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Shootings and Knifings


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7 hours ago, boestar said:

It is a sporting rifle. 

And commonly used in "3 gun" competitive shooting. I have often used the analogy of putting racing stripes on a pickup truck and requiring a different license and higher insurance coverage as a result of it now being a "race car." Lost in all of this, as it was with the long gun registry, is any sort of cost vs benefit consideration. This will be hugely expensive and won't help Toronto one bit. In fact it will divert police resources from other duties for an extended period of time.

The trouble is that it's an emotional issue for many people and the majority of folks simply don't know enough about the regulations or their effect or their application. If virtually any other analogy were used to ban things they are familiar with they would instantly see the folly of it. For instance, if the government passed an OIC banning passenger car engines with displacements above 2.5 litres asserting that it would stop speeding and make our roads safer, everyone would see through it, particularly those who already own a vehicle with the Ecotech 2.2 installed. If I were to suggest (on an aviation forum) that having a crash axe in the cockpit contributed to violent air rage incidents in the cabin, the laughter would be almost as loud.

I don't play golf and have never even swung a club, but in my opinion, banning white golf balls would prevent people from being struck by lightning while on the golf course. In the US, an average of 400 people are struck every year. There..... see, I can do it too. Painting those golf balls orange will save lives.

Lets think about it in the form of a pop quiz:

 Toronto is experiencing a record level of gang and gun violence. A common sense way to combat this trend is:

A.  Disband the police unit dedicated to gang interdiction

B. Pick a rifle that has never been used in a gang shooting and ban it

C. Suspend street checks in areas where gang members are known to frequent

D. Ease bail conditions so gang members under a lifetime firearms ban can get back to work sooner while awaiting trial for previous firearm offences

E. All of the above

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1 dead, multiple injured in downtown Seattle shooting: officials

Posted January 22, 2020 6:41 pm
Updated January 22, 2020 8:00 pm

One person has died and another five have been shot in downtown Seattle, according to police.

According to Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, one person was found dead after authorities began to receive calls of the shooting at around 5 p.m. Another five were taken to hospital, he said.

1:40Seattle shooting leaves one dead, multiple injured

 Seattle shooting leaves one dead, multiple injured

A tweet from the Seattle Police Department earlier on Wednesday said that officers were investigating a shooting near the area of 4th Avenue and Pine Street.


Officers investigating shooting near 4th and Pine. Multiple victims. The suspect has fled, and police are searching for him. Officers and medics are providing first aid to the injured. Additional information to come.

The tweet also said that “multiple victims” had been shot, but that the suspect had fled.

The suspect is now being sought by police.

Police said that officers and medics are responding to the scene and are providing first aid to the injured.

Tweets from both the Seattle Mayor’s Office and the Seattle Fire Department have said that traffic and transit in the core are now experiencing significant delays, and are urging people to avoid the area if possible.


This is the second shooting Seattle police have responded to today.


Reports of a shooting at the Blanchard area earlier on Wednesday resulted in the suspect being transported to hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

There were no other reports of injures

policechase.jpg?w=1040&quality=70&strip=all0:44Seattle police chase wrong man in shooting case, arrest him for stealing vehicle

 Seattle police chase wrong man in shooting case, arrest him for stealing vehicle

Both shootings follow another incident on Tuesday, Jan. 21, in which a man was killed by gunfire at Seattle’s Westlake Center.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated

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Gunman opens fire in German town, killing six

One suspect has been arrested, local police have announced.

29 minutes ago
Police have secured the area in Rot am See following the shooting [Oliver Stroebel/Reuters]
Police have secured the area in Rot am See following the shooting [Oliver Stroebel/Reuters]

Six people have died and others wounded following a shooting in southwest Germany, police said on Friday.

The number of deaths was confirmed by local police. A suspect has been arrested, police added, saying there were no indications of any further suspects.

The shooting occurred in the town of Rot am See in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, while police in the nearby town of Aalen said the incident appeared to be linked to a "personal relationship".

"Police are working on the basis that the perpetrator knew the victims and that some were direct relatives," said Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane, reporting from Berlin.

"It is believed the perpetrator is in his mid-30s and does not have a migration background. The town of Rot am See has a population of around 5,000 and, according to residents, the street where the shooting took place is normally a very quiet residential street."

