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26 Years


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Well, for the first time that I can remember, March 10 has passed with no mention of one of the most infamous accidents in Canadian aviation history. Please, let's not lose the memory of the crew and passengers who lost their lives in Dryden, Ontario, March 10, 1989.

May they all rest in peace.

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Hello Robert,

Indeed, a tragedy that effected many people and changed the way the industry looks at winter operations.

Perhaps the accident is remembered by some because of the seemingly brief period of time that has passed since the crash and the fact that many here knew and remember individuals that were on that fateful aircraft.

I know that I remember, clearly, the crash of AC 621 in Toronto in July of 1970 for that very reason............ as well as a military jet crash on my wedding anniversary, with the loss of two friends,, one of whom was at my residence the evening before .

Some accidents will never leave the "old" memory chip, for specific reasons, others fade and are forgotten with the passage of time, it's human nature.

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