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Shootings and Knifings


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Nothing to see here, the defunding process is progressing smoothly. 

Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police

Veterans with combat experience are notorious liars and Trump supporters. Don't believe it:

Army National Guard veteran on Portland unrest: 'I think it's time' to 'do something about it'

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10 minutes ago, Wolfhunter said:

Nothing to see here, the defunding process is progressing smoothly. 

Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police

From the same article...

“They had a gang violence task force that are no longer funded, which is unfortunate because as soon as that defunding happened all of this really peaked up,” Sulimani told Fox 12."

To paraphrase Wolfhunter...what did they think was going to happen.


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8 minutes ago, FireFox said:

“They had a gang violence task force that are no longer funded, which is unfortunate because as soon as that defunding happened all of this really peaked up,” Sulimani told Fox 12."

No doubt building on the success that Toronto has achieved with disbanding TAVIS. Consultations continue and the results speak for themselves.... city council is pleased with the progress to date.

In other news I've decided to defund the chickens. By cutting off their food supply I'm hoping to achieve previously unheard of feed conversion rates and increase net yields for the freezer. 

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In NY. they just broke the 2019 shooting total with 5 months left to go and the effects of defunding yet to be felt,  gun sales are still booming yet some media outlets are reporting that violent crime is down in NY. Must be the new math.

Minneapolis will be interesting to watch, they are on track for a 30-35% reduction in police officers by the end of the year.

NYC shootings this year, topping 777, have surpassed 2019 numbers, police say

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Democrats have set back gun control by 20 years. They now have nothing further to say on the subject that any reasonable person would be interested in hearing. And no excuses  or Trump bashing here either.... it's all yours, own it fools. 

By the end of the year, you will be seeing about 5 million new first time gun owners. And it's pretty clear these folks aren't fooled by idiotic pronouncements "that crime is down" or by the lack of coverage on CNN. These are real people who didn't previously want a gun in the house.    

First-time gun ownership skyrockets amid riots, increased violence across country: 'You can't really be too safe'

2020 saw more than 2.5M first-time gun owners in first half

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If the politicians don't have the stomach to confront it head on....


It is a slow and steady form of gun control gradually gaining momentum with limited public fanfare: If guns cannot be directly taken from the hands of citizens, the next best target is the banks and financial institutions that enable transactions or loans for the industry.

Back door gun control

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Seems other countries are also suffering drive by shootings but not limited to shootings. In addition Sweden also has a problem with hand grenades.  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43667367

Sweden: Death of girl, 12, ignites debate over gang violence

  • 3 August 2020  Twenty people have been killed in 163 shootings in the first six months of 2020, according to police data. In 2019, 42 people were killed in 334 reported shootings.
People lay candles and flowers at the site where a twelve year old girl was shot near a petrol station in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, Sweden, 03 August 2020.Image copyrightEPA

The death of a 12-year-old girl by a stray bullet in Sweden has sparked outrage and reignited debates over its handling of gang-related violence.

The unnamed girl was killed in a drive-by shooting next to a petrol station on Sunday, according to local media.

Police have launched an investigation but are yet to make any arrests.

Officials have vowed to further crack down on violent crime. Incidents involving gangs have risen in recent years.

Police were called to the scene of the shooting, south of Stockholm, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Details of what happened have not been officially confirmed, but local media outlets reported that the gunmen had been aiming at two members of a criminal gang, and had not intended to shoot the child.

People placed flowers and candles at the scene on Monday, with some calling for tougher action on gang violence in the country.

"This can't happen again. It's a 12-year-old girl," one woman told AFP news agency.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told local news agency TT he was dismayed and disgusted by the girl's death, as he pledged "more police and harsher sentences".

National police chief Anders Thornberg said authorities would "set things right when it comes to increasingly serious violence in society", while opposition MP Johan Forssell said there needed to be a re-think "to make Sweden safer."

Sweden announced last year that it had set up a special task force to combat gang violence in the country amid a rise in incidents.

