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Crap from the Left and added July 242020, from the right.

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The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it’s about to get worse

Fox News Flash top headlines for July 11

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen such dishonest and biased coverage of any event.” That was Brit Hume, who has been covering events for more than 50 years for Fox News, ABC News and investigative reporter Jack Anderson.


The event was President Trump’s Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore.

The speech was, according to The New York Times, “dark and divisive,” designed to deliver a “divisive culture war message.” The Washington Post called it a “dystopian speech” and a “push to amplify racism.”


Absent from their stories were quotations supporting racism. Nor did Illinois Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth supply any quotations to support her claim that Trump “spent all his time talking about dead traitors.” Trump mentioned no Confederates but did quote the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”


President Donald Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, stand during a flyover at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Friday, July 3, 2020, near Keystone, S.D. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Donald Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, stand during a flyover at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Friday, July 3, 2020, near Keystone, S.D. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The great bulk of Trump’s speech was a celebration of American history, American principles, American leaders. He spoke extensively of the four presidents whose visages were sculpted on the mountain above him and paid tribute more succinctly to others.


He said: “We are the country of Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant and Frederick Douglass. We are the land of Wild Bill Hickock and Buffalo Bill Cody. We are the nation that gave rise to the Wright brothers, the Tuskegee Airmen, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Jesse ­Owens, George Patton — Gen. ­George Patton — the great Louie Armstrong, Alan Shepard, Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali.”


Dark and divisive? Dystopian? Amplifying racism?


What really seems to have raised the press’ hackles was Trump’s dissent from their reverent attitudes toward Black Lives Matter and apparent indifference to those tearing down statues of Lincoln, Douglass, Grant, abolitionists and women’s-rights advocates.

“Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities,” Trump said, accurately.

That’s not the message most in the media want voters receiving in the months running up to ­November. TV viewers have been assured Black Lives Matter protests are “mostly peaceful,” even while fires are blazing fiercely within camera view.

Newspaper readers have been assured that those seizing streets and ousting police are promoting, in the Seattle mayor’s words, a “summer of love,” even as their camp becomes the scene of multiple homicides.

Opinion writers are avoiding mention of the fact that homicides and murders in New York, Chicago and numerous other cities have suddenly risen far above the numbers for 2019 and previous years. Most of the dead are black, but ­apparently, those black lives don’t really matter.


This may cut uncomfortably close to home, coming just a few weeks after the defenestration of The New York Times editorial-page editor for running an article urging the deployment of federal troops, the same tactic that ended rioting and bloodshed in Los Angeles in 1992 and Detroit in 1967.

For these media denizens, verbal disagreement is violence, while violent rioting is “mostly peaceful” verbal disagreement. They say, or feel compelled by newsroom pressure to say, that Trump is divisive because he’s accusing them, accurately, of being divisive.

During the Charlottesville controversy around the statue of Robert E. Lee, Trump was ridiculed for predicting that statue protesters would target Washington and Jefferson. Well, The New York Times has run opinion articles coming after Washington and ­Jefferson.


National Review editor Rich Lowry writes, “I suspect that the very journalists who scoff at Trump’s description of the culture war all know that if they or their colleagues say something disparaging or even skeptical about Black Lives Matter, their jobs would ­instantly be at risk.”

Hence the dishonest and biased press coverage of Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech.

Expect more in the months to come.



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Finally, a flickering candle of common-sense in a dark and stormy sea of liberal madness.

Who knows, maybe viruses can actually be spread on packed aircraft too:

Dr. Atlas: Coronavirus surges linked mostly to protests -- and proximity to US-Mexico border

'Protesting, sharing megaphones, screaming ... That's a setup to spread cases,' Atlas says

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And there's nothing like being prosecuted by the same police department that refused (let me say that again, REFUSED) to answer their 911 call.

