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You're confusing your hatred with reality.

What GWB did was acknowledge that the U.S. businesses were taking advantage of cheap labour and he admitted that they had to do something about it.

However, you couldn't see that because you think it is OK for the average American to pay many times more in taxes than a lying cheat.

Imagine if the U.S. had a proper leader and came up with a way to allow the labour they needed into the country and make them legal.  

Oh wait, they had that and your hero got rid of it.

Says a lot, doesn't it?

Besides, how come they never charge the corporations for hiring illegal workers, amongst them trump himself?

Multiple news outlets have reported on the Trump Organization’s longstanding reliance on the very people the president often discusses with derision: undocumented immigrants.

Most recently, the Washington Post reported on construction crews at Trump properties largely being composed of undocumented workers, even after Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons and a Trump Organization executive, said the company was making a “broad effort” to identify and fire undocumented laborers. One worker told the Post he was even instructed by a supervisor to buy fake documents on a street corner in New York City.

Employing workers without legal status gives the company a competitive advantage, industry officials told the Post. And undocumented laborers are less likely to risk job changes and less likely to complain if they’re being mistreated.

Trump “doesn’t want undocumented people in the country,” one former Trump Organization worker, Jorge Castro, told the Post. “But at his properties, he still has them.”


The president is fine with an immigrant “invasion” when it’s benefitting him financially.
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I didn't see the correction regarding the woman who complained her hijab was torn off. Allegedly....she lied. Trump was elected by virtue of the votes of those he persuaded with his campaign pron

This is all I will say on the subject. Let's be honest, they didn't exactly have an easy choice. Liar vs. Liar is a pretty accurate way to frame it. They made their choice but were deeply divided in d

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20 hours ago, deicer said:

The Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax information extending over more than two decades, revealing struggling properties, vast write-offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming due.

NY Times Tried Another Fake News Hit Piece Over Trump’s Taxes and Failed Miserably

The New York Times has the reputation of being the “paper of record” and sometimes I wonder what record they’re talking about.  Certainly not legitimate journalism.

Once more, the New York Times has tried to make an issue out of President Donald Trump’s taxes after using his real estate holdings as a tax shelter to lower income taxes.  It’s taxes 101.  In the end, the Times article is nothing more than another October-Surprise-in-September attack where Donald Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.

In the hit piece the Times completely ignores the way income taxes are strategically handled to be offset by depreciation, mortgage interest and the entire reason why real estate ownership is viewed as a business.  It’s almost as if they know nothing at all about “carried loss.”


Think about if you took out an $5 million mortgage at 5%, paying $2 million cash. Now you have to pay $250,000 in mortgage payments.   You want to make at least that much so you charge your tenants an aggregate of $275,000, which after repairs and upkeep comes out to $260,000 of net income.  The interest payment on the loan is say $240,000, and it is deductible from your income, leaving you with $20,000 in net income.  You will get to keep that and pay no taxes on it, nevertheless, because you  still get to use the $255,000 depreciation cost. You tell the IRS you lost $235,000.

Under our tax code, ordinary business expenses will be deducted in the year they are acquired. However, when a business pays for a long-lasting item expected to produce income–like equipment, vehicles, or an apartment building–it’s thought to be a capital investment. As an alternative of getting to write-off the cost all at once, the business is required to write it off over the course of decades. Congress decided the amount of time for that is 27.5 years when they wrote the 1986 tax code.

If you’ve ever run a business you understand full well that offsetting income is without a doubt one of the main reasons for being self-employed.  Moreover, the Times fully skips over the tens-of-millions in payroll taxes paid by the Trump organization and tens-of-millions in property and sales taxes paid by all of the varied Trump properties.  Have we forgotten already when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed her illegally-obtained copies of Trump’s taxes where she had to admit he paid over $30 million in taxes?


The main thing that comes out of this, that the Times will never admit, is that Donald Trump paid all of the taxes he owed at the federal level, and the only illegal thing that happened here is when someone leaked his tax returns to the Times.

In their hit piece the Times talked about how Trump does business around with world with authoritarian leaders, trying to make it seem like that makes him an authoritarian leader himself.  What about the Clintons dealing with Saudi Arabia, or even with the Russians via Uranium One and Skokovo?  Or how about the NBA and it’s dealings with China?  Can you imagine the New York Times ever sending a reporter down to the University of Delaware and request to see the Biden papers.  They won’t do it.  How about the Times just once asking real questions about Tara Reade, the woman who credibly accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her?  They won’t do it.  How about they do a single story about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China where he allegedly did nefarious things that helped China compete against the United States economically and militarily?  They won’t do it.  How about they mention the subchapter S corporation Joe Biden created to save himself millions in taxes?  They don’t do it.  Yet, they have time to make up innuendo about what Trump pays in taxes.