Police have been given additional surveillance powers and sentences for drugs and weapons-related crimes have been increased in recent years.

Twenty people have been killed in 163 shootings in the first six months of 2020, according to police data. In 2019, 42 people were killed in 334 reported shootings.

Police say criminals involved in gun crime are often connected to the drugs trade.

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2 hours ago, Marshall said:

In addition Sweden also has a problem with hand grenades

It looks like things have changed since I was last there, they sure have in Toronto. Ethnic gangs serve as a stark reminder that nothing good comes from tribalism.

IMO, street gangs are the apex of tribalism in western societies and should serve as a lesson in what we don't want. They don't have a grenade problem, they have a gang problem and it needs to be dealt with aggressively. I'm always dismayed at the reluctance to take the fight to them.... there's no other way, inaction will just get innocent people killed. 

Banning grenades when they are already banned is a fools game.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chainsaw-wielding men covered in blood terrorize Toronto beachgoers

It wasn’t a Toronto Chain Saw Massacre — but two blood-covered, chainsaw-wielding men terrorized beachgoers in Toronto over the weekend, according to videos and local reports.

The slasher-film-seeming footage, which was posted on Facebook, shows the duo, blood dripping down their shirtless torsos, pointing power tools toward a crowd at Cherry Beach on Sunday morning.

“You’re f–ked,” one of the men yells as he approaches a backpedaling group, and revs the chainsaw.

“Who the f–k hit me?”

A witness tweeted that she came face-to-face with the men on a nearby biking trail, writing “SCARY AF out of a f–king movie… WTF Toronto,” a local blog reported.

Another Twitter user wrote that “two guys with chainsaws covered in blood” were “charging people” at Cherry Beach.

Police said they were called to the lakeside beach park around 10 a.m. over reports of a large group getting into a fight.

Two men were injured in the brawl and were arrested after they returned to the scene with weapons, cops said in a statement to local outlet CityNews, without elaborating on what kind of weapons.

Another video showed the men being handcuffed on the ground as officers tell them they will get medical attention.

Police didn’t immediately release the identities of the men or their exact charges, citing an ongoing investigation.




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How Mafia and outlaw bikers are using GTA street gangs as a ‘disposable army’

Local mobsters and bikers used to get their hands dirty. Today, Ontario’s senior organized crime groups are more likely to recruit younger, lesser-known criminals to do their toughest jobs, experts say.

In the GTA, Mafia and outlaw bikers increasingly turn to the region’s 150 or so street gangs to pull off anything from drug shipments to targeted murders, said Anna Sergi, a lecturer in criminology at Essex University in England who has profiled Ontario’s organized crime landscape.

“Baby gangs are easily groomed by more experienced groups and used as weapons and (as a) disposable army,” she said in an email interview.

Sergi’s assessment of “baby gangs” making up a dangerous “disposable army” rings true with Staff Sgt. Scott Wade, head of the Ontario Provincial Police’s Biker Enforcement Unit.

There’s a direct connection with street gangs and outlaw motorcycle gangs, and “I see it increasing,” Wade said.

Motorcycle gangs use a “multi-layered approach to distance themselves from law enforcement,” including using street gangs for difficult jobs, Wade said, adding that a lot of junior motorcycle support clubs had their roots in street gangs, or use them to recruit new members.

The arrangement was different in the 70s, 80s and 90s when the bikers themselves were often recruited by GTA Mafia groups to do their dirty work, like moving drugs or carrying out murders and arsons — or the mobsters used their own in-house enforcers. 

“Violence in street gangs is not a sign of sophistication but rather a sign of chaos.”

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An old concept made easier by agendas and political insanity . The 81 club calls it "taking care of business," expect lots more of it.

And really, why wouldn't they? It's a WDYTWGTH thing, cheap labour is good for business... it's really that simple. 

