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Terrorists, Returning Terrorists and Internal Terrorists

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Christchurch rocked by mosque shootings

The city in New Zealand is on high alert after shootings at two mosques killed 49 people.


New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: 'This can only be described as a terrorist attack'New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: 'This can only be described as a terrorist attack'

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch were "well planned" and could "only be described as a terrorist attack".

She told reporters that suspects arrested had "extremist views that have absolutely no place in New Zealand and, in fact, no place in the world"

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And made even more tragic by virtue of the fact that most of these folks were (largely) fleeing the same hateful extremism that they fell victim to. 

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The extent of suffering needs to be viewed in an international context to appreciate the true extent and horror of it.  For some reason, most of this receives little coverage and even less analysis. I find the notion of simple solutions a bit lacking...... Here is a brief summary of 2018, how many of these do you remember hearing about and what do you make of the fact that you heard so little? 

More often than not, it's bombings that are the most destructive. Rather than address root causes, some might suggest that a ban on ammonium nitrate was appropriate, that agriculture was largely to blame and that farming should be banned as a result. 

Location Date Description Deaths Injuries
Iraq January 15 2018 Baghdad bombings.[311] 38 105
Afghanistan January 20 2018 Inter-Continental Hotel Kabul attack.[312] 40 22
Afghanistan January 24 2018 Save The Children Jalalabad attack[313] 6 27
Afghanistan January 27 2018 Kabul ambulance bombing.[314] 103 235
Russia February 18 Kizlyar church shooting[315] 6 5
Somalia February 18 February 2018 Mogadishu attack.[316] 45 36
Burkina Faso March 2 2018 Ouagadougou attacks[317][318] 30 85
Afghanistan March 21 March 2018 Kabul suicide bombing-Suicide attack.[319] 33 65
France March 23 Carcassonne and Trèbes attack-Hostage crisis.[320] 5 15
Somalia April 1 2018 African Union base attack in Bulo Marer.[321] 59 (+30) Unknown
Afghanistan April 22 April 2018 Kabul suicide bombing-Suicide attack.[322] 69 120
Afghanistan April 30 30 April 2018 Kabul suicide bombings[323][324] 29 50
Nigeria May 1 2018 Mubi suicide bombings[325][326] 86 58
Libya May 2 2018 attack on the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli, Libya[327] 16 20
France May 12 2018 Paris knife attack[328] 2 4
Indonesia May 13 2018 Surabaya bombings-Suicide attack.[329] 25 55
Belgium May 29 2018 Liège attack[330] 4 4
Afghanistan July 1 July 2018 Jalalabad suicide bombing[331] 20 20
Pakistan July 10 2018 Peshawar suicide bombing[332] 22 75
Pakistan July 13 2018 Mastung and Bannu bombings[333][334] 154 223
Tajikistan July 29 Assailants rammed American and European cyclists with a car in the Khatlon region, then attacked them with knives and an axe. Four cyclists killed and two were injured. At least one suspected attacker was killed while resisting arrest and at least one other was detained.[335] 4 2
Jordan August 12 An explosion near a police van killed one officer and wounded six other at the city of Fuheis. The security forces hunt the attackers and sieged them in a building at the city of Salt. Jordan officials claimed that the attackers supported the Islamic State, but didn't have links to the organization.[336][337][338] 5 at least 26
Netherlands August 31 A 19-year-old Afghan, with a German residence permit, stabbed two American tourists with a knife at Amsterdam’s central station. After the attack he was shot by Dutch police in his lower body and arrested. The victims remained in hospital with serious injuries. German police searched the man’s house at the request of their Dutch colleagues and seized several data carriers.[339] 0 2
Iran September 22 2018 Ahvaz military parade attack - Militants wearing khaki uniforms shot at an Iranian military parade in Ahvaz. The ISIL claimed the attack.[340] at least 24 20
Egypt November 2 Islamic militants have ambushed three buses carrying Christian pilgrims returning from a remote Coptic Christian monastery and opened fire. Egyptian officials said that 7 people killed and 19 wounded. The local Islamic State which claimed responsibility said that 13 Christians killed and another 18 wounded.[341] 7 19
Australia November 9 A man, of Somali origin, set a car on fire and stabbed three people - one fatally - in Melbourne. He was shot dead after confronting officers on a busy city street. ISIS had claimed responsibility for the knife attack through its media, but Australian authorities said he was only inspired by the group and did not appear to be direct links.[342][343] 1 2
Morocco December 17 Two female Scandiniavian tourists, a Danish and a Norwegian, killed, one beheaded, near Imlil in the Atlas Mountains, the murderers filmed their action while branding the two women 'enemies of God' and saying their actions were God's will. Four suspects arrested over the killings and the Moroccan authorities said that they had pledged allegiance to Islamic State before the killings.[344][345][346][347] 2 0