In the commercial real estate market it just makes sense to offset income tax liabilities with a number of valid annual expenses, long-term capital depreciation and mortgage interest payments.   Many other business owners do it.  It’s smart to do it.  Only the lazy or ignorant would not take advantage of our tax laws when they’re available.  With over 500 individual business entities inside the Trump organization the ability to offset income in one asset with expenses in another is just great accounting work.


Moreover, President Trump donates his $400,000 government salary again to the US government.  He takes a single dollar a year in salary to make it legal, and he donates his quarterly salary to whatever department he feels could use it to make American lives better at that point in time.  So to accuse President Trump of only paying $750 in income taxes completely ignores all of the other donations and taxes he’s paid out.

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12 hours ago, Jaydee said:



Moreover, President Trump donates his $400,000 government salary again to the US government.  He takes a single dollar a year in salary to make it legal, and he donates his quarterly salary to whatever department he feels could use it to make American lives better at that point in time.  So to accuse President Trump of only paying $750 in income taxes completely ignores all of the other donations and taxes he’s paid out.





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This is what was illustrated in the Netflix documentary 'The Great Hack'.  A good watch if you have the time.

Reports say the Trump campaign deterred millions of Black voters in 2016

A prominent British news outlet is claiming that the Trump campaign aimed to deter 3.5 million Black voters in 2016.

The news outlet Channel 4 has exclusively obtained a vast cache of data that was used by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign on nearly 200 million American voters. The information collected was used and manipulated by models and algorithms.

In 16 key battleground states, millions of Americans were separated by an algorithm into one of eight categories. They were then targeted with tailored ads on Facebook and other online platforms.

The data reveals that the 3.5 million potential black voters were categorized under ‘deterrence.’ This category was later described publicly by Trump’s Chief Data Scientist as containing people that the campaign hoped “don’t show up to vote.” Overall, people of colour labelled as Black, Hispanic, Asian or other made up 54% of the ‘deterrence’ category. The 2016 election saw the first fall in Black voter turnout in 20 years



Voters labelled in the ‘deterrence project’ were targeted with negative ads taking aim at Trump’s 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton. These ads included videos featuring Clinton referring to Black youth as “super predators.” The videos aired on television 402 times in October 2016 and received millions of views on Facebook.

Civil rights campaigners are saying the evidence amounts to a new form of voter suppression. They are calling on Facebook to disclose ads and targeting information that has yet to be made public.

The ‘deterrence’ project contains details of more than 5,000 files, which amass almost 5 terabytes of data, making it one of the biggest leaks in history.

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13 minutes ago, JDunkin said:

Admittedly, you did bring up the general idea that you are fine with mass, uncontrolled illegal immigration most of which is from extremely violent countries.

You do not have the permission or the right to speak for me.

You need help.

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What an EVIL man !!  :064:  (or so we are told) 


President Trump has scored a hat trick of nominations for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, this time for the president’s foreign policy philosophy, dubbed the “Trump Doctrine,” according to a report.

“What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America,” Australian law professor David Flint told Sky News Australia on Sunday. “He’s reducing America’s tendency to get involved in any and every war.”

Flint and a group of law professors in Australia are the third to nominate Trump for the prize.

“What Trump did is he went ahead and negotiated against all advice, but he did it with common sense,” Flint said. “He negotiated directly with the Arab states concerned and Israel and brought them together.”

Magnus Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish Parliament, nominated Trump for the prize for his work in forging a historic peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo, and Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, nominated Trump for the Israel-UAE-Bahrain deal.

“For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde said of Trump’s accomplishments.

The winner of the 2020 peace prize is expected to be announced on Oct. 9.

Edited by Jaydee
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3 hours ago, JDunkin said:

Sorry De-icer, this is what the democrat policies entail. Saying You Need Help repeatedly, does not change that reality. It just shows how little credibility you have.

Tell us more about the democrat policy of sanctuary cities.

Not asking for help, don't need any.  Just laying foundations.

You demonstrate by your need to demonize instead of discuss, the need for help.

History shows, most damage is done by conservative policies.  That's why I provide the links.

Name call all you want, you only prove my point.

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If the debates in 2016 were any indication of what's about to unfold...Watch the LEFT explode tonight when Trump wipes the floor with Biden.

How long before he calls him " Sleepy Joe" or  "Joe Hiden " or "Slow Joe".

Some Cleveland businesses aren't taking any chances ahead of Tuesday's first presidential debate and have started boarding up over concerns of possible unrest that has gripped the country in recent months, coupled with a contentious election.


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6 hours ago, JDunkin said:

Mindless statements with no evidence.

That is why you have no credibility and are a fraud.


More evidence you need help.

All you have to do is scroll back through the thread.

You don't want to do that, you just have a need once again to attack me personally.

Go ahead, you're just proving my point over and over.


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56 minutes ago, JDunkin said:

AS if I am going to scroll through 191 pages to figure out your accusations without evidence. But seeing as that is the level of your argumentative capability, my response is:

"History shows, most damage is done by left wing policies."

Oh, and you can find out more by searching the net.

The links are there.  Stop the accusations when you are being intellectually lazy.


11 years.jpg

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