Air Transat - Tugging At Heartstrings

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Yes, AC had their go at being generous at Christmas, as did WJ, but the airline involvement in demonstrating what Christmas Spirit is all about and gets to me more than any other is the flight that Air Transat does for the "wee ones" where they head up to the "North Pole" to see Santa.

The pre-flight terminal video and enroute video (all done by CTV News), was certainly adequate but no matter who you are, or what you do, the sight of those kids going on perhaps their first, and/or last flight, (Wish Foundation),stays with me more than any other Christmas videos put out by any company attempting to garner the travelling public.

The awe and joy these little ones radiate is what the season is all about and in my opinion, the 10 year anniversary video , (CTV News), of Air Transat working with these sick kids is far more in keeping with the spirit of Christmas than any other airline organization.

Well Done !!!!!....... Air Transat and hopefully you keep this tradition going for decades to come.


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We used to do the Santa flights at SSV. It was all crewed and handled by volunteers and it was always oversubscribed. It was a lot of fun to see the smiles on their faces when Santa magically appeared from the flight deck.

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Did one of these on the '57 when we were operating it for Thomas Cook several years ago. Probably on of the most rewarding ( and FUN) flights I have done for quite a few years. The kids were amazing and they absolutely LOVED it when Santa "landed" on the roof of the aircraft. Very glad to see the tradition continues. Good Job Transat!!

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