More Destinations For Ac Rouge

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"Who here doesn't shop at Walmart or Costco?"

Me. Refuse to support Walmart in any way, shape or form.

I will gladly pay more at another store.

As for Costco I have never been in their store for other reasons.

Maybe if you told us why, you might convince some of us to follow your lead. That would make your clearly strongly held stance even more powerful.

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I think Costco is OK... Living wages, good return policy, competetive prices... $1.50 hotdogs...

And who are they competing with really - Loblaws, Sobeys, Esso, Shell, Best Buy, etc... Hardly taking down the small guys...

As for Walmart... Never. Lowest of the low. Feel dirty just walking into that place.

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Not sure how we got from new Rouge routes to this but what the heck. I purchased an ABC fire extinguisher 10 years ago, clipped the recipte to the inspection tag, used the extinguisher yesterday original price 26.97 from Canadian tire made in Canada. Replaced it today with the only choice offered at Canadian tire with a made in Mexico unit for the identical price. .........................

So based on 2005 $$$$ vs 2015 $$$$$ the unit was actually being sold for less.

Hmmm So I checked out Walmart & Costco and the same units were been sold in both stores.. Damn hard to find "Made in Canada" no matter where you shop.

By the by I do find a number of products sold at Walmart that are made in Canada.

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