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First Snowbirds Video Of The Year YMJ - YQQ


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Thanks Johnboy here is your answer:

Engine: Orenda J-85 CAN-40 turbojet with 2,950 lbs thrust.
Max Speed: 486 mph (782 km/h)
Service Ceiling: 42,200 ft (12,863 m)
Range: 940 miles (1,563 km)


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8 hours ago, Johnboy said:

Could not quite figure out the enroute tech stops here.  Any guesses?

Hey Johnboy! 

I put my Aviation Detective hat on and had a look at the video. Here's my guess of the route and stops. 

Moose Jaw (CYMJ) - Medicine Hat (CYXH) - Calgary/Springbank (CYBW) - Kelowna (CYLW) - Comox (CYQQ)

The CYBW-CYLW leg doesn't appear in the video but the departure and fly-by of Okanagan Lake isn't too hard to miss. 

The Tutor might have a theoretical range of 940 miles but I believe the Snowbirds don't have the aux fuel tanks capable of carrying jet fuel (just oil for the smoke system and now at least one with the Go Pro cameras). Plus flying VFR low level doesn't help the fuel consumption. So the legs were kept short (under 250 miles). 

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I can confirm without even watching the video that it was indeed Medicine Hat, Springbank and Kelowna, because I cheated and had my son ask Maciej.  :lol:

He also said "Tell your friends they were grounding 213 leaving the Jaw".  I don't know what that means, but I'm sure that it's very exciting.   ;)

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Thanks for the input.  Great detectives out there. I reached out to Maciej as well and  there was one extra stop due to strong headwinds that day.  Grounding 213 is a reference to a "ground speed" of only 213 kits.  Also missing video YBW due to a GoPro camera SD card failure .  I will share my photo and video results when I hope to see the team this June in southern Ontario.

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