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Culture Or Gun Driven Or Perhaps Culture And Gun Driven?


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Meanwhile in California...

- Ban on assault weapons

- is a "May Issue" State for concealed Carry

- Limits Magazine Capacity to 10 Rounds or less

- Does Not allow open Carry of Firearms

-requires background checks for all sales at gun shows

- required background checks for every firearm purchase

- requires a minimum 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm

So more Laws would have prevented this?

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Precisely. Laws don't amount to a hill of beans. Criminals don't obey laws. That's what makes them criminals. There are a large number of law abiding gun owners in the country, they are not the ones the police should be watching.

The big question is. How far do you push a LEGAL gun owner before he becomes a criminal.

By all accounts the couple in California were law abiding gun owners until something changed. Call it brainwashing if you will. Something caused this guy and his wife to make a 180. How can you control that after the legal law abiding purchase of the guns?

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One of the news orgs commented last night that the IRS has more inspectors / investigators than the CIA & FBI combined. Is there a problem with funding priorities? Perhaps it's time to create the three page tax code the Republican candidates keep bringing up?

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Has anyone seen the NRA’s newest ad featuring its President?

The number of gun deaths are staggering! Accordingly, I doubt there’s anyone out there that doesn’t agree there’s a problem with gun violence.

It’s the route to a resolution to the issue that breeds contempt amongst people who would all appear to want the same thing ... a peaceful society.

The terrorist, criminals and nut-bags will not be denied access to weapons no matter how large the effort to remove and restrict the endless source of potential weaponry, even the internet falls into this category.

If we’re going to have any hope of solving our collective tribulation, the first step will require an acknowledgement on everyone’s part that humans themselves are the source of the problem instead of wasting everyone’s time on silly gun control initiatives that ignore the truth and by extension have absolutely zero chance of effecting positive change. Take the recent case in Toronto posted by Deicer above as an example of how useless gun control laws are. It should be clear to all that the three categories of dangerous humans mentioned above could care less what said laws might say.

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Someone is doing very well out of all the unrest.

Smith & Wesson triples profits in three months to October

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Smith & Wesson is a leading maker of guns in the US

One of the world's most famous gun-makers, Smith & Wesson, has nearly tripled its profits in three months to October compared to a year earlier.

The firm said its net income was $14.2m (£9.46m), for the period compared to $5.2m, for the same quarter last year.

The US gun maker also said net sales were up 32.1% to $143.2m, with its firearms division contributing $18.4m - an increase of 24.6%.

Its shares rose 4.65% on the news.

The company said its overall results had beaten expectations and that it would now raise its 2016 guidance for income and revenue.

Cash flow for the six months to October was also positive, despite a build up in inventory in the lead up to the Christmas shopping season, the firm reported.

"For the first half of fiscal 2016, we generated $22.8m in operating cash flow and $8.6m in free cash flow despite our seasonal inventory build in preparation for the hunting and holiday shopping seasons," said chief executive James Debney.

"Our balance sheet remains healthy as we ended the second quarter with cash of $54.1m and no borrowings on our $175m revolving line of credit."

Some analysts have said the surge in gun sales across the US is due to growing crime rates together with worries over restrictions on gun ownership - particularly in the wake of mass shooting incidents in the countryGun ownership in the US and the exact meaning of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms has been a heavily-debated topic for years.

Following the latest shooting in the US that saw at least 14 people killed after gunmen attacked a community centre in San Bernardino, US President Barack Obama said the country must make it harder for potential attackers to obtain guns.

Demands for tougher legislation, however, are constantly met with much anger from pro-gun civil libertarians. Analysts say the argument is complicated.

"The [number one] driver of firearms sales is fear," Brian Ruttenbur, an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, told Bloomberg.

"Primarily, fear of registration restrictions, banning and things like that," he said.

In addition to being a leader in fire-arm manufacturing and design, Smith & Wesson says it provides "training to the global military, law enforcement, and consumer markets."

British conglomerate Tomkins owned Smith & Wesson from 1987 to 2001, while also owning baker Rank Hovis McDougall, earning Tomkins the sobriquet 'buns-to-guns'.

Today, Walmart is the world's largest retailer and the biggest-seller of guns in the US.http://www.bbc.com/news/business-35047899

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Went to "Outdoor World" for some rim fire ammunition. Sold out. Clerk told me that a shipment rarely lasts longer than a few days on the shelf.

Cental Florida (Hendry County) sheriff recommends everyone able to do so should get a concealed weapon carry permit to defend themselves and others.

Yes....culture and regrettably quite a few are trying to inculcate those values in Canadians.

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Went to "Outdoor World" for some rim fire ammunition. Sold out. Clerk told me that a shipment rarely lasts longer than a few days on the shelf.

Cental Florida (Hendry County) sheriff recommends everyone able to do so should get a concealed weapon carry permit to defend themselves and others.