Some things are complicated, some things aren't, and simple rarely walks hand in hand with easy; that's where political will comes to the fore and I don't see much of that.

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Gun Crazy......

Federal appeals court strikes down California's ban on high-capacity magazines, says restrictions violate 2nd Amendment

'It criminalizes the possession of half of all magazines in America today,' court majority says in ruling

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday struck down California’s ban on high-capacity magazines on the basis that its restrictions violate the Second Amendment -- noting that it would criminalize half the magazines in the U.S.


The state’s law bans possession of large-capacity magazines (LCMs) that hold more than 10 rounds. The court’s three-judge panel said that while the law has a “laudable goal of reducing gun violence,” it must also comply with the Constitution.


“California’s near-categorical ban of LCMs infringes on the fundamental right to self-defense. It criminalizes the possession of half of all magazines in America today,” the majority in the 2-1 ruling stated.

“It makes unlawful magazines that are commonly used in handguns by law abiding citizens for self-defense. And it substantially burdens the core right of self-defense guaranteed to the people under the Second Amendment,” Judge Kenneth Lee wrote in the majority opinion. “It cannot stand.”


Lee said that while the law was passed “in the wake of heart-wrenching and highly publicized mass shootings” the law was too sweeping.

It upholds a 2017 ruling by San Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who blocked a new law that would have barred gun owners from possessing magazines holding more than 10 bullets.


But he and the appeals court went further by declaring unconstitutional a state law that had prohibited buying or selling such magazines since 2000. That law had let those who had the magazines before then keep them, but barred new sales or imports.


California now has the option of asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the decision. It may also seek a delay on implementation of the decision to prevent a surge in purchases

The ruling may also have implications for other states that have similar laws -- although it only applies to Western states due to the court’s jurisdiction.

Gun rights groups have been keen to get such a case before the Supreme Court, where there is currently a conservative majority.

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6 hours ago, boestar said:

it was also written when it took 38 seconds to load a round into a rifle.

There have been a great many other technical advances in virtually every field of endeavour. Imagine what the founding fathers would think of the "free press" they cherished were they to gaze upon what it has become.

Most of these control efforts will fall flat anyway, too many first time gun owners now due to current events (defunding and the like), these were people who never previously had a gun in the house and fully supported sensible gun control measures.... now set back many years (possibly decades) as a result. It's based on fear, a powerful motivator that "works good and lasts a long time." 

They soon won't be the weapon of choice anyway, there are lots of guns in other troubled parts of the world too. In the US, anarchists are now using IEDs (based on fireworks) and they will get more proficient with practice. Once that starts, it can become hard to curb as reprisal attacks by opposing extremists (left vs right) takes on a life of it's own and becomes self sustaining. Maybe it can still be avoided, but we are further down the path than I ever thought I would get to see in the US.

Invariably (at some point) the opposition party that supported the anarchists for their own political gain (Democrats in this particular case), come to realize that these folks are not their "partners in democracy" or partners in anything else for that matter.... they have their own agenda and that agenda is so far removed from the constitution, in both form and function, that the former allies become bitter enemies. That's when the battle really gets nasty... it introduces "the third element" (always required) in this case, government vs left vs right.

A shuffle of innocuous baby steps that always leads to a steep cliff.

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 south of the 49th.  there is the following movement: 

Group seeking to replace Cincinnati Police with ‘public safety’ department

I wonder if this will convince them otherwise.  

 At least 18 shot, with 4 dead, across Cincinnati

Published Sunday, August 16, 2020 1:38PM EDTLast Updated Sunday, August 16, 2020 2:26PM EDT
Cincinnati shooting

Cincinnati firefighters use bleach to clean and remove pools of blood left at the scene of a mass shooting near Grant Park in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati on Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020. (Sam Greene/The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP)



CINCINNATI -- At least 18 people were shot, including four killed, as gunfire erupted in several places around the city overnight, authorities said Sunday.

