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Which One Of You Fellers Flying Elsewhere....

Mitch Cronin

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CSA is an excellent airline with an excellent safety record.

From their website...

By December, 2013, China Southern Airlines have kept a safe record of 11 million flying hours and carried close to 700 million passengers without incident. The airline's safety commitment has - and continues to be - unwavering both throughout China and globally. On September 28, 2012, China Southern Airlines was honored with the Diamond Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), becoming the leading Chinese carrier to maintain the highest safety records in China.

Ive flown with them many times from YVR to CAN

Ive also had the chance to see their training facilities and have many colleagues who are currently flying their including the 787 I suspect your daughter will be taking out of YVR. Top notch product with good safety and maintenance program.

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They did used to fly the DC10 [...] if that helps

Well.... [grin] ...Yer danged right it does!! :)

Thanks folks.... I guess the willies I was feeling was about some other China this-or-that airline... I've heard from good sources now that I need not worry and I appreciate your comments.

Whew.... Now if I could just get her to learn not to fly anywhere at Christmas time! ;)

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