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I was in that stage of my instrument training where I was struggling to keep the shiny side up while monitoring radios, tuning NAV aids, and looking at approach charts.  My instructor and I were shooting a Localizer approach to 17R at David Wayne Hooks airport in Houston.  It was during the winter and already dark.  Thankfully, there wasn't much happening on the control tower frequency … Me: Hooks tower, Cessna 31C is 10 miles north for a practice Localizer 17R approach … Tower: Roger 31C, report passing Flika … I was overloaded; trimming for the descent, trying to keep the little line centered, watching my altitude, and everything else that was new to me and I blew right through the intersection. Hooks has radar so the tower controller knew where I was … Tower: 31C, have you passed Flika? … Me: Sorry, yes.  Now 4 DME … Tower: 31C, in that case, disregard passing Flika.  Cleared to land 17R or for the option … To his credit, there wasn't a hint of frustration or sarcasm in his voice.  I called him later to thank him for his graciousness to a fledgling IFR student.

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