Officers responded just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday to the Avondale neighbourhood and found 21-year-old Antonio Blair with gunshot wounds, police said in a statement. He was taken to University Hospital and died there, they said. Three other gunshot victims were also taken to the hospital.

At about 2:15 a.m., officers responded to a report of gunfire in the Over-the-Rhine neighbourhood where 10 people were shot, police said. One died at the scene and another at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center; they were identified in a statement as 34-year-old Robert Rogers and 30-year-old Jaquiez Grant.

Three people were shot at about midnight Saturday in the Walnut Hills neighbourhood, about a block away from the Harriet Beecher Stowe house, police said.

News outlets reported the shootings took place within 60 to 90 minutes of each other, but Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate told reporters that they "seem to be separate independent incidents but horrific and tragic."

Police didn't immediately provide details about the fourth fatal shooting but confirmed that it occurred on the city's West End, where television news reports indicated that one person was shot later Sunday morning and was pronounced dead at the scene.

No suspect information was immediately available in any of the cases.

"One extremely violent night in the city of Cincinnati. Looking at possibly 17 victims, up to four that could be fatal at this time. Why? That's going to be the question," Neudigate had said before the fourth shooting was announced.

Cincinnati's police chief later Sunday called the level of violence "unacceptable."

"I am calling on all citizens of this great city to say enough is enough! We must not sit by silently and say we can't do anything to end gun violence," Chief Eliot Isaac said in a statement. "We all have a moral obligation to stop the violence and stop the killing in our communities."

Police said the department would shift officers from other assignments to beef up the number of uniformed officers in the affected communities and would call on federal prosecutors and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives "to focus on repeat shooters and aggressively bring illegal gun charges."

Mayor John Cranley called it "senseless gun violence that ruined lives and will cause immeasurable suffering" at a time the city was facing "unprecedented circumstances and challenges" in fighting crime during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the city has seen an uptick as people gather in private homes and public places when the bars close.

"Guns are far too prevalent at these gatherings. Please do not attend gatherings because you could end up as an innocent victim," he said in a statement.

He stressed, however, that those firing were responsible for the shootings -- which he called "attempted or actual murder" -- and vowed to bring them to justice.

"I am also calling on everyone to help put an end this culture of resolving personal disputes with guns as well as to reduce the far too prevalent availability of illegal guns on our streets," he said. "The very sad reality is people are getting in trouble when they have nowhere to go and nothing to do."

In July, the Enquirer reported that the city had experienced a rise in shootings and homicides from gun violence during the first half of the year as compared to the same time period in 2019.

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Philadelphia weekend gun violence leaves 4 dead, 15 wounded

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw calls gun violence 'disturbing' and 'disheartening'

Fox News Flash top headlines for August 16

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com.

Philadelphia police say a rash of 20 shootings over the weekend left four people dead and 15 others wounded, according to a report.


Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw showed up Sunday at one of the shooting locations and called the gun violence "disturbing" and "disheartening," Fox 29 Philadelphia reported.

She was at the spot where five people were shot and wounded as they attended a large block party. Three of the victims were teenagers, the station reported.

"We’re doing everything that we can to make sure that we resolve these matters in an expeditious manner so we can hopefully get ahead of anything that could occur as a result of this," Outlaw said, according to the station.


Police work the scene where five people were shot as they were attending a large block party in Philadelphia.

Police work the scene where five people were shot as they were attending a large block party in Philadelphia. (Fox 29 Philadelphia)



The block party appears to have been a wild scene before the shooting with a crowd of more than 200 people on hand, CBS 3 Philadelphia reported.

Residents told the station the block party was being held to commemorate a person who died of gun violence a few years ago. They said the trouble started when individuals arrived on motorcycles and opened fire on the crowd.


Police told the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday afternoon that at the scene they recovered 28 AR-15 rounds and 10 40-caliber rounds.


Fox 29 reported that police responded to 10 shootings between Friday night and 6 a.m. Saturday and found 11 people who had been shot.

