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Kathleen Wynne Time Expired !


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IMHO no public official such as listed above including MP's should make more that the median salary of the constituents that they represent.  This would inspire the MP's to better serve the constituency and better their standing.

No increase in salary should be made without making it public knowledge.

MP's should not be allowed to "Vote" themselves an increase. 

No government official of higher office should have a salary in excess of 1.5 times the median salary of their served area.  Including the PM of Canada, which would be the median salary of the country.

What, then, would they think of the wages in this country.

This would be a great help to the economy moving forward.


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3 hours ago, boestar said:

This would inspire the MP's to better serve the constituency...

I would urge caution as the law of unintended consequences never gets the respect it deserves.

The notion here is that those who wish to serve will do so regardless of the opportunity cost (in terms of lost earning potential) out of a sense of duty and if they don’t serve because of the lost earnings then, by default, they lack that sense of duty and we are better off without them.

At one time, it was a popular sentiment (among senior officers) in the Air Force too and there was no reasoning with them;  look how well that turned out eh?  Inspiring and inspirational are not the words that come to mind, but maybe it's just me. The Airforce called it loyalty and disloyalty. Those who returned from airline gigs during the early 2000's (when the Air Force was desperate) were deemed to be "disloyal" for having left in the first place.... most left again.

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The gift that kept giving:


The Ontario Liberal cabinet approved more than $450,000 in enhanced severance packages for two top staffers in the premier’s office days after the party lost the 2018 election.

Details about the severance paid to former premier Kathleen Wynne’s top aides, Andrew Bevan and Mary Rowe, were released to The Globe and Mail under a Freedom of Information request.

Mr. Bevan made $313,922 in 2017 and earned $552,667 in 2018, according to the Sunshine List, which tallies the salaries of public-sector employees earning more than $100,000. Ms. Rowe was paid $428,161, up from $259,110 in 2017.

Cabinet-office spokesman Craig Sumi did not directly answer when asked if the severance for Mr. Bevan and Ms. Rowe was on par with previous governments.

“Any termination enhancements for political staff are based on an individual’s situation and reflect multiple factors, including the unique nature of political staff work, the availability of alternate work and length of service,” Mr. Sumi said in an e-mail.



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“ As I was pondering how to respond, a story appeared in the Waterloo Region Record that illustrated quite dramatically how COVID-19 has affected one politician. It was a story about the new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, Steven Del Duca, who is touring the province in an uphill struggle to rescue the party from the train wreck of the 2018 election, which saw the Liberals reduced from a majority government (under Kathleen Wynne) to a third-place rump no longer recognized as an official party in the Ontario legislature.


Given the province’s COVID rules on crowd sizes and physical distancing, no one expected Waterloo’s Chesapeake Park to be absolutely jammed, overflowing with enthusiastic Liberals excited to hear their new shepherd tell them how he proposes to lead them out of Doug Ford’s Conservative wilderness.

But no one expected that there would be no crowd at all. That’s right. No one came. Not a soul. Just a single Del Duca aide with a camera and a solitary print reporter who listened as the leader spoke for five minutes about his “action plan”






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