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Some scenes for this movie were filmed at the Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown LA. This is our crew hotel for LAX and I happened to be there last year when the film crew was preparing various floors of the building for their movie. The film producers paid the hotel $7M to use the place for about two weeks which translated into only a few minutes on the screen.

The hotel is a 1970s design with four large cylinder shapes that create an unusual open interior which apparently doubled for a NASA space centre. During one extended scene where the primary actors have a long discussion about their situation, it appears the movie people must have also raided an airline scrap yard to create some of the spacecraft's interior. There are several airliner galley counters with those bars that drop down to keep galley carts from rolling out. There is also an instrument panel that might be an FE panel or perhaps an overhead panel from a DC10/MD11 or L1011. Not sure? Maybe someone will recognize it.

This movie has a running time of close to 3 hours so if you decide to see it get a comfortable seat.

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I was wondering about that. Stayed many times at the Bonaventure, not a bad hotel and downtown LA is getting better all the time. For us older folks, you might recall it was also used in the Towering Inferno.

I like Interestellar, not a smuch as Inception but still a good flick.

I thought the film was way too long. Almost walked out after several parts of Mattew McC's dialogue were nearly "unreadable". And he was the only one in the movie with a Texas accent and sun tan. Not even his kids had a southern drawl.

Two other famous movies were filmed at this same hotel. "True Lies" and "In the Line of Fire". There are plaques on the hotel walls mentioning the details.

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Stayed there a few times as well. Interesting hotel. The shootout scene from my favorite movie "Heat" was filmed just outside the Bonaventure on Mother's Day in 1995. The lounge scene with Al Pacino and his "wife" was filmed in the lounge on the top floor of one of the towers.

When walking from the valet to the guest elevators, there are posters on the walls of all the movies where the hotel was featured. Very interesting.

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