A "major police deployment" was under way in the town approximately 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of Nuremberg, police tweeted.


Die Polizei und die Rettungdienste sind derzeit mit starken Kräften in #RotAmSee im Einsatz.

View image on Twitter

Mass shootings are a comparatively rare occurrence in Germany, although in October a far-right attacker shot and killed two people in the eastern city of Halle after trying to get into a packed synagogue with home-made weapons.

In July 2016, a teenager used a pistol bought illegally online to kill nine people in a shooting spree at a Munich shopping centre, before turning the weapon on himself.


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"While there is no legal definition of "assault weapons" in Canada, it generally refers to semi-automatic firearms that can rapidly unload large amounts of ammunition (fully-automatic firearms have been banned since the 1970's).
Restrictions on semi-automatic firearms already exist (e.g. the number of cartridges that a weapon can hold), but Trudeau is now officially taking steps to prohibit the weapons entirely."

There certainly is a definition of assault weapon.... it's very clear, very straight forward and they are already banned in Canada. That's why you are hearing "military style" as a prefix now, it's an attempt to call an apple an orange.  So, how many "militaries" use "military style" AR 15 assault rifles? 

The answer is zero.

AR 15s are restricted weapons in Canada, meaning that they must be double locked in storage and can only be used at an authorized range and only transported to and from the range by the shortest distance with no stops. So how many people in Canada have been killed with a legally owned AR 15?

The answer is zero.

How many Toronto street gangs use the AR 15 as their goto weapon when shooting up the streets in your neighbourhood?

The answer is zero.

Remember the position the politicians and control lobby took? Remember they assured everyone that registration wasn't a precursor to confiscation? Remember when the NRA (who was monitoring all this) said "oh nay nay..... just wait a bit and watch?" Incase anyone wonders, this is why the NRA defends against any and all incursions on second amendment rights, even those that would seem reasonable to most gun owners.

Final question, how many Liberal politicians understand the nature of the problem and have a reasonable plan to deal with it?



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3 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:


Final question, how many Liberal politicians understand the nature of the problem and have a reasonable plan to deal with it?



The question should be "Final question, how many Liberal politicians understand the nature of any Canadian problems and have reasonable plans to deal  them?

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12 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

Final question, how many Liberal politicians understand the nature of the problem and have a reasonable plan to deal with it?



I might have worded that poorly, I created a two part question.

None the less, (IMO) they understand exactly what they they are doing, they have deliberately (and cravenly) manipulated the statistics to support their current agenda and that agenda plays well with urban voters..... in the process, they've created an urban/rural chasm; but, since it works well with the current electoral boundaries, it serves their purpose at election time. In addition, the plan is relatively easy and stands as cheap, at least until the final bill comes in. When it does, the same cost/benefit questions will haunt them as it did with the registry. Change electoral boundaries and you would witness a dramatic change of opinion.  

The only remaining argument they have yet to exploit is violence against women, when they get to that one they will switch directly to rural statistics because they know the urban ones don't support the premise. They have already used violence against children..... most of their supporters have either forgotten (or failed to recognize) that they considered "children" to be 24 year old gang members in an effort to pad the numbers.

Not only is it not a reasonable plan to deal with the problem, they know full well that it isn't, regardless they remain undeterred despite the knowledge; it's pure agenda. Any analogy to any other regulated activity (that the masses are familiar with) falls flat under its own weight; does the addition of racing stripes make your truck a sports car?

Only a liberal who lives in the city, takes the bus, and has never gotten a drivers license would say yes..... see how this works?

Unrelated and yet part of the madness:

"Toronto mayor denounces xenophobia against Chinese community amid coronavirus fears"

Are people in Toronto actually blaming Canadian citizens (of Chinese descent) for an illness that originated half a world away? Are these the same people with "thoughtful, considered opinions" on gangs, guns and confiscation? I'm wondering where the rational ability to link cause and effect has gone, it seems to have left abruptly and I failed to note the exact time of departure.


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An update on the Airbnb gangster shootout, 12 handguns attended the party and likely drove to the venue themselves. It also contains a few yearly "gun death" stats. They still can't say the words "gang shootings."

