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Good luck to those working in WS Air Supply

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Being that they are non union, I wonder what will offered to the former WestJet employees. The news story says 


Employees with the in-house service will be allowed either to stay on with the company in another role, or take a severance package and apply for a job with a third-party food service.

I guess if you are non union the best you can hope for is to be "allowed" but perhaps that is not a direct quote from WestJet, if it is it will add fuel to any unionization drive. In any event I wish the displace workers the best of luck in a rather bleak Calgary Job Market. I do see from WestJet's web site that Calgary is not the only base. Any idea of how many employees will be displaced? Does it only effect those who handle the food or? Reason I ask is that they web site shows the following for AirSupply http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/logistics/pdfs/transop/Air Supply Agent.pdf



In a busy and dynamic role, our air supply agents assure that each WestJet aircraft is stocked and fully serviced with supplies. Operating at WestJet's busiest airports, our air supply agents provide a vital service to our operation, taking care of many aspects of the buy-on-board service including cart stocking, warehousing, and transportation.

Each aircraft has a different route with different needs, managing this complex planning is the work of our dedicated air supply team. The products that they deliver help guests enjoy their trip whether it is a bachelor party heading to Las Vegas or a family reunion in Regina.



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I would imagine that all of the agents in YYC will be offered spots on the ramp.

All of the other bases may he able to absorb agents in to a CSA role if needed but not sure the same skill set lines up.

There will be a handful of managers displaced, hopefully spots found for them as well.



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