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Trump Wins

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20 hours ago, Malcolm said:

deicer, as I have said before, I don't like President Trump, but that been said, it is you who continue to live in Fantasyland, nothing you say or post on on this forum will change the fact that he is the POTUS. Unless you live in the US and are eligible to vote, nothing you post will have any influence on his reelection. So.........(fill in the blank). :D

Hi Malcolm

While I may not be able to change the fact of what is going on south of the border, one must be vigilant to the changes that occur that can affect us in Canada.  With this one thread on the Trump regime, as well as the other multiple threads pertaining to our Prime Minister and local politics show, there is a desire to discuss the likes and dislikes of governmental skulduggery.

While you have highlighted my propensity to discuss the changes and challenges happening south of the border, why not pick on those who post all the righty stuff about what's happening here?  They won't change anything in our system, just as it is in the U.S.  I guess they'll just have to get used to it too, until the next election.

The United States is a behemoth that has influence on every aspect of Canadian life, as well as global economics.  They fart, we have to put up with the stink.  What affects their economy will affect our economy. 

I choose not to keep my head in the sand about it. 

I have posted on the Canadian politics threads that nothing much has changed in Canada since the election of Trudeau and that we should give it at least one mandate to see what comes of it.

In the U.S., they are only five weeks into the new administration, and there are already huge changes, which I don't see as an advantage, happening.

Nobody has posted meaningfully about any benefits occurring south of the border, just that what I have posted is meaningless.

Human rights are already taking a big hit, and now we'll see what will be done economically.

Thanks for keeping it civil.

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