Rcaf Snowbirds Tankcam

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Agree all the way around and yes Kip I understand the camera is being used as a debriefing tool as well. All the shots on this video were (for the most part)done in the last few weeks in Comox YQQ. This is one of many outstandind videos produced by Maciej Hatta (Snowbird 6) on behalf of 431 Squadron. The guys has an amazing talent not withstanding his flying skills and sometimes uses a small drone with a GoPro for interesting perspectives. His You Tube chanel (Match Productions) is located here.....


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Love it! Brings me back to 1978 in an earlier life of photography - Nimbus Films Limited produced a 25 minute promo film for The Team. Gord Wallis was the #1. Another Joe on the team left us prematurely in a crash in Grande Prairie in 1980. Rest in Peace, Gordo.

It made it into theatres for a brief period of time as a recruitment film. I still have my personalized autographed poster of that years' Team.

Coincident with the National Film Board release of our film, the Snowbirds received their 431 Air Demonstration Squadron colours.

Well done, guys! Keep it safe!

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