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Concerns Over Lack Of Luggage Surveillance At Yvr


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Concerns over lack of luggage surveillance at YVR

Not all baggage holding areas are under video surveillance

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – You get the third degree when getting on a flight at YVR but there are some serious concerns about how closely your luggage is being monitored.

Two weeks ago a YVR spokesperson told News1130 that there were no cameras in any of their five baggage rooms because it would infringe upon the privacy of employees.

Now, the airport authority is saying there are cameras in some areas of the rooms, but it admits not all are equipped with surveillance equipment, meaning your bags are not being watched all the time.

Security expert John Thompson says passengers are paying taxes on their flights to ensure security and this is not happening if our bags are not on camera at all times. “Terrorism is the justification for these premiums on our flights, but if we’re going to keep paying these premiums, they had better provide the services.”

“It’s a little astounding. It’s not just a question of counter terrorism, it’s also a question of loss prevention and accidents investigation,” adds Thompson.

One traveller says the lack of cameras is concerning. “Just because everywhere else in the airports that we go, there’s video surveillance and security, you’d think they would also have that on our baggage.”

Another woman is surprised to find out her luggage isn’t under careful watch all the time. “My belongings are important to me and I think that it should be under surveillance.”

A spokesperson for YVR says your luggage is always under video surveillance when it’s on a conveyor belt going through the airport.


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Simple...sign this disclaimer...with the exception of the toilet, all sites on airport property have video surveillance cameras. Period.

So, if you have privacy concerns, don't let the door hit you on your way out.


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Guest longtimer

The bomb was in a checked piece of luggage so cameras in the bag room would have not had any effect in preventing the tragedy. There were 2 bags, one of which was carried to TYO and blew up in the bag transfer area there. I was slated to connect to another Air India flight but the inbound flight was delayed into TYO. There is no doubt in my mind that the CP flight would have gone down if it had been further delayed out of YVR.

The second bag, checked in by L. Singh, went on Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 003 from Vancouver to Tokyo. There were no x-ray inspections of luggage on this flight.[55] Its target was Air India Flight 301, due to leave with 177 passengers and crew bound for Bangkok-Don Mueang, but 55 minutes before the Flight 182 bombing, it exploded at the terminal in Narita Airport. Two Japanese baggage handlers were killed and four other people were injured.[63]
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