One of those victims a 17-year-old teenager died after being shot in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Gun-control rules passed last year face delays

Might not be fully in place until 2022

  • Calgary Herald
  • 25 Aug 2020

OTTAWA • Several federal gun-control measures that received royal assent over a year ago, including expanded background checks, might not come into effect before 2022, says an internal government memo.

A briefing note prepared in June for Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says a series of steps must be taken before all of the provisions in Bill C-71 are in place.

Some elements of the bill, including those clarifying that firearms seized by police are considered forfeited to the Crown, came into force upon royal assent in June 2019. Several other measures, however, require regulatory, administrative and technical changes.

They include expanding background checks to determine eligibility for a firearms licence to the entirety of a person’s life, not just the last five years. It would also broaden grounds to cover an applicant’s history of intimate partner violence and online threats.

The note, drafted to help Blair answer questions in the House of Commons, says other provisions that have yet to come into force will:

❚ Require the purchaser of a non-restricted firearm, including many hunting rifles and shotguns, to present a firearms licence, while the seller would have to ensure the licence’s validity;

❚ Require vendors to keep records of non-restricted firearm transactions;

❚ Remove the authority of cabinet to “deem” firearms to fall under a less-restrictive class, irrespective of Criminal Code definitions;

❚ Require a separate Authorization to Transport (ATT) when taking restricted and prohibited firearms to any place except to an approved shooting range.

Prior to these provisions coming into force, the government must secure funding for the RCMP to update its information management and technology systems, as well as test the systems to ensure the transition is “seamless,” the note says.

Draft regulations would also have to be finalized, which will involve consultations with affected parties, the note adds.

“The regulations would then need to be tabled in both Houses of Parliament for at least 30 sitting days, before being brought into force through orders-in-council,” it says.

“In parallel, the RCMP would require up to 24 months to implement the new provisions, with ‘deeming’ and ATT provisions to be completed within the first 12 months and the remaining provisions thereafter (licence verification, licence eligibility and vendor record-keeping).”

Implementing the outstanding changes necessary for C-71 remains a priority for the Liberal government, said Mary-liz Power, a spokeswoman for Blair. Work is “underway to develop a funding proposal to support the new provisions,” she said.

Cpl. Caroline Duval, an RCMP spokeswoman, said while funding had not yet been allocated to the Mounties, the force’s Canadian Firearms Program has initiated discussions with Public Safety Canada on the implementation plan.

The Liberals see Bill C-71 as the first in a series of measures aimed at ending gun violence.

In May, the government enacted a ban covering some 1,500 models and variants of what it considers assault-style weapons, meaning they can no longer be legally used, sold or imported.

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Wild Texas brawl involving Hurricane Laura evacuees leaves woman dead

'Individuals from both parties produced handguns,' police said


Mugshot for Linton Alexander, 21.

Mugshot for Linton Alexander, 21. (Austin Police Department)

A homeless woman died in Texas after being struck by a stray bullet fired during a wild street brawl that involved some 60 Hurricane Laura evacuees.

Austin police identified the victim as Amy Lynn Warner, 51.

They charged Linton Alexander, 21, on Friday with her death.


It happened at 12;30 a.m. Thursday near the Driscoll Hotel in the city's downtown.

“The information gathered thus far indicates that two groups of hurricane evacuees, one from Port Arthur and one from Beaumont, got into an argument and a large fight ensued,” police said.

“Individuals from both parties produced handguns,” officials said. “One person fired and struck a woman experiencing homelessness who happened to be nearby, but was not involved.”

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Meanwhile...back at the ranch...we are such putzes listening to politicians vilifying legal gunowners and promoting a handgun ban that will solve the gun problem:


One time, on July 3, 2018, two of the men were found with $11,470 when crossing back into the United States, court documents allege. On Sept. 12, 2018, another pair was caught with $25,191 at Columbus airport after a flight from Canada.

