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10 billion became 30 billion and now ONLY 20 billion

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When you have an economy that works for the middle class, you have a country that works for everyone. Canada’s extraordinary success is that we have bound together a vast country with a set of shared ideas and beliefs. We have created a society where individual rights and freedoms, compassion, and diversity are core to our citizenship. But underlying that fundamental idea of Canada is the promise that we all have a chance to build a better life for ourselves and for our children. We have long provided our citizens with upward mobility through economic opportunity. 
This is at the heart of the Canadian ideal, and it is currently under real threat by a government that does not even recognize there is a problem. The middle class is the heart of the Canadian economy. That is why, when we strengthen our middle class and grow our economy, we build a Canada where people who work hard can look forward to a good standard of living, a secure retirement, and better prospects for their kids. It also means we ensure that government has the resources it needs to invest in research and innovation, lift the vulnerable out of poverty, and provide economic security to all Canadians.
Stephen Harper has the worst economic growth record of any Canadian Prime Minister since R.B. Bennett in the depths of the Great Depression. Our economy has shrunk over the first half of this year, and Canada is the only G7 country in recession. Harper’s plan has failed. Canadians have experienced year after year of broken promises, failure to make promised investments, and fights with provinces, territories, and municipalities – instead of the partnerships that we need to move forward. 
But Harper refuses to tell Canadians the truth. In 2008, he promised that he would never run a deficit, then immediately turned around and did just that. He cannot hide from the facts today: with the fall in oil prices, and the slowdown of the Canadian economy, the Parliamentary Budget Officer has shown that the Harper Conservatives will run a deficit again this year. 
Liberals have a track record of making the right kinds of investments at the right time, and through economic growth and job creation, we have been able to balance the budget. We will do it again. By choosing to invest in the middle class and those working hard to join it, and by prioritizing job creation and economic growth, we will restore fiscal responsibility to Ottawa. We will deliver the better government that Canadians want and deserve.Our plan makes different choices than the Harper Conservatives and the NDP.  For example:
We will cancel child benefit cheques for millionaires so that we can increase child benefits for the middle class and those working hard to join it.
We will increase the marginal tax rate on Canada’s top one percent so that we can cut taxes for the middle class.
We will conduct a review of all tax expenditures to target tax loopholes that particularly benefit Canada’s top one percent. 
We will be honest about the government of Canada’s fiscal position, and base our projections on the recent report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, instead of April’s outdated budget figures.
We will run modest deficits for three years so that we can invest in growth for the middle class and credibly offer a plan to balance the budget in 2019.
Our choices mean that our plan will bring meaningful and immediate change to the lives of all Canadians.  

Source: The-Liberal-fiscal-plan-and-costing.pdf that was published on "" prior to the 2015 election.  This site of course has gone off line. However if you google "The-Liberal-fiscal-plan-and-costing.pdf ", you can still find the document, it does make for interesting reading.



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