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55 minutes ago, Wolfhunter said:

My goodness, talk about a dangerous precedent.

I could never live in such a place, hats off to you... far greater tolerance than I could ever muster. I need a minimum of 5 acres, septic system, drilled well, wood stove and a generator pony panel hook up. I want to be able to back my car on my own land anywhere I want to anytime I want to. 

If you can't back in (to drive out) and you can't drive in (to back out) what do y'all do? Is hover taxi an option there? 

I'm surprised people put up with such things. I'm always amazed by some of the stories in the US about home owner associations and the arbitrary power they project.... it's a form of oppression IMO.

I will state that the above issue is generated by two different bylaws to which no one happened to see the conflict.  I only know of 1 person to ever have a ticket for it however (there may have been more to his issue).

I think this fine example of municipal bylaw planning is a good example as to why anything criminal which could permanently harm an individual should be kept firmly out of the hands of municipal governments


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