This is exactly the message you don't want promulgated... ie you're on your own, don't bother calling us. Likely the worst thing that could happen to sensible gun control advocacy in a lifetime. It also spreads real fear over election results; that's dangerously divisive and pure kryptonite for democracy.   The ill effects of that become apparent regardless of the outcome.... and it's a no win equation deliberately manufactured by the forces of lunacy.

Missouri couple’s gun rights defended in letter to AG Barr from 12 GOP lawmakers

A second weapon from Mark and Patricia McCloskey was surrendered to authorities Saturday

The situation in Toronto is analogous as well IMO, gun and ammunition sales in Canada are off the charts, some knowledgeable people are staying one step ahead of the random, now utterly idiotic, prohibitions (not the problem IMO), others are buying specifically for defensive purposes (I see that as a looming problem).

We are now one step away from otherwise law abiding people (in high crime areas) ignoring safe storage laws because they feel threatened in their own homes.... after that, and with further escalation of the madness, you will begin to see the same people illegally carrying weapons for their own defence out of fear... fear is a real motivator and the sense of abandonment fuelled by "defund the police groups" only serves to accentuate it. Absolutely nothing good comes from any of that.

All it would take is one thing to restore a bit of confidence. There's an entire list of possibilities but I would change the bail conditions immediately. There would be absolutely no further instances of violent offenders committing gun crimes while out on bail for multiple previous firearm offences. How can any reasonable person suggest the status quo is OK?

The appetite for escalation and making bad things worse is simply astonishing and yet idiots of all stripes continue to cling to their failed and failing narratives.... oblivious to all of the signs that scream stop at them. I stand in awe.

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We are now seeing movement towards erasing from our history and memories of things that are now found to be offensive. There is a move to remove statues etc of our first Prime Minister, so I guess the books will need to be revised to reflect that the name of our first PM is "Unknown".  Based on the following article it appears that Halifax is going down their own erasure path. However it appears to me that they need to go further and change the name of their city since the city was named after an individual who raised a regiment against the oppressed people of Scotland which no doubt took part in the deaths of innocent Scots.   


GEORGE MONTAGU DUNK, EARL OF HALIFAX In the year 1745 (an early period of his life) he raised and commanded a regiment to defend his King and Country against the alarming insurrection in Scotland. 

‘Incompatible with current values’: Cornwallis task force recommends renaming, investing

By Elizabeth McSheffrey Global News
Posted July 17, 2020 12:26 pm


After more than year of public consultation, the task force established to examine Halifax’s relationship with founder Edward Cornwallis has released a report recommending the city sever its ties.

Suggestions include renaming streets and parks named after the controversial colonizer, supporting youth activities that recognize Indigenous heritage, and distributing copies of the report in schools and libraries throughout the region.

“Although his assumptions of racial superiority were not uncommon for a man of his era and social background, continued public commemoration of his role is incompatible with current values,” the document reads.

It was published ahead of a Tuesday council meeting, where its findings will be recommended for approval by Halifax Regional Council.

READ MORE: Edward Cornwallis task force moves to final phase of public engagement sessions

The report comes less than a month after the federal government asked the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs to recommend a new name for a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker that also bears the Cornwallis name.


Cornwallis is known for putting a bounty on Mi’kmaq scalps in 1749 while governor of Nova Scotia.

The Halifax Regional Municipality drew national attention in 2018 when council decided to remove a statue of him from a downtown park that also bears his name.

2:07Cornwallis Street name being revisited

Cornwallis Street name being revisited

READ MORE: Halifax hosts first consultation on commemorating Cornwallis

The new report recommends that the statue never be returned “under any circumstances” to a position of public commemoration, but placed in context in a new museum — to be funding by the city — that also displays Mi’kmaw history in Nova Scotia.

Cornwallis Park, it adds, is to formally be renamed Peace and Friendship Park, and Cornwallis Street to be renamed New Horizons Street, subject to approval from the congregation of the New Horizons Baptist Church.