One of the leaders in the conspiracy, prosecutors allege, was Omar Sharif Mohamed Hassan, a 25-year-old Columbus resident known by the nickname “O-Bandz.”

He recruited others into the scheme and told them what to do, the indictment says. He oversaw the buying and stockpiling of guns and much of the smuggling activity into Canada, and disciplining others for mistakes made during the operation, the indictment alleges.

At least three times, cars were stopped while trying to cross into Canada and guns found inside: on March 11, April 20, and April 23, 2019. Canada Border Services Agency could not provide details of the stops prior to deadline Friday.

Nine days before the last of those border stops, Hassan was spotted driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Colombus. During the traffic stop, police found two guns, including a Glock pistol, according to the indictment. The same Glock was later seized at the border during the smuggling attempt on April 23, authorities said.

By then, just when the border smuggling trips were increasingly frequent, authorities had figured out what was going on.

And that was just when Ahmed visited from Toronto.


But this is key:


Seven men were arrested Wednesday for the alleged conspiracy and four others are considered fugitives, wanted for arrest by U.S. authorities, including a Toronto man, 23-year-old Hussein Ahmed.

“I want to apologize on behalf of the people of the United States of America for our guys bringing guns to your country,” David DeVillers, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, said in an interview. His office is prosecuting this case and others like it.

Where was CBSA in all of this???

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Conservative MP Rempel Garner's petition against federal firearm ban closes with more than 230,000 signatures

In response to petition, gun control activist says 'weapons of war' are not needed in Canada

Joel Dryden · CBC News · Posted: Sep 07, 2020 4:53 PM MT | Last Updated: 16 minutes ago
Conservative Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner is preparing to table a petition calling on the prime minister to scrap his government's order to ban 1,550 make and models of "assault-style" weapons in Canada. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

A parliamentary e-petition sponsored by Conservative Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner that calls for the federal government to scrap its firearms ban has been certified with more than 230,000 signatures — the most on the online platform since it was introduced in 2015.

The petition asks the prime minister to immediately scrap his "firearms confiscation regime," calling it "undemocratically imposed without debate during a pandemic while Parliament is suspended, [and] an assault on Canadian democracy."

"[Canadians] are wondering why the government has chosen to confiscate legally-owned firearms during a suspended parliament," Rempel Garner said in an interview with CBC News.

"When we know that that is going to do little to reduce the issue of violent crime in Canada, in terms of firearms that are obtained illegally."

In May, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1,550 makes and models of "assault-style" weapons in Canada. A two-year amnesty period was granted before Canadians are required to dispose of the weapons.

In making the announcement, the prime minister said that assault-style weapons had "no place" in Canada.

"These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time," he said at the time.

The federal government has moved to ban the sale and import of several types of semi-automatic firearms in Canada. (CBC News)

Instead of a ban on assault-style weapons, Rempel Garner's petition calls on the government to crack down on firearms obtained illegally, specifically targeting the prevention of smuggled firearms across the U.S. border.

"Canada has one of the most rigorous firearms acquisition licensing regimes in the world," she said. 

"When we're looking at the very important issue of preventing firearms violence in Canada, we have to look at where firearms that are used in violent crime are coming from and we know that the vast majority of those are illegally obtained and primarily smuggled in from the United States."

Advocate says weapons are 'designed to kill'

Heidi Rathjen, a gun control activist and survivor of the 1989 Polytechnique massacre, pushed back against Rempel Garner's petition, saying the banned weapons are "designed to kill."

"There's no legitimate justification for allowing that kind of power in the hands of ordinary civilians. These weapons belong to the military. These are weapons of war," Rathjen said. 

"They're not needed for hunting or even legitimate target practice … these are civilian versions of military weapons that, you know, many, if not most, have been put on the market in the last couple of decades."

Following the Polytechnique massacre, Rathjen said students of the school garnered more than 500,000 signatures on a paper petition, signed by hand and gathered through regular mail, over a period of four months.

