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She's equipped with the new Binford 9000 engines...

Of course it was. What would you like them to do? There is nothing to be gained from public flagellation. It's flying, things are good and most of us are pretty excited at the prospects. As for th

Full history of the aircraft: http://www.aussieairliners.org/b-767/vh-ogj/vhogj.html

I was based in YYZ...Took the A310 course in France plus...7 Sim sessions....Flew from YYZ to YUL with 5 other pilots, did a few touch and goes and simulated emergencies....next day full revenue load to YYZ-YYC and return.

I would think that if crews wanted to have actual hands on flying they would not go all the way to YYZ from YYC just to have that experience...Just my WAG...no "wiseness" out here in Dotland. :biggrin2:

Kip any guess you make is much more educated on the subject than any I can make. Perhaps just a positioning flight then. Maybe we will see a Press release about their first Canadian Flight of their new 767 from Toronto. Cheers and thanks

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't todays top line simulators used for complete training and then a new pilot can go straight on the line?

Pretty much so ...but....most companies do give a "Fam" flight after a few guys/gals have finished the training course. The simulator can really just about everything needed to qualify a pilot but there is nothing like a "Fam flight in the real thing for the "newby" and it does give the Training/Standards section a look-see at your ability as a recent graduate.

When we did our short Fam flight we also had a TC Inspector on board to watch/check us...not sure if they do that now.

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Found this on another forum (posted today) so I guess there is more to the training than at least I realized.


Are QF pilots doing the line Indoc or boeing supplied?

Boeing supplied pilots for the next 2 weeks or so.

End Quote

This prompted me to check out the TC web site:

S745.124(32)(d) - Line Indoctrination Training for Pilots, Flight Engineers and Second Officers - Ground Servicing

The training regarding ground servicing and handling requirements shall be appropriate to the operator's operation. Where servicing is part of a pilot's, flight engineer's or second officer's duties, he/she will be trained in accordance with the standard.

S745.124(32)(m,v) - Line Indoctrination Training for Pilots, Flight Engineers and Second Officers - Emergencies

Prior to a pilot becoming checked out on type, he/she shall receive training on all appropriate normal, abnormal and emergency procedures.

If RTO procedures, use of the brake cooling chart, emergency procedures and engine inoperative procedures were covered during simulator training, they need not be covered during line indoctrination. Completion of these items during the simulator portion of training should be recorded in the pilot's training file.

S745.124(33)( B)©(f) - Line Indoctrination - Sectors/Hours Requirements

The purpose of line indoctrination is to refine, in a line context, the initial training a pilot candidate has received on that aircraft type. This training should ensure that the candidate will be fully prepared to conduct operations in his/her designated position on all company routes for which he/she may be assigned.

The most demanding phases of any flight are the take-off and landing and therefore, these phases of flight should be emphasised during line training. The enroute portion may have varying levels of significance, starting from a very routine domestic enroute operation to those which can be more complex and demanding, such as MNPS, ETOPS, etc. In this context, training requirements for line indoctrination should start with the basic requirement to safely conduct a domestic flight or a domestic sector. A sector is considered the best reference unit because it ensures that the fundamentals of line operations will always be covered; flying hours often provide only limited exposure to an operation and not valuable "hands on" training and experience.

For those carriers whose operations are more complex and/or sophisticated, the line indoctrination sectors must be representative and consistent with the company route and airport qualification requirements and with the standard. In most cases, for these carriers, this will result in additional line indoctrination training (more sectors) being required. If the pilot is familiar with the technology of the aircraft and/or has flown similar routes before, then the sectors must meet the minimum in the standard https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-manuals-guidance705-division8-316.htm​

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Do ramp crews need to familiarize themselves with handling,loading ULD's etc??? Not sure how difficult it is to go from handbombing the 37's to using pallet loaders..

Not sure who does the handling for WestJet at YYZ but there is a def. learning curve for the Cargo Warehouse staff and in particular for tie down etc. when using ld7s (aircraft pallet) for large loads.

