interim Liberal leader John Fraser said “by inflating the deficit, the Ford government created the context to cut $2.3 billion to services that families depend on like public health, education, child care, mental health and addictions services, among the many.”

Green Leader Mike Schreiner said Ford “has overstated the deficit over the last year in order to pursue an ideological agenda of government cuts.”

“Municipalities, children with autism, school programs, the arts, and community groups are all feeling the sting of Ford’s cuts, even while the government delivered tax breaks to the wealthy last year,” said Schreiner.

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Save the tears.  Even the right wing papers in Ontario are saying that Doug Ford's conservatives and their policies are outspending Wynne.  That's the kind of responsible government you want?

That's why Scheer is running scared of having Ford out in public.  Last week they had a cabinet meeting and they snuck Ford in and out through a back door to keep him away from the press.  Some leadership....

This is why you vote anybody but conservative!

Highlights are mine for emphasis.

Fiscal restraint? Doug Ford's Ontario government spent billions more than Wynne had planned in 2018-19

Opinion: At the current rate of spending, an additional $42 billion will be added to Ontario’s debt from now until a balanced budget in 2023

hey say, when delivering negative feedback, to use the sandwich approach: compliment, criticism, compliment.

So when it comes to the Ontario Progressive Conservative party’s financial performance, let’s start by commending the government’s Fiscal Sustainability, Transparency and Accountability Act, which improves transparency in public reporting. That includes the recently released first quarter report. Fixing the fiscal mess in Ontario requires being transparent with the populace about just how dire their finances are. So great work there.

However, if the report makes one thing clear, it’s that the government has a lot of work to do to get Ontario’s spending under control.

Premier Doug Ford’s government was elected to clean up the fiscal mess left behind by its predecessors — $325 billion of debt to be exact, which marks a staggering increase of 134 per cent from the time the Ontario Liberals took office in 2003. At the time of the June 2018 election, the previous government was spending $40 million more every day than it was collecting in revenue. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ontarians wanted spending restraint and hoped that a change in government could get the job done.

Much to the chagrin of any Ontarian who waited 15 years for the province to spend less and pay down debt, the new government brought more of the same: increased spending and growing debt. To the surprise of many, the Ford government’s spending has surpassed that of its predecessor at its moment of greatest excess.

In the lead-up to last year’s provincial election, it was not uncommon to hear of then-premier, Kathleen Wynne, satirically referred to as Santa Claus. Her government was, after all, offering all sorts of free gifts to Ontarians in an attempt to curry electoral favour.

In its March 2018 budget, for example, she had added $20 billion in new program spending. In total, her budget was set to cost $159 billion, an increase of nearly 12 per cent from the previous year. But despite the goodies on offer, Ontarians rejected overspending in a decisive move toward restraint and placed Doug Ford in the premier’s chair.

Shockingly, the budget that followed revealed Wynne’s plan could have been the cheaper option. In the 2018-19 fiscal year, the PC government spent a total of $163 billion — a whopping $4 billion more than the Liberal party had planned. The province’s debt rose by nearly $12 billion.

In response, Moody’s credit rating agency downgraded the province from “stable” to “negative,” which made the debt burden even more expensive. Although the Fitch ratings agency has returned the province’s credit rating to “stable,” based on the government’s plan to return to fiscal balance by 2023, Ontario’s debt burden continues to grow. Current interest charges on the debt are projected to be over $13 billion this year, which will eat up approximately nine per cent of revenue from the 2019-2020 budget plan. Interest charges on its debt are now the fourth largest expenditure line item on Ontario’s books, higher than spending on “training, colleges and universities,” which amounts to just over $11 billion.

Yet even with this all laid out clearly in its recently released report, the government has already spent an additional $182 million more than it budgeted for in April. Was this spending necessary? To take just one example — $12 million to “support Ontario grape growers, wineries, small distilleries and craft cideries” — the answer is clearly “no.”

The dire and declining state of Ontario’s finances should concern everyone. Debt today means taxes tomorrow, and each Ontarian already owes more than $24,000 thanks to government overspending. Ontario’s debt grows by $523 each second. Ontarians pay $1.5 million every hour on interest alone.

A recent report by the Fraser Institute estimates that at the current rate of spending, an additional $42 billion will be added to Ontario’s debt from now until the government balances the budget in 2023 — which isn’t, conveniently, until after the next election.

Ontarians are counting on this government to control spending and pay down the provincial debt. There are many opportunities for savings — from corporate welfare to municipal waste — that the government needs to act on now, not in 2023.

To end with a compliment, cheers to Ford on beer in corner stores.

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27 minutes ago, deicer said:

Premier Doug Ford’s government was elected to clean up the fiscal mess left behind by its predecessors — $325 billion of debt to be exact, which marks a staggering increase of 134 per cent from the time the Ontario Liberals took office in 2003. At the time of the June 2018 election, the previous government was spending $40 million more every day than it was collecting in revenue. Let that sink in for a moment.

As your article says...” Let that sink in for a moment”

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Yes, your statement is correct.  That's why they were elected.

However, the reality of the situation is that the general public has a very short memory, doesn't pay attention, and is swayed by shiny objects.

If you think, you can clearly see that they aren't fulfilling their mandate, are adding to the problem, and filling their and their buddies pockets at the same time.


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