City hall has identified the problem as procedural Airbnb deficiencies.... apparently bylaws are in the works.

Even I can't make this stuff up, you have to read 4 or 5 individual news releases to piece it all together and taken individually, they tend to support the notion that gun regulations and rental procedures are at the heart of the problem and not street gangs.




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27 minutes ago, boestar said:

how many respondents


Good question. I suspect based on the following the response was limited in numbers and geographic area. ?  Mind you I think they are correct.

Kentville Office
29 Oakdene Avenue
Kentville, N.S.


Tel. 902-678-2111
Fax. 902-678-9894

Middleton Office
10 Bridge Street
Middleton, N.S


Tel. 825-3429

Digby Office
53 Sydney Street
Digby, N.S


Tel. 245-2111

Windsor Office
169-A Water Street
Windsor, N.S


Tel. 798-2111

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Pretty amazing how people in the middle of an ongoing gang war refuse to identify it by name..... it's always gun crime. One thing is for certain, the gangs are happy to test the limits of that tolerance. If gangs switch to using explosives on rival individuals and groups, does it become "explosives crime?"

Here is a brief (too brief IMO) overview of the issue (it's from last year) but the point is you have to search for it. If you want real information, something that goes beyond vague references to "gun crime" you really have to dig for it. Why? And, when you get to the part where he says that 3/4s of the guns come from the US, keep in mind that ghost guns are deemed domestically sourced to pad JT's numbers.


I'm thinking if people knew the full extent of gang activity going on they would be pretty outraged and demand sterner action on gangs.... not hunters, competitors and target shooters who are computer vetted on a daily (yes DAILY) basis.

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A while back I saw an opinion piece from the anti gun lobby that suggested AR stood for "assault rifle" and that no one used the AR15 for hunting. The spin was that since no one hunted with it, the AR15 had no purpose other than being a "peoplekind" killer.... 

But here's the thing, AR actually stands for Armalite Rifle and there is a reason that no one hunts with it.

AR15s are designated as "Restricted Weapons" in Canada. That means they have to be stored double locked, it also means they can only be transported double locked and then, you can only transport them if you are member of an authorized gun club (and done the requisite training for membership). Even then, you MUST have transport conditions attached to your RPAL. In addition, you can only legally transport it the shortest route (with no stops) from your home to an AUTHORIZED range. In short, you can't hunt with an AR15. 

I've been diligently searching for the slightest glimmer of truth in Liberal rhetoric..... I'll let you know when I find one. In the mean time, please take comfort in the fact that gang members are not subject to these restrictions. 





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Have a look at the embedded ATIP here. No need to go far though, the first few pages of redactions set the tone for a totally redacted submission. 


Anyone remember when JT vilified Mr Harper for the same thing. Remember the election promise that specifically mentioned more openness on ATIPs? I'm guessing that was in the same box as election reform, modest deficits, restoring home delivery of mail, and reducing industrial greenhouse gases. 

Maybe that box is on a train blocked by protestors eh?

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Now you have a turf war between tow truck drivers, no traffic enforcement, no TAVIS, no street checks, no community policing and no response to break and enters. Think about this for just a second! 

GO TORONTO..... how's this working out for ya?


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The Tow Truck industry in Toronto is a crooked game and lucrative if you play it well.  Trucks are being set ablaze in this turf war.

Get a CAA membership and do not accept a tow from ANYONE except a CAA affiliated company.  They will take advantage any way they can.


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Several dead in shootings in German city of Hanau

Police special units are chasing the perpetrators who fled following the attack that killed at least eight people.


At least eight people were killed in two shooting incidents late on Wednesday in the German city of Hanau, police said.

Police special units are chasing the perpetrators who fled the scene of the first attack in a dark-coloured vehicle, police added.

Heavily armed police sealed off two streets in the city of Hanau, where ambulances had rushed, while a police helicopter hovered over the city.


Public broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk earlier reported that the first shots were fired at a shisha bar in the city centre, with witnesses saying they had heard eight or nine shots.

The report said that the perpetrators then drove to the western neighbourhood of Kesselstadt before they started shooting again at another shisha bar.

The motive for the shootings remain unclear.

Police have set up a hotline for members of the public with information that could lead to the suspects.

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