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A Real Jerk

Kip Powick

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One quick thought on this from someone who is ex-military.

This is obviously one rather sad and pathetic individual who finds it necessary to go out and try and present a persona that isn't his own. Who knows what has made him feel that the person he really is isn't good enough. What has happened now has made him something of a laughing stock and he is obviously going to feel even more inadequate.

Personally I feel far more sympathy for the individual than I do do anger.



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Here is another one to throw in jail just for wearing a Canadian uniform:

It seems I'm less bothered by this than most, at least most of my military acquaintances anyway. I actually feel sorry for the guy as it will take him a while to live this down. However, please keep in mind that we are not talking about toddlers in Snowbird flying suits or kids going out for Halloween. We are not talking about long haired, free spirited individuals in combat pants bloused over jungle boots, sporting 74 pattern web belts complete with mess tin pouches as a fanny packs either. We are talking about people who go to great lengths to impersonate public officers, be that police, fire, military, ambulance or whatever. There is a clear difference and, at its heart, the real issue (I think) is public safety.

Public safety is clearly not an issue here... this guy is no worse than the "Harley lifestyle" folks adorned from head to foot in Harley stuff. They practice their "Harley scowl" all week and every weekend is like Halloween at Tim Horton's; assuming it doesn't rain. OK, in the interest of saving bandwidth, yes, I've driven Harleys my entire life and have been riding a 66 shovelhead for the last 30 years. I usually wear a jacket, jeans and GASP, an Airborne t-shirt (Course 7814)... guess I'm getting old.

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Catching up on some older threads ... in the diverging opinions here, I come down on the side of legal restraint. Thanks to GDR, Rich etc., because apparently my own congruent opinion would not merit consideration by a few posters here as I haven't "worn the uniform". With the truly greatest respect to all those who have done, that's just nonsense.

By that ridiculous yardstick, none who have failed to stand for elective office have any right to criticize politicians, none who have never met editorial/publishing deadlines should comment on press coverage, educators should get a free pass from all who've never managed a classroom ... the list would be endless, public commentary would be mostly silent, and much the poorer for that.

Notwithstanding that there are indeed some riskier deployments nowadays, for the last several decades and for most who sign on, military service in our country has almost always been a pretty straightforward career decision, and that does not diminish it in the slightest way. The point is made to counter a fuzzy implication that those who did "serve", in some way fulfilled something that the rest of us perhaps failed to do; I'd reject that outright. If/when this nation ever faces an existential and imminent threat (& no, it doesn't now), I'll bet everybody here will be standing up for whatever was required.

Meantime, where some critics may fail to account for the tribulations that go with things they haven't personally experienced, let's not conflate a hypothetical insensitivity, to whatever degree of sacrifice that does go with military service, with an actual & complete inability to grasp it.

And to the specific thread issue, perhaps consider that, with no real or intended harm or fraud, insensitive, tone-deaf, Walter-Mittyish rudeness, however gross (here, more like pathetic), & with whatever ridicule & shame it might deserve, simply does not warrant JAIL time ... for Pete's sake, really?!?!

Cheers, IFG :b:

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On a similar but not as serious note to the original theme to this thread, I enter into evidence another example of the media being feed a heaping pile of bovine excrement and running with it.

Flights of fancy at Markham Airport: a former Cold War pilot’s big plans

Meet Allan Rubin, onetime reconnaissance pilot and collector of aeronautical memorabilia, who runs one of the GTA’s tiniest airports.


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