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Canadas Immigration Policy Totally Out of Control

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I think you would agree, humans have proven to be incapable of exercising responsible birth control practices and as the third world shows, when it comes to eating ourselves out of house & home, our collective response is no better than would be expected of rabbits.

Everyone in a position to act already knows the growth of human populations is limited by the planet's ability to absorb our destructive consumption patterns.

Accordingly, it would seem the survival of every other form of flora & fauna depends on our failing as a species, which means we're leaving it to a massive war, waves of plague like disease, a great famine, or some other form of natural disaster to cream mankind and reduce our numbers to a more sustainable level.




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Regarding the article Malcolm posted above.

How much has it cost this Country in total to allow this scum to play us for fools?

Is Trent Cook still employed?


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The reality is that when it comes to Canadian public opinion, Justin Trudeau’s immigration policies are on the extreme fringe.

As Justin Trudeau ramps up his year-end interviews, he launched into an attack on the Conservatives over immigration.

Here’s what Trudeau said about the dangerous UN Global Compact while speaking to the CP:

“The decision that the Conservatives have taken recently to, for example, go after the global compact on migration in a way that is deliberately and knowingly spreading falsehoods for short-term political gain and to drum up anxiety around immigration is irresponsible, is not the way we should be moving forward in a thoughtful way on one of the big issues that is facing our country.”

The CP also pointed out “Trudeau said he believes a broad Canadian consensus holds that immigration is good for the country, in the face of growing opposition to it in other places.”

Take note of two things here:

First, Trudeau used his usual tactic of deflecting any criticism over his open borders policy by claiming it’s the result of ‘falsehoods,’ and always blaming the Conservatives for the anxiety caused by his own policies.

And secondly, Trudeau once again purposely refused to make a distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

The combination of Trudeau’s rhetoric is part of the overall Liberal strategy of making it seem like Trudeau’s policies are widely supported, while casting his opponents as extremists.

However, the facts show that the reality completely at odds with Trudeau’s deceptive rhetoric.

In fact, Justin Trudeau’s policies are extreme, and Canadians are much more on side with the Conservatives when it comes to immigration.

In late August, I wrote about an Angus Reid poll showing massive opposition to Trudeau’s immigration policies. Given Trudeau’s recent comments, that poll is worth revisiting:

As I noted, Trudeau is planning to increase immigration from 260,000 a year under Harper, to 350,000 per year.

But when asked about it, 49% of Canadians wanted lower immigration levels. 31% said they want immigration levels to stay the same. And just 6% want more immigration.

So, Justin Trudeau is representing the viewpoint of a mere 6% of Canadians, while the views of 80% of Canadians are being ignored.

That puts Trudeau in far-left extremist territory, while the Conservatives are representing the overwhelming majority of Canadians.

Additionally, that poll was taken before the UN Global Compact on Migration was even signed. Furthermore, there is a widespread belief that Trudeau’s failure to secure Canada’s border and his weakness on illegal immigration has caused support for all immigration to fall.

Once again, Trudeau deflects and blames others for his own failures and for the consequences of his policies. It’s a classic case of projection: The more Justin Trudeau lies and misinforms people about immigration, the more he accuses of others of lying and spreading misinformation.

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Finally ... our pm has some good news to share with all those Nigerians and Haitians that have wandered in to our country.....hundreds of high paying jobs will be created in Toronto..oh .. wait a minute ...they just happen to be those clean high tech jobs that he wants the economy to transition to... 


The new jobs will be in fields including software development, machine learning and cloud computing, said Tamir Bar-Haim, Amazon's head of Canadian advertising.


I guess our migrants will just have to clog the social systems for just a little bit longer, maybe 4-5 years.

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From the article posted by st27

 John Tory says; "I look at this as a wonderful day . . . but I know that bigger and better things lie ahead, in terms of more jobs and more people,".

This guy is not a Conservative, which is why he didn't get to first base running for Premier a few years ago.


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