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Video Explaining The College Of Pilots


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Dear Canadian pilots

Here is a video that explains how all pilots would be better off if our profession had a self-governing body similar to what doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers, architects and social workers have:


There are time-stamps in the description so you can pick up where you left off if you can't finish the video in one sitting.

If you are having trouble watching the video, try copying and pasting the link into a new window. If that doesn't work, go to the website at www.collegeofpilots.ca and the video is there on the first page. If that still doesn't work, please email me at: mikezaytsoff@collegeofpilots.ca and I will send you a link.

Thank you for watching.


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Thanks for posting that Mike, I hate to be the first to chime in here - but I will.

I joined the College at the onset, with hopes this was the best thing to happen to our profession in recent memory. I attended a road show and tried to keep an open mind that this was a "work in progress." I've spent almost 40 years in this business, seeing the best and the worst it has to offer.

Unfortunately, the CPPC sat quietly as the government introduced the MCPL and not a peep regarding the Sun-Ving TFW mess.

I hate to say it Mike (sadly,) I think the momentum is lost.

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