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Ammonium nitrate became a regulated substance after the first world trade centre bombing (Oklahoma wasn't enough apparently).  You now require a license in the US to purchase any substantial quantity.

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5 minutes ago, boestar said:

Ammonium nitrate became a regulated substance after the first world trade centre bombing (Oklahoma wasn't enough apparently).  You now require a license in the US to purchase any substantial quantity.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not that difficult to make...

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Very true but when have regulators ever actually looked at the details when imposing a knee jerk reaction to something they have no clue how to fix.

Sound familiar at all?


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Well, maybe it’s just me…. I tend to blame voters more than the government. Apart from a few unanticipated scandals, people are screaming the loudest about items that were actually Liberal election promises. Things like gun control, carbon taxation, and more rigorous scrutiny of pipeline developments come instantly to mind.

Last week at the gym, I asked an opinionated guy to define “assault rifle” for me and he couldn’t do it. When I explained that selective fire and high capacity magazines were already illegal here he got defensive and reverted to the old standby that AR (as in AR-15) stands for assault rifle. The conversation ended abruptly when I told him it actually stood for Armalite Rifle. 

The real question is how do you get people to seek solutions that might transcend their own narratives and experience? As in aviation, you usually won't survive long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.... and if you do, no one will believe you anyway if it doesn't fit the narrative... just ask any pilot who has gone civilian to military then back to civilian and then back to military again. They bring a wealth of observation (best practices) to the table that are all but universally ignored. How do you stop things from being circular? I would have previously suggested the internet but it seems more cause than solution. It seems that knee jerk reactions are all we can aspire to now.

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For Wolfhunter and the rest of us:

Mexico has one gun shop. So how come all the murders?

There were more than 33,000 killings in Mexico in 2018 - but there's only one legal gun store in the country.

US weapons are feeding the crisis in Mexico - as is a high demand for drugs in the US.

Video by Angélica M Casas

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a common thread accross the globe.... US Guns in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and any other country the US touches.  For good measure the US taught these countries how to use them. 

US demand for drugs being paid for with US guns and the US is blaming THEM.  Amazing spin.


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Islamist extremism caused 84,000 deaths worldwide in 2017, new report says


A new report tracking the roots, spread and effects of violent Islamist extremism found that 121 groups that share elements from a common ideology are now operating worldwide. Their activities resulted in the deaths of 84,000 people – nearly 22,000 of them civilians – in 66 countries in 2017, the report found.


In remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday that Islamist extremism is "global and growing."

"It didn't begin with al Qaeda; nor will it end with the defeat of ISIS," Blair said.

The "Global Extremist Monitor," which was produced by Blair's eponymous non-profit, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, drew on hundreds of English-language news sources that reported on incidents of violent extremism in 2017. There were a total of 7,841 attacks – an average of 21 per day –in 48 countries, it said, with war-torn Syria topping the list of countries most affected by violent extremism. Overall, Muslims were the most frequent victims of deadly attacks.

Twenty-nine violent Islamist groups were actively engaged in conflict in Syria in 2017, the report said, with ISIS responsible for 44 percent of all attacks. Half of all civilian fatalities recorded globally were documented in Syria.

A separate, recent UN report said there are between 20,000 and 30,000 ISIS fightersstill operating across Iraq and Syria, though its self-proclaimed physical caliphate has been all but eliminated.