Then of course there is the need position the various ULD types into base. One we used was to fly a full set in and then operate departing flights with a partial ULD load so as to build up a base stock. Not sure if WestJet is or is not a participant in the IATA ULD program that allows carriers to accept each other's units subject to appropriate demurrage charges if kept beyond a certain time. So ULD control is another new area for WestJet

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Evidently on it's way to YYC


Unknown Owner · Canada
Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZinfo)
Gate B5
Calgary Int'l (CYYCinfo)
Gate A17
Scheduled: 09:00AM EDT Scheduled: 11:02AM MDT
25 min
3 hr 19 min
Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes
Thursday, 22 October 2015
Status On The Way! / On Time (259 km down; 2,435 km to go) (track log & graph) Aircraft Boeing 767-300 (twin-jet) (H/B763/Lphotos) Speed 376 kts (planned: 452 kts) (graph) Altitude 36,000 feet (planned: 36,000 feet) (graph) Distance Direct: 2,692 km Planned: 2,780 km Route URSAL2 KASED DLH MOT VESDO EBGAL3

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So what was the issue ???

You will have to wait for someone from the "Teal" side to answer that question. I do notice that todays press release no longer mentions Hawaii, just an omission or perhaps the ETOPS designation will take longer than previously thought.​

First flight leaves Toronto Pearson International airport this morning

CALGARY, Oct. 22, 2015 /CNW/ - WestJet's first Boeing 767-300 extended-range aircraft will perform its inaugural flight today, departing Toronto Pearson International Airport at 9 a.m. EDT. Operating as WestJet flight 655, the aircraft will arrive at Calgary International Airport at 11:12 a.m. MDT.

"Today's inaugural flight of our first wide-body aircraft ushers in a new era in the history of WestJet," said Bob Cummings, WestJet Executive Vice-President, Commercial. "And with three more 767s due to be delivered in the months to come, we look forward to enriching the lives of our guests by offering them new destinations in Europe and elsewhere, as part of WestJet's ever-expanding network."

Featuring a new teal and blue maple leaf-themed logo, which will eventually appear on all WestJet aircraft, the airline's 767-300s seat 262 guests and have a range of approximately 11 hours. The aircraft will include a Plus cabin with 24 premium seats in a two-by-two configuration, hot meals and all other amenities associated with Plus. The main cabin has 238 seats, with two seats on either side of the aircraft and three in the middle. By next spring all four 767s will be equipped with WestJet Connect, the airline's new inflight entertainment and wireless connectivity system.

Beginning May 2016, WestJet will begin serving London (Gatwick) on a non-stop basis from six Canadian cities including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and St. John's. With the exception of service from St. John's, all London flights will operate on WestJet's fleet of 767-300 extended-range aircraft.

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What issue?

Any aircraft that sits for 5-6 weeks has an issue, whether it be with the metal itself or regulatory.

They don't make money sitting on the ground. First flight was announced, then the target date was missed by about a month.

No surprise that WJ has done a great job of covering it up. And the pathetically gullible media in YYC chose to play along.

But not everyone is fooled.

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Whatever the problem was and I suspect it was only the paper trail , it is working fine now

Date Aircraft Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

2015-Oct-23 B763/Q Calgary Int'l (CYYC) Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) 01:20PM MDT 06:40PM EDT On The Way! 2015-Oct-23 B763/Q Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) Calgary Int'l (CYYC) 09:27AM EDT 11:17AM MDT 3:50

2015-Oct-23 B738 Calgary Int'l (CYYC) Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) 01:17AM MDT 06:31AM EDT 3:14

2015-Oct-22 B763/L Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) Calgary Int'l (CYYC) 08:40PM EDT 10:31PM MDT 3:51

2015-Oct-22 B763/Q Calgary Int'l (CYYC) Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) 01:40PM MDT 06:52PM EDT 3:12

2015-Oct-22 B763/L Toronto Pearson Int'l (CYYZ) Calgary Int'l (CYYC) 09:46AM EDT 11:32AM MDT 3:46

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I think it serves the operation well that the aircraft is staying in Country flying between two perfect for the type airports. When snafus occur, considering all the new personnel and equipment involved, it'll be easy for the carrier to respond to issues as they arise without upsetting the flow too much.

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Lets hope so. Getting pretty tight to get 3 mos of ETOPS in before Hawaii starts.

hangonforaseccrewsarequalifiedaircraftisequipedetopscanbeissuedbytransportusingintercontinentalflight time, basedoncertainrequirements..allis wellat thelittleairlinethatcouldandwill.cheers.the767


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