Yes....culture and regrettably quite a few are trying to inculcate those values in Canadian

Canadian Tire always seems to have a good stock :biggrin2:

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I have an american friend who is surprised that Canadian Tire has as much on the shelf as they do. Stock dries up fast south of the border. Preparing for the revolution I guess.

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I know people who went out and bought 9000 rounds of ammo when Obama last mentioned gun control. Their thinking was that he wouldn't be able to get any gun control laws passed so he would buy up/confiscate all the ammo.

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And North of the border:

Shooting outside Toronto baby shower: Four guests wounded, pregnant woman falls trying to flee
‎Today, ‎December ‎13, ‎2015, ‏‎3 hours ago | National Post Staff, The Canadian Press

Four guests at a northwest Toronto baby shower were wounded in a shooting outside the party on Saturday evening, police say.

The pregnant woman at the shower fell during the melee and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Police said the four victims had stepped out of the shower and were standing outside the Eglinton apartment, near Keele, when the gunfire started. Each of the four men sustained gunshot wounds in the mid to lower body and were listed in non-life-threatening condition. One of them was taken to hospital in an ambulance, while the three others “made their own way,” said Const. Craig Brister, a police spokesman.

Around 6:30 p.m., a resident at the Eglinton Aveune apartment was on her way out to dinner and saw guests streaming into the main floor party room with gifts for the shower. But by 8 p.m., her panicked neighbours were calling her at the restaurant, saying there’d been a shooting outside the building.

When she got home, the resident — who would only give her name as Franca — saw dozens of bullets scattered outside and counted three or four bullet holes in the party room windows, which face the street.

“I’ve lived here for over 23 years and I’ve never seen something like this in my life,” she said.

Another resident, who would not give her name, said she was in her seventh-floor apartment when she heard at least four gunshots outside.

“We said, ‘Oh that’s a gun,'” the woman said. “My daughter went to the window. I said, ‘No, no, don’t go there.’ But she went and she said, ‘There’s many people running away.”

Neighbours told the Canadian Press that several children were in the vicinity at the time.

Toronto has seen a rash of gunfire incidents that began Friday afternoon when a 28-year old man, who police say was known to them, was shot and killed in the downtown entertainment district while sitting in a parked car.

Police are trying to determine whether any of the shootings are linked.

With files from the Canadian Press

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And now a look at a violence / gun / culture problem close to home.

Calgary faces all-out gang war defined by impulsive gun violence CBC News in Calgary explores the gang violence taking place in the city

By Meghan Grant, CBC News Posted: Dec 14, 2015 6:54 PM MT Last Updated: Dec 14, 2015 9:15 PM MT

Calgary police investigate after a two people were shot on Stephen Avenue in November. (CBC )

Turf battles over drugs in Calgary's northeast have escalated into a gang war — amid a criminal landscape that's different from any the city has seen before, police warn.

And Calgarians haven't seen the worst of it yet, according to police who describe a powder keg situation likely to lead to the harm of innocent bystanders.

Lately, the gangs have been "off the hook" in their level of violence, according to Staff Sgt. Quinn Jacques of the guns and gangs unit.

"We can refer to it as a gang war," said Jacques. "We often wonder if they even know why they're fighting. It appears to be so mired in hatred and confusion."

How the violence differs from past gang war

One sign of a gang war in the city is the number of shootings.

Calgary is on track to double the number of shootings this year over last.

By Dec. 15, 2014, there had been 50 shootings. Including two shootings last weekend — one fatal and the other a drive-byCalgary is currently sitting at 94, with most shootings taking place in the northeast.

Of the 32 homicides in Calgary this year, 15 were shootings, though some of those are not related to organized crime.

Calgary's last gang war, between the FOB and the FK gangs, was also bloody, with more than two dozen homicides from 2002 to 2009.

Though hesitant to play down the violence during that period, Jacques said the latest conflict is different, with gang members impulsively shooting at each other on sight, whereas the attacks during the previous gang war were often planned.

It's an "instant escalation to firearms" now, said Jacques.

Family ties

Most of the crime associated with this gang war is happening in Calgary's northeast, primarily in districts four and five.

The guns and gangs unit has identified six to seven groups and singled out 59 men who are considered "high level" participants in them.

A list of those men has been distributed to officers in the city, so they can be extra cautious if they encounter them and to help enforce conditions such as curfews.

A total of seven people were shot, one fatally, after shooting erupted at New Year's Eve party in Calgary. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

Those identified by police are mostly young men of Middle Eastern descent — although like the Asian street gangs of the early 2000s, they're not exclusively one ethnicity.

Internally, police have used a label of MEOC — Middle Eastern organized crime — but they are trying to avoid that inflammatory designation.

Though gang members are often linked by ethnicity, their connection has far more to do with geography.

For the most part, they were born and raised in Calgary and attended high school together in the northeast.

