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Mexico Warns Trudeau on NAFTA

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First the Philippines, now Mexico...Someone’s Halo is fading on the world stage

“ A former Mexican president has a warning for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Don’t abandon our country in NAFTA talks like some modern-day “Judas.”

Vicente Fox warns that would be a mistake.

Fox told CTV News that it wouldn’t do any good if Canada ditched Mexico in pursuit of a one-on-one trade deal with the U.S., in the misguided belief President Donald Trump would go easier on Canada.

Fox made his case using a biblical metaphor — urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to behave like the apostle who sold out Jesus Christ.

“He might, like Judas, give us a strike and go with the United States and leave us aside,” Fox told the network, in an interview airing Sunday night.”

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And yet the Mexican government is now looking at encouraging the talks to go beyond the July election in that country, and is not softening its stance on key issues one iota. Nor is Canada. A respected Mexican official also cautioned on Twitter that Fox does not speak for the Mexican government, and has become a bit of a self-promotional gadfly. I am watching trade issues as closely as anything these days, and there is no sign Canada or Mexico are going separate ways on anything related to these negotiations.

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