The report also recommends a series of investments in new infrastructure to commemorate Mi’kmaw heritage and enhance public understanding of systemic racism and how to overcome it.

READ MORE: Indigenous historian suggests name change for coast guard vessel Cornwallis

The task force encouraged starting with the funding of the Point Pleasant Park Mi’kmaq Heritage Area Interpretive Plan, and the launch of a co-operative process for creating outdoor spaces that memorialize Indigenous history, residential-school survivors and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

The group also pushed for the creation of displays created by Mi’kmaw artists and designers to honoure their culture at the Halifax Port and Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

“Regarding Indigenous commemoration, the (municipality) – in cooperation with the Mi’kmaw community and with major Mi’kmaw organizations – has an invaluable opportunity to lead,” the report says.

Another suggestion, it cites, is to add Mi’kmaw language to naming and signage, and to replace anglicized Mi’kmaw names, such as Chebucto Road, with their original names, K’jipuktuk Road.


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I've been comparing headlines for about a month now, no need to read the article... it's what's covered and what isn't that's important.

Speaks for itself and no longer surprising or even news worthy... I'd call it SOP. DNC efforts have to be deliberate and are likely aimed at making Trump look bad. Poor tactics IMO, they have lost control, squandered a gift and will be held accountable for it. Their actions are now getting people killed. 


CNN, MSNBC ignore breaking news of Chicago mass shooting as it unfolds in primetime

At least 15 people were shot outside funeral home



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On 7/22/2020 at 8:55 PM, Wolfhunter said:

Then why are they pulling down statues of ex-presidents?

Joe Biden calls Trump the country’s ‘first’ racist president



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Had the police been properly defunded they would never have been looking at him in the first place and none of this would have happened. 

“I don’t believe the family was targeted,” Ogden said. “I believe that he was just trying to look for another vehicle to steal because he had seen some police officers some time before looking at him.”


Florida man kills 2 men, seriously injures woman with baseball bat while boy, 10, hides in bathroom

Boy called 911 from a bathroom where his grandmother had ordered him to hide

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Let me answer that for you, you will solve it with violence.

We are starting to see the people responsible for feeding the monster call for euthanizing it. It's a bit like bears around campground sites... only when you try to discuss this rationally with campers taking selfies will you come to realize how stupid we have collectively become. In the end, it's the bear that gets snared and dispatched.... usually with the same food he's come to enjoy used as bait.

 I can tell you from experience, not once have I seen the people who caused the problem in attendance for its inevitable solution. 

Maher panel blasts 'cancel culture': It's a form of 'social murder'

'If conversation with people that we disagree with becomes impossible, what is the way that we solve conflict?' 

Here's a quote from the article. In true liberal fashion, they come to realize the cost only when the waiter brings the bill to their table. Then they act like they knew it the whole time, blame you for the menu selections, grab a mouth full of bacon and run for the exit.... leaving those who urged caution to pay the bill and clean up the mess. BTW, it's too late now... this all comes down to a roll of the dice and you have no more control over this than you do the forest fire index. The time to cut firebreaks is over, it will either rain or it won't... like the weather, reality and the three fates could care less what you think. 

"That's an enormous problem because what it's meant is the collapse of moderates. It's meant the collapse of the center and the retribalization of this country and the whole deal with this country, the reason that it's exceptional with all of its flaws is because we depart from history," Weiss told Maher. "We say that clannishness, tribalism, that we can overcome that, that there's something bigger than lineage or kin or the political tribe we belong to. And I think what we're seeing right now, and it's a very scary moment, is a kind of returning to the mean of history. And I think it is up to us to defend the ideas that made this country unique and a departure of history."

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The Stark difference between raising a leftist snowflake or a child with a real future.


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This could be the subject of a whole new thread, the amount pf place names that need to be changed is actually staggering and I doubt most people realize the full extent of it.

Our anthem needs a bit more work too, "standing on guard" is offensive to people in wheel chairs and "we see thee rise" excludes the blind.  

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