"But again, petitions are one thing. I think, what really matters, is what the public wants," Rathjen said. "A majority of Canadians support the ban on assault weapons. I think the Liberal government did the democratic thing when they passed these orders in council."

Parliamentary petition

As Parliament is currently prorogued until Sept. 23, Rempel Garner will need to wait to table the petition.

"Because it is an official parliamentary petition, the government is required to respond to all the signatories that are on there," she said.

"So I think that the government is going to have to think really carefully about its response, because there's a lot of people in Canada that cross political boundaries that are concerned with this issue and are not pleased with the government's response."


According to a spokesperson in the House of Commons, Rempel Garner's petition has surpassed any other petition on the number of signatures since the launch of the new system for electronic petitions in 2015.

Historically, however, a number of paper petitions have also obtained a large number of signatures, including an anti-abortion petition in 1975 that contained more than one million signatures. That contradicts Rempel Garner's claim in social media that hers is the largest Parliamentary petition in Canadian history.

As part of the e-petition platform, signatories are required to enter a valid email address and click on a link sent to that address, and additional monitoring tools are in place to ensure the integrity of signatures, the spokesperson said.

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Bill de Blasio touts 'peaceful' weekend as NYPD hits 25-year high in gun arrests, top cop says

'The problem is there’s too many guns out there, and there’s not enough consequences, and once we get our heads wrapped around that, I think we’ll be in a better place,' NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said

The New York Police Department marked a 25-year high in gun busts last week as violent crime continues to plague the city, officials said Tuesday.


Commissioner Dermot Shea, the NYPD's top cop, said 160 gun arrests were made between Aug. 31 and Sunday.

“We hit a 25-year high in gun arrests last week, the most gun arrests we’ve made in a week in 25 years,” he told 1010 WINS.



In this Sept 5, 2016, file photo, crime scene investigators with the New York Police Department work at the scene where multiple people were killed and others injured in a shooting during J'ouvert festivities in the Brooklyn borough of New York. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on Tuesday said the department reached a 25-year high in gun arrests last week with 160 people taken into police custody. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle, File)

In this Sept 5, 2016, file photo, crime scene investigators with the New York Police Department work at the scene where multiple people were killed and others injured in a shooting during J'ouvert festivities in the Brooklyn borough of New York. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on Tuesday said the department reached a 25-year high in gun arrests last week with 160 people taken into police custody. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle, File)

The news came after 23 shootings -- two fatally -- occurred over the holiday weekend. The shootings victims include a 6-year-old, his mother and three others who were wounded by gunfire while celebrating J’Ouvert, a Caribbean culture festival, in Brooklyn early Monday.


Despite the bloodshed, Mayor Bill de Blasio touted the three-day break as a "peaceful weekend" during his Monday briefing.

"We had one incident and it is a very troubling incident where one individual shot five people in Crown Heights in the early morning hours Monday. One of those people was a 6-year-old boy. And that's deeply troubling," he said. "Thank God none have life-threatening injuries. But except for that incident. Overwhelmingly, we had a peaceful weekend in central Brooklyn and it really is because of the hard work of everyone."

The increase in gun arrests should dispel allegations from some city leaders that officers are purposefully engaged in a work slowdown, Shea said.

“So that should put to bed … any talk of what cops are doing out there. Cops are putting themselves on the line every day, as they have been," he said. “The problem is there’s too many guns out there, and there’s not enough consequences, and once we get our heads wrapped around that, I think we’ll be in a better place."


Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former NYPD officer, and Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres have called for an independent investigation into an alleged work slowdown. Shea said he welcomes the probe, calling it "politics."

"You cut the budget. You take all the cops off the street and then you wonder why it takes longer for cops to get the job," he told the radio station.


In a news conference last week, Torres said cops were making fewer gun arrests and solving fewer cases.

"The dramatic increase in gun violence can be best explained by the dramatic decrease in gun enforcement," Torres said.

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