Blair, who was Britain's prime minister at the time of the September 11 attacks, and under whose leadership the country engaged alongside the U.S. in the Iraq war, called on the international community to rely less on security measures and more on soft power and development initiatives to combat violent extremism.

"Security measures obviously have in many ways been effective and must remain in place," he said. "But the reality is, security alone will only slow the violence."


In a panel discussion following Blair's presentation, counterterrorism and insurgency expert Bruce Hoffman echoed his remarks, saying security, countermeasures and kinetics have "an absolutely vital role," but added, "to actually break the cycle of recruitment and regeneration that is sustaining these groups, you have to target…education, countering the falsehoods, and, of course, building local leadership," Hoffman said.

Fellow panelist Farah Pandith, who served during the Obama administration as the State Department's first-ever special representative to Muslim communities, said action and investment were especially urgent as groups like ISIS broaden their recruitment efforts for operational gain.

"It is not just about young men; it's also about young women," she said. "ISIS and other groups…have understood very smartly that it isn't useful for them to just look at one part of the population; they need to look at everyone."

"So they're looking at men and women, girls and boys," Pandith said.

The report identified 181 female suicide bombers in 2017.

In his call for global commitments, Blair stressed the importance of investment in public and private education systems to promote religious tolerance and literacy.

"The essential thing, in my view, is to deal with the ideology," Blair said, "and not just the violence."


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March 20, 2019 / 10:11 AM / Updated 35 minutes ago

Driver hijacks, sets ablaze school bus in Italy, children flee unharmed


3 Min Read


MILAN (Reuters) - A bus full of schoolchildren was hijacked and set on fire by its own driver on Wednesday in an apparent protest against migrant drownings in the Mediterranean, Italian authorities said.

The wreckage of a bus that was set ablaze by its driver in protest against the treatment of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, is seen on a road in Milan, Italy, March 20, 2019. Local Team via Reuters TV/Reuters

All 51 children managed to escape unhurt before the bus was engulfed in flames on the outskirts of Milan, Italy’s business capital. Police named the driver as Ousseynou Sy, a 47-year-old Italian citizen of Senegalese origin.

“He shouted, ‘Stop the deaths at sea, I’ll carry out a massacre’,” police spokesman Marco Palmieri quoted Sy as telling police after his arrest.

A video posted on Italian news sites showed the driver ramming the bus into cars on a provincial highway before the fire took hold. Children can be seen running away from the vehicle screaming and shouting “escape”.

One of the children told reporters that the driver had threatened to pour petrol over them and set them alight. One of group managed to call the police, who rushed to the scene and broke the bus windows to get everyone to safety.

Palmieri said some children were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure because they had bruises or were in a state of shock, but none suffered serious injuries.

A teacher who was with the middle school children was quoted by Ansa news agency as saying that the driver had said he wanted to get to the runway at Milan’s Linate airport.

An unnamed girl was also quoted as saying that Sy blamed deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio for the deaths of African migrants at sea.

The United Nations estimates that some 2,297 migrants drowned or went missing in the Mediterranean in 2018 as they tried to reach Europe.

A Libyan security official said on Tuesday that at least 10 migrants died when their boat sank off the Libyan coast near the western town of Sabratha.


The Italian government has closed its ports to charity rescue ships that pick up migrants off the Libyan coast. Salvini says this has helped reduce deaths because far fewer people are now putting to sea.

Human rights groups say deaths might have increased with hardly any boats now searching for the would-be refugees.

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It’s a long read, but you really have to say wtf!! What is going on in government/law enforcement?? It’s good to know Hezbollah finds Canada a good place to do business.......

“It really bothered me. It was very clear how Canada was a very, very big part of Hezbollah’s transnational narco-terrorism,” the source said. “But RCMP made it very clear at that time, they didn’t want to bear down on money laundering and drug trafficking. So when I see what is happening now in Vancouver, I have to think back to what we were seeing.”

Canada has become a joke.......from our pm, to immigration, borders, national policies toward resources, state of our military, infrastructure, transportation, returning Isis soldiers, Kadr, and now law enforcement,

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