In another departure from previous organized crime in Calgary, many of the gangsters are brothers and cousins.

And unlike some of the more rigid hierarchies in previous gangs, these gangsters are more fluid, sometimes moving among the six to seven groups.

Bystanders at risk, police warn

Although the gangsters are themselves most at risk, there is great concern that police officers and the community, particularly northeast neighbourhoods, will face harm amid outbreaks of violence.

Police are bracing for a worst-case scenario, when an innocent bystander is caught in the crossfire.

"I think it's inevitable," said a member of the guns and gangs unit, whom police asked CBC not to name to protect the officer's safety and investigations.

"You can't drive down Whitehorn Drive shooting at a moving vehicle or walk into a barber shop and shoot somebody and not expect to have eventually, some unintended target getting shot."

Family Feuds: Calgary's New Gang War is a series that examines the gun violence happening in the city. Stories will focus on who the gangsters are and how they're policed and prosecuted. Meghan Grant is the courts and crime reporter for CBC Calgary. You can follow her on Twitter: @CBCMeg http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-police-gang-war-guns-violence-1.3364874?cmp=rss

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These are young men that are largely uneducated, jobless by design and out to score big. I expect the government will respond by crafting a new pc law to harass legitimate gun owners as a show of their intention to protect regular people from crime.

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This will be interesting to watch and in particular because it will be another use of "Executive Power".


Barack Obama mulls using executive power on gun control U.S. president, attorney general to evaluate possible gun-control measures after year marked by gun violence

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 01, 2016 10:07 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 01, 2016 10:41 AM ET

U.S. President Barack Obama, seen here at his end-of-year news conference at the White House on Dec. 18, has repeatedly expressed frustration about gun-control laws in the United States, especially following instances of gun violence. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

U.S. ​President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss executive actions he could take to make it harder for "a dangerous few" to get their hands on guns.

Obama said on his weekly radio address that he gets so many letters from parents, teachers and children about the "epidemic of gun violence" that he can't "sit around and do nothing."

"The gun lobby is loud and well-organized in its defence of effortlessly available guns for anyone," Obama said. "The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well-organized in our defence of our kids."

Obama recently directed staff at the White House to look into potential executive actions, such as expanding background checks.

Expanding background checks

Currently, federally licensed firearms dealers are required to seek background checks on potential firearm purchasers. But advocacy groups say some of the people who sell firearms at gun shows are not federally licensed, increasing the chance of sales to customers prohibited by law from purchasing guns.

A source familiar with the administration's efforts said Obama is expected to take executive action next week that would set a "reasonable threshold" for when sellers have to seek a background check. That person didn't know whether it would be based on the number of guns sold or revenue generated through gun sales.

The source, a member of a gun-control advocacy group, was not authorized to discuss details before the announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity. White House officials won't confirm the timing.

Obama is in Hawaii for his annual holiday vacation with his family.

Obama could use executive power on guns

In his efforts to work around a Congress that has often been politically gridlocked, Obama has made aggressive use of executive power, particularly on immigration. It has been an increasingly effective and politically accepted presidential tool.'We know that we can't stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one?'- Barack Obama

And while legal scholars are divided on whether Obama has accelerated or merely continued a drift of power toward the executive branch, there's little debate that he's paved a path for his successor.

Depending on who succeeds him, many Obama backers could rue the day they cheered his "pen-and-phone" campaign to get past Republican opposition in Congress. The unilateral steps he took to raise environmental standards and ease the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally may serve as precedent for moves they won't cheer.

The National Rifle Association opposes expanded background check systems. The organization's Institute for Legislative Action says studies have shown that people sent to state prison because of gun crimes typically get guns through theft, the black market or family and friends.

Also, many purchases by criminals are made from straw purchasers who pass background checks. "No amount of background checks can stop these criminals," says the group's website.

'Epidemic of gun violence'

Obama has consistently expressed frustration after mass shootings, saying it shouldn't be so easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun.

Going into his final year in office, Obama said his New Year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business.

"That's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that's our epidemic of gun violence," Obama said in his weekly address.

He said a bipartisan bill from three years ago requiring background checks for virtually everyone had huge support, including among a majority of NRA households. But the Senate blocked it.

He said tens of thousands of Americans have since died as a result of gun violence.

"Each time, we're told that commonsense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, so we shouldn't do anything," he said. "We know that we can't stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one?"

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Like so many others, Obama doesn’t seem to appreciate the nature of the disease that leads to the gun violence and crime etc. that he would apparently like to reduce.

The mass objection to the ideas Obama floats on the subject arise because the people inherently know themselves what it’s going to take to fix the problems and are not prepared to get behind policies that’ll never achieve a thing.

When a Leader finally does come along that’s in step with society and begins to advance a realistic policy objective that the people believe may actually go some distance towards achieving the objective, the resultant support will be very obvious to all.

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