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I didn't see the correction regarding the woman who complained her hijab was torn off. Allegedly....she lied. Trump was elected by virtue of the votes of those he persuaded with his campaign pron

This is all I will say on the subject. Let's be honest, they didn't exactly have an easy choice. Liar vs. Liar is a pretty accurate way to frame it. They made their choice but were deeply divided in d

Posted Images

What makes this article questionable is that while it blames the democrats and specifically Clinton of subterfuge, it also claims that it was known by the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time.

That committee was controlled by the republican party.  How did they drop the ball and why?

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Do you think that in the last decade of hyper partisanship that 'plausible' would be allowed to be passed over?

I ask that because of all the investigations into Clinton et al, no convictions have come down.

Many investigations, many allegations, no proof.

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3 hours ago, JDunkin said:

Just like the Russian collusion. Many allegations. No proof. And no convictions.

Lets just agree that both sides play dirty politics, ignore it(unless we see real proof) and vote based on policy.

It is easy to be partisan and have double standards where the other side is guilty until proven innocent while your side is innocent until proven guilty.

Vote on policy.


So if I were to vote on policy, sell me on the good points of what trump has done for the average citizen, not only in the U.S. but globally as a world leader.

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So as I see the policies of trump being disingenuous and damaging, I will continue to point out such.

The information I post is factual, with links to reputable sources, and in between, memes and such.

If you are going to prove me wrong, please provide the facts and try to stay away from opinion pieces and conspiracy theories, otherwise we end up with exchanges like 4 posts back.

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Rex for PM !!!!


Rex Murphy: Yes, it was a rotten debate. But a lot worse is happening in America right now

There have been so many assaults on American democracy these past four years, that to get excited by a bar room brawl seems petty

It’s a good guess Donald Trump is not a fan of Jane Austen. And for that matter I don’t see Joe Biden cozying up to Pride and Prejudice or Emma either. The properly lauded Ms. Austen is the most decorous of novelists, one whose works breathe a spirit of courtesy, good manners and disciplined speech and behaviour.

I do not think any of her handful of mistresspieces would be on the bookshelves — assuming either have bookshelves — of either Mr. Trump or his adversary. Indeed there’s a small wager to be made that they may not even know her name or her novels.

Jane,” as her devotees in the present day like to speak of her, for her part would not have liked the Biden-Trump rumble. Pardon me, that is too weak. She would, in the deep 18th-century meaning of the term, have been appalled.

Jane Austen would have been appalled


But enough of these stray observations. The first point I wish to make is that the debate was a wild, rambunctious, frequently rude mess. Not assisted or improved by the egotistical Chris Wallace who must, at some level, have thought he was one of the debaters.

This is the general verdict. And the mainline press spent most of yesterday deploring the conduct of Mr. Trump (as they will on all occasions) and to a lesser degree that of Mr. Biden (mercy toward him being another feature of current reportage). I can agree with the descriptions, and like most others wish that presidential debates held to a standard of civilized decorum, that a speaking contest between the two carried more substance, was expressive more of ideas than attacks, and gave young people something of a positive example of how people can disagree with one another, yet retain some manners and aim for a little elegance.

That’s where I stop. The horror being expressed over the debate, the numbers shocked and appalled, is seriously misplaced and overdrawn. It was a (I don’t like this term but it fits here) lousy performance by the both of them. But as an element of American politics it was one of the very last things for journalists, pundits and observers to get riled about. So much worse has happened, so much more profound mutilations of American democracy have marked these past four years, that to get excited by a bar room brawl of a debate seems petty.

Debate.jpg?quality=100&strip=all&w=564 U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participate in the first presidential debate moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace at the Health Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University on Sept. 29, 2020, in Cleveland, Ohio. PHOTO BY SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES

A debate — even one as raw as Tuesday’s — is just a debate, a limited verbal exchange. Consider some other matters.

The Kavanaugh hearings, for example. These were a vicious assault, compounded of allegations of the vilest kind (multiple “train” rapes being just one), all passed on without foundation or any real investigation by the press. An honourable man and his family were put through a hearings grinder and subjected to manic character assassination. Much of the controversy evaporated or was proven the fantasy or fabrication of a felonious lawyer (Michael Avenatti). Once Brett Kavanaugh survived the attacks and was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, all his accusers simply walked away without consequence to them, and the media that so eagerly carried the slanders likewise offered neither comment nor apology.

There was something to get worked up about. There’s an example of “decorum” savagely abandoned. The debate’s deficits were a toy to the cruelties and mischiefs of the Kavanaugh hearing.

There’s an example of ‘decorum’ savagely abandoned


The riots, and arson, and beatings and intimidations that are taking place right now in many U.S. cities — in some cases, Portland, e.g., for over 100 full nights — are an outrageous violation of all civic canons, and are criminal to boot. Yet, for so many in the media,  this assault on the very character of democracy, this threat to the civil peace of millions, hardly merits more than a passing reference and concern. Violence in the streets, people in black masks destroying property and injuring and in some cases even killing people — this is most grievous. And, pace the press, it is almost exclusively coming from radical leftist organizations. How can this be tolerated for so long? How can some try to excuse it? Compare a rotten debate to street thugs taking over parts of a modern city, demanding the modern equivalent of “danegeld,” and you see how insignificant the former is.

What of the three-year fabrication, supported by some in the great investigative agencies of the country, of the Russia collusion? Three years were spent on a concocted fantasy that Donald Trump was a Russian agent. It has been utterly discredited. Yet the legal and administrative apparatus of the U.S. government wasted three years on investigations and hearings, and at the end we learned the whole thing sprang from a dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign, a dubious British ex-agent, and highly irregular if not outright illegal activities in the highest echelons of the FBI and CIA. They knew from the first it was a fixed-up allegation.

What’s a rotten debate compared with Russiagate?

What’s a rotten debate compared with Russiagate?


Finally, if the debate was messy and heated, it was but a slice, a glimpse of the state of American politics as a whole. Partisanship has reach the level of insane intensity. Pro-Trump and anti-Trump partisans loathe each other with a loathing that is feral. Reason has fled from cross-party divisions. Anything goes if it can be levelled at the other side. Democracy is being mangled by the hatred each party has for the other.

In such a context the debate was but a trivial exemplar. If people wish to deplore the loss of civility and the abandonment of decorum deplore the widespread, if not universal, abandonment of both in American politics as a whole. And for all those in the media scorning the debate — look into the mirror. Media practice during the Trump years has been a farce of unbalanced “reportage,” atrocious opinionating, and anti-Trump obsessionism. The media have never been so reckless and irresponsible.

The debate was poor beyond poor, that we agree on. But American politics and practice over the past three plus years have been conducted on a gutter level all the way through. It’s a bit rich to highlight 90 minutes of debate as its major failing. The debate was merely in harmony with the great mass of the political process. When all of politics is crude and raw and careless and without scruple, where did the expectation come from that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were going to elevate it?

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Donald Trump, Melania Trump test positive for coronavirus


CNN will no doubt be in full bash mode today. Don Lemon already started the barrage.

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A feisty FLOTUS....


In profane rant, Melania Trump mocks migrant children, targets critics

Friday October 2, 2020 - The New York Times News Service
Michael D. Shear

The first lady, Melania Trump, delivered a profanity-laced rant about Christmas decorations at the White House and mocked the plight of migrant children who were separated from their parents at the border in 2018 during a conversation secretly taped by a former aide and close confidante.

“I’m working like a — my ass off at Christmas stuff,” Trump laments to the former aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who has just published a tell-all book, in a recording that was first broadcast on CNN on Thursday night. Trump continued, “You know, who gives a fùck about Christmas stuff and decoration?”

Later in the conversation, which occurred in July 2018, the first lady complained about the criticism leveled at President Donald Trump and his administration that summer for separating families in a crackdown on immigration.

“I say that I’m working on Christmas planning for the Christmas, and they said, ‘Oh, what about the children?’ That they were separated.” She used another obscenity to express her exasperation, asking Winston Wolkoff, “Where they were saying anything when Obama did that?”

The audio recording puts the first lady’s frustrations on full display only weeks before Donald Trump faces voters in his bid for a second term.

In a statement, Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s chief of staff, accused Winston Wolkoff of seeking to profit by releasing the recordings even as she tries to increase sales of her book, “Melania and Me.”

“Her only intent was to secretly tape the first lady in order to peddle herself and her salacious book,” Grisham said. “There is no way to know if these recordings have been edited, and it’s clear the clips were hand-picked and presented with no context. The first lady remains focused on her family and serving our country.”

As first lady, Trump has been somewhat reclusive, holding few formal dinners or parties at the White House and keeping a mostly low profile. Critics have mocked her “Be Best” program, intended to encourage children to model good behavior, saying that the president hardly abides by that credo.

Winston Wolkoff’s book was published this year after a falling-out between the two women. Winston Wolkoff left the White House in early 2018 after it was revealed that her firm had received $26 million to help plan the president’s inauguration.

The recordings appear to present Trump as irritated that she does not receive the positive news coverage that she believes she deserves, in part because people say she is not speaking out enough about her husband’s actions as president.

“They say I’m complicit. I’m the same like him. I support him. I don’t say enough. I don’t do enough,” she tells Winston Wolkoff in a conversation that sounds as if she is confiding in a close friend.

The conversation took place only weeks after Trump made headlines when she traveled to an immigrant shelter for children in Texas along the Mexican border and wore a jacket that read, in white capital letters, “I really don’t care. Do U?”

At the time, the president and the first lady’s spokeswoman said that the message on the jacket was aimed at reporters, not at the children she was visiting.

Asked by Winston Wolkoff why she wore the jacket, Trump said she did it to annoy her husband’s critics.

“I’m driving liberals crazy, that’s for sure,” she said. “And that, you know, that’s — and they deserve it. And everybody’s like, ‘Oh, my God. this is the worst. This is the worst.’ After, I mean, come on. They are crazy, OK?”

In the recordings, she complains that the news media was not willing to write a positive article about her visit and her efforts to help reunite children with their parents. She says they do not understand the limits of what she can do because reuniting them “needs to go through the process and through the law.”

Of the news media, she says: “They will not do the story. We put it out. They would not do the story. You would not believe it. They would not do the story because they are not — they would not do the story because they are against us because they are liberal media. Yeah, if I go to Fox, they will do the story. I don’t want to go to Fox.”

The recordings also suggest that the president’s view of immigration — and in particular his support for the idea of separating children at the border to deter illegal crossings — influenced the way she saw the issue as well.

In one part of the conversation, according to CNN, Melania Trump questioned whether the mothers and children who claimed to have been subject to violence in their home countries were really lying to Border Patrol officials.

“A lot of, like, moms and kids they are teached how to do it,” Trump said. “They go over and they say like, ‘Oh, we will be killed by a gang member, we will be, you know, it’s so dangerous.’ So they are allowed to stay here.”

She said the families, most of whom come from Central America, could have chosen to stay in Mexico.

“They are teached by other people what to say to come over and to, you know, let them go to stay here,” she said. “Because they could easily stay in Mexico, but they don’t want to stay in Mexico because Mexico doesn’t take care of them the same as America does.”


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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany updated reporters on the President’s health outside the White House Friday; saying he’s “hard at work” despite suffering from “mild symptoms” due to the Coronavirus.

“I’m not going to get into the President’s symptoms, his symptoms are mild. He’s hard at work, we’re having him slow down a little bit. He’s on the phone with Mitch McConnell, with Lindsey Graham. He’s hard at work despite the mild symptoms,” said McEnany.

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Quote of the Day !!!!!

" Even if the president were to become incapacitated, he would still accomplish more in an incapacitated state than the entire Democrat party could, healthy. "

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On 2/24/2017 at 2:20 PM, deicer said:


We're just over a year in.  When the number get's somewhere near Harpers negative $150BILLION, then we can resume this part of the conversation.




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IMO, we need to stop looking at the past and instead concentrate on what is happening now.  Any debt rung up in the past was believed to be repayable in the near future, not so the current one.

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1 hour ago, JDunkin said:

What can I say, a proven fraud again. He still dislikes Harper and would still vote for Trudeau(or NDP). In other words, he was just talking Sh-t when he made this statement.


Maybe there is an ulterior motive. The real deep down motive. Money. The parasites of taxpayers money will say anything to get their hands on it. That is what they really want as they can't earn enough of it.

You pull a quote from before the pandemic, using it to relate to the unprecedented times we are in.  How disingenuous.

You call me a fraud, yet you once again prove that without debunking my posts in context that you are once again back here with an axe to grind.  So who is the real fraud?

You just can't let go, can you?

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On 9/30/2020 at 4:33 PM, A330PilotCanada said:

QED (quod erat demonstrandum)

That's it exactly...

And, as an aside from creatures now ignored, In New York City, shootings were up 127% in Sept and murders by 76%. Liberal minded folk have suddenly stopped explaining to me (as if I was in grade 3) how crime statistics are down.  

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1 hour ago, Wolfhunter said:

That's it exactly...

And, as an aside from creatures now ignored, In New York City, shootings were up 127% in Sept and murders by 76%. Liberal minded folk have suddenly stopped explaining to me (as if I was in grade 3) how crime statistics are down.  

Just goes to show we don't need police and we need to defund them.  image.jpeg.1cdbabb5926f6e1f1949684e2b948d12.jpeg

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