Westjet Pilots Sign New Four-Year Deal

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Now the highest paid for aircraft category...........interesting........just harkens back to that old saying "absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing) stays the same".

I can't argue because I haven't seen the numbers but the article does not say "highest" it says "among the highest" (whatever that means).

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I would argue that they're not the highest paid for category though. A 10 year WJ FO goes to year 1 captain pay when promoted and a 10 year AC FO goes to year 10 captain pay when promoted (assuming he's at mainline and not Rouge). Year 10 AC A320 captain is well above year 1 WJ 737 captain.

That's an interesting way to get pilots to seek the captain seat instead of sticking to a position that likely gives them better schedule security...

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Only 63 percent pass so still a very divided group. TA is better than last one but not where it needs to be.


The standard belief is that any company would want the pass vote to be 51% - this would indicate that they (the company) did the very least possible to get it to pass (from a monetary POV) but they would then be stuck with 49% of the employee group being unhappy. Of course if it passed with something close to 100% it would indicate that the company gave too much. The sweet spot is probably somewhere in the middle so it looks like both AC management and WS management got it right.

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It's a fair agreement. Give and take on both sides. Big thanks to the entire WJPA team. Many more +s than -s. I think Encore negots start in January.

Thanks, what are the highlights for Encore? Will they be speaking for themselves and what